fivezero's ColourPop haulage (June 2017)

Haulage! ColourPop — Pressed Powder Shadows (June 2017)

So, back in May, ColourPop ran this amazing promotion that offered all of their eyeshadows at 3/$10 (really it ended up being 3/$9.99), plus a free mini Ultra Satin Lip for every $20 spent, plus—and this was the real kicker for me—free international shipping on all orders.

You see, while ColourPop do offer free shipping to Canada on orders of $50 and up, this is still not that great for Canadians. Not ColourPop’s fault, of course! They’re awesome for even offering free shipping to Canada, at all!

The issue is that Canada charges duties on imports which value a measly CA$20 and up, which is about US$15 at the moment. By comparison, the US exempts duties for imports valued at $800 and under.

This means that for Canadians, a US$50 / CA$66.67 order will likely end up getting charged $10 for Canada Post’s handling, plus tax, which for me in Ontario would be 13%, around $8.71. Also, if customs don’t notice that ColourPop’s products are all made in the US, and therefore eligible for NAFTA, they might tack on an additional duty of around $5. That means a US$50 order just became CA$66.67 + CA$23.71 = CA$90.38 (or US$67.79). Stinks, right?

But Canadian customs officers are busy, so they don’t bother to charge on every single package that comes through (though I have heard that more packages are getting stopped due to an ongoing fentanyl problem). So, packages with values around US$20 are less likely to be stopped and charged.

I got super excited about finally being able to order from ColourPop without being charged an arm and a leg for shipping and duties—and to top it off, ColourPop was running a fab sale!—so I placed four separate orders, ranging in value from US$22 to $35. I was lucky and not one of them got hit for duties. Phew!

ColourPop’s packages always arrive in adorable-on-the-inside boxes, and the contents are securely wrapped. My kids are enjoying playing around with the colorful boxes. (Boxes are better than toys any day, right?)

Olive's stuffed animals in a ColourPop box

Peanut's Hot Wheels cars in a ColourPop box

My orders included a combination of Super Shock Shadows, Pressed Powder Shadows, and Ultra Lips in various finishes.

This post just covers the Pressed Powder Shadows. I picked up thirteen shades:

  1. Backseat (Metallic, deepened aquamarine)
  2. Ego (Metallic, rosy taupe)
  3. High Strung (Metallic, dusty rose)
  4. Locked and Loaded (Matte, pale yellow)
  5. Made to Last (Matte, neutral mauve)
  6. Pebbles (Satin, yellowy pink)
  7. Pinky Promise (Metallic, wine)
  8. Play by Play (Metallic, duochrome peach with a green gold flip)
  9. Ringer (Metallic, warm champagne)
  10. Sauvage (Metallic, duochrome peach with a hot pink flip)
  11. Sideline (Metallic, duochrome eggplant with a green flip)
  12. Take a Break (Metallic, duochrome peach with a subtle gold flip)
  13. Up and Up (Metallic, duochrome teal with a green flip)

The ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows come in pan refill form only (ColourPop sell some in pre-made palettes, and also sell empty palettes, though none were available at the time I purchased).

The pans are the same size as MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills shadow pans, so it’s great that you can use these with the MAC and ABH empty palettes.

I decided to house mine in my new tarte palette, for reasons I’ll explain later.

For comparison, here are the prices by weight of a few brands of eyeshadow pans:

Brand & Product Price ($US) Weight 🔼 Cost per g
Pro Shadow Refill
$4 1.5 g $2.67/g
Pressed Powder Shadow
$5 1.5 g $3.33/g
Makeup Geek
Eyeshadow Pan (Regular, Duochrome)
$6 1.8 g $3.33/g
Eye Shadow (Pro Palette Refill Pan)
$6 1.3 g $4.62/g
Eyeshadow (Godet Refill)
$10 2.0 g $5.00/g
Makeup Geek
Eyeshadow Pan (Foiled)
$10 1.8 g $5.56/g
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Eye Shadow Single
$12 1.7 g $7.06/g
Make Up For Ever
Artist Shadow (Refill)
$21 2.0 g $10.50/g
Shu Uemura
Pressed Eye Shadow Refill
$15 1.4 g $10.71/g

