China Glaze x My Little Pony collection (Summer 2017)

New Release: China Glaze — My Little Pony “Color Is Magic” (Summer 2017)

Collection: China Glaze 2017 Summer, My Little Pony “Color Is Magic”

I never knew I needed this. China Glaze’s new Summer 2017 collection is a collaboration with Hasbro’s My Little Pony.

I don’t actually watch the newer cartoon, but I did watch the original—yeah, I’m old school. I never had many toys as a kid, but I did have at least two My Little Ponies: I remember a white Pegasus-type and a coral unicorn. (This Moondancer unicorn does look extremely familiar, though, so maybe they were both unicorns—or I had a third pony.) My mom recently packed up a bunch of my old toys and brought them to me, and one of my ponies survived all these years:

Hasbro My Little Pony (1980s) Speedy G1 Year 4
How’s this for a Throwback Thursday post?

I just looked up my pony and apparently her name is Speedy, and she’s from the Twinkle Eyed Ponies collection released in Hasbro’s My Little Pony G1 line, Year 4 (circa 1985–86). Now that I look at the original packaging in that link, I totally remember that yellow star/rainbow comb!

Oh crap look at this. I definitely had three ponies. Moondancer, Speedy, and this Pegasus, Firefly. Ahhhh what a trip down memory lane. I wonder what ever happened to the other two.

I will always prefer the vintage pony design to the new one, but I understand that the new one is super popular. Still, this reminds me that I really need to watch the Brony documentary

Anyway, the new collection consists of 12 + 2 new shades in a range of shades and finishes.

As the authority on nail colour, China Glaze has taken center stage at NYFW alongside the most coveted designers in the industry. Notably, our Spring/Summer 2016 collaboration with DEGEN featured nails inspired by the ever-enchanting My Little Pony. This match made in fashion week heaven was the prelude to a pony-filled collaboration with Hasbro that we like to call Colour is Magic….

The My Little Pony™ x
China Glaze™ Collaboration

A whimsical, fashion-forward palette inspired by the charming personalities of the iconic ponies intertwined with the spirit of the exceptionally unique CG shade selection. Ranging from fun-loving brights to celestial glitters, this collection is sure to resonate with beauty connoisseurs and pop culture enthusiasts alike.

Twelve shades make up the main collection; another two shades make up a limited edition Songbird Serenade Kit:

  • I Sea Ponies (Magical Silver Holographic Chrome)
  • Hay Girl Hay! (Celestial Holographic Glitter)
  • Kill ‘Em With Kindness (Whimsical Soft Yellow Crème)
  • Cutie Mark™ the Spot (Harmonious Pistachio Mint Crème)
  • One Polished Pony (Dashing Turquoise Frost)
  • Too Busy Being Awesome (Charming Cerulean Blue Crème)
  • Let Your Twilight Sparkle™ (Purple Holographic Glitter)
  • I Just Canterlot (Glamorous Violet Glitter)
  • Where’s the Party Canon At? (Sparkling Fuchsia Glitter)
  • Applejack™ of My Eye (Fun Loving Red Orange Crème)
  • She’s a Mane-iac (Hot Pink Satin)
  • Sweet As Pinkie Pie™ (Bubbly Pastel Pink Crème)

The Collector’s Edition Songbird Serenade Kit contains two polishes:

  • Best Ponies Forever (Soft Gold Chrome)
  • Songbird Serenade (Electrifying Black Shimmer)

So, uh, where can I order these, like, immediately?!

I hope they’re available in Canada, soon!

Happy Shopping!

China Glaze My Little Pony collection (Summer 2017)
Image via
China Glaze My Little Pony collection (Summer 2017)
Image via

2 thoughts on “New Release: China Glaze — My Little Pony “Color Is Magic” (Summer 2017)

  1. That’s amazing you still have an old school MLP! I remember I had a purple one and my sister had a pink one (our favourite colours!) And some that you can pull their tail they grow longer. Haha what an awesome trip down memory lane! 😀

    I’d have to see these in person – those marketing photos are always so tricky.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, especially with the sparkly polishes, I find you really need to see them in person vs the Photoshop-generated pics.

      And yes I remember the ones with the tails that you pull! LOL. I wish they’d bring back the original design. I’d buy way too many for Olive. (Just watch, she’ll only want Hot Wheels like her bro.)


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