Innisfree Real Color Nail in 32, swatch

Innisfree — 32 (Real Color Nail) Swatch & Review

Collection: Innisfree 2016, Real Color Nail [Launch]

Korean brand Innisfree seems to have revamped their nail polish line last year. The bottles are pretty much the same, but now it’s called Real Color Nail, not Eco Nail. (Unless they’re keeping both lines? I’m not sure.)

32 is the shade I chose when I placed a recent order with Cosmetic Love (referral link). I wish I could read the Korean names! You can see the names/descriptions in Korean in this color chart:

Innisfree Real Color Nail Collection 2016, Color Chart
Innisfree Real Color Nail, Color Chart.
Image: Cosmetic Love.

Innisfree Real Color Nail in 32

As you can see, the color swatch isn’t too far off, and it’s a really pretty, shimmery denim blue with silver shimmer. Except in sunlight: this is holographic! Score!

The formula is a little sheerer than I’d have liked, and the pigmentation isn’t strong. This is either kind of annoying, or a plus if you’d like to use 32 as holo layer over another polish. It applies quite evenly so it would definitely make a good topper.

Two coats gives almost full opacity, which isn’t too bad. It also dries to a very nice, hard and glossy finish. The holo itself is very fine and pretty, and I should really try to photograph it again later, because my camera was just not picking it up well at all!

Innisfree Real Color Nail in 32, swatch

In sunlight:
Innisfree Real Color Nail in 32, swatch in sunlight

The brush is a wider, flat brush with a squared off edge; I prefer a narrower brush or a wide paddle shape, but this brush works all right for me.

I think overall I’d still recommend one of Color Club’s phenomenally blingy Halo Hues holographic shades, or a lovely subtle holo from A England, before I’d recommend this Innisfree polish. Unless, of course, you like the semi-sheerness of 32! I prefer full opacity and high pigmentation, myself. But for the price, this holo is tough to beat.

Innisfree Real Color Nail in 32, label


Innisfree Real Color Nail retails for US$4.59 (at Cosmetic Love [referral link], where I purchased it) and contains 6 mL. It is made in South Korea. The company is cruelty-free at home, but they do sell their products in China, which currently requires foreign cosmetic products to be tested on animals.

Innisfree is an all-natural cosmetic brand launched in 2000 by Korean cosmetic giant AmorePacific, who also own brands like Etude and Laneige. The company name, Innisfree, is derived from a William Butler Yeats’ poem. Innisfree is based in Seoul, South Korea.

🇰🇷Made in South Korea
🇰🇷Company based in South Korea

6 thoughts on “Innisfree — 32 (Real Color Nail) Swatch & Review

  1. I really love that color! It looks so special! Oh but I actually don’t like bad pigmentation as well. I need my nailpolish to be pigmented, if not, I’ll be pissed of for the whole day. Doing my nails isn’t my favorite thing to do and if it goes wrong, I can get very annoyed haha! But I do really like the look of nice polished nails so I will be doing it anyways! xo


  2. Neat colour! Especially in the sunlight.
    I just took a picture of my laptop screen with the Google Translate app and it says “Cool Washin'” as the translation! 😛 Interestingly enough, #31 translates to “Midsummer Heavy Rain” and #33 is called “Torn Denim Jeans” XD The colour #57 caught my eye and it translates to “Gleaming Light”. I got the app for our trip to Japan and it’s so fun to take photos of stuff and translate!


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