ColourPop is really very affordable by comparison. I really like my MUFE shadows, but they’re quite pricy, even with their discount on multiples at Sephora. I’ve never tried Makeup Geek, but if these Pressed Powder Shadows are better than the NYX Hot Singles and Nude Matte eyeshadows I have (not that hard to do), then they will be a fantastic deal. That said, MAC shadows look a steal, don’t they? They dropped their eye shadow refill pan prices a while back.

Anyway, here are the pics! (Note that the duochromes are a bit difficult to capture—at one angle, they look one way, and in another they are quite different.

At first I thought I’d put the shadows into Anastasia Beverly Hills eye palettes, which are magnetic and hold four shadows each. (For 13 shadows, I’d need 4 palettes, but it’s no biggie since they’re $1 each!)

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows in Anastasia Beverly Hills eye palette

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows in Anastasia Beverly Hills eye palette
(Play by Play, Backseat, Up and Up, Sideline)

Then I decided that it made more sense to stick them in my tarte Pro Custom Magnetic Palette, which is freeform and can hold all 13 (and more).

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows in tarte Pro Custom Magnetic Palette

ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows in tarte Pro Custom Magnetic Palette
(Locked and Loaded, Play by Play, Take a Break, Ringer, Ego, Made to Last, High Strung, Sauvage, Pebbles, Pinky Promise, Up and Up, Sideline, Backseat)

The shadows are easy to move around in both palettes, but easier in the tarte. The tarte also has a stronger magnetic back. These babies are definitely not moving around.

The tarte palette is also twice as large as you see in the above photo, so in all it can hold a grand total of 30 pans in this configuration. You’d actually have a bit of space at the bottom for other smaller/narrower pans, if you have them. The tarte palette is pricier at CA$22 (I got two at Sephora) but I think I like the large format—with mirror—better than the ABH quads. Granted, eight ABH palettes would hold 32 pans and only cost $8!

tarte Pro Custom Magnetic Palette in Wild Animal

tarte Pro Custom Magnetic Palette in Wild Animal

If tarte keeps selling this palette—especially with different cover patterns—I’m not sure I’ll ever buy another MAC Pro Palette again! I’ll review the tarte palette in more detail at a later date.

Here are the individual eyeshadows up close (the light is a bit diffused here, I think because I am dumb and left the shadows in their plastic clamshell cases—I will have to retake these shots. D’oh!):

High Strung
and Loaded
Made to Last
Pinky Promise
Play by Play
Take a Break
Up and Up

I’m so excited to try these out and swatch them!

Overviews of my other ColourPop goodies will come soon, as well.


7 thoughts on “Haulage! ColourPop — Pressed Powder Shadows (June 2017)

  1. Sooooo jealous! And I was wondering about whether you’d be dinged on the customs charges like I’ve been reading on the UK blogs. Hurray for Canadian customs because BUSY. 😀

    I love that Peanut has already embraced the Reuse philosophy! 🙂

    Yay another comparison table! Makeup Geek shadows are on my next to purchase list! They get such raves! From your CP haul, I’m liking the look of Sauvage, Ego, Pinky Promise and High Strung!

    Hmm you’re making a convincing case for the Tarte freeform palette although I’d want a plain cover, personally.


  2. I am starting to get extremely addicted Colorpop especially with their amazing deals going on always. Ego looks so pretty. You have amazing haul here. I know how horrible customs can be I have a similar issue and I really need to keep my order value to a minimum 😁


  3. Eeek I had no idea CP offered free international shipping – that’s awesome. I’ve never ordered from them, mainly because of the costs you mentioned above. I actually tend to avoid shopping online a lot for that reason, unless it’s shipping directly within Canada.

    Love love love all the shades you picked up. Can’t wait to see swatches!


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