Lancôme Summer Swing 2017 collection

New Release: Lancôme — Summer Swing (Summer 2017)

Collection: Lancôme 2017 Summer, Summer Swing

Lancôme’s Summer 2017 collection, Summer Swing, consists of some stunning limited edition makeup items, including four new metallic nail polishes.

Lancôme Summer Swing 2017 collection

Vernis in Love

US$15.50 / CA$19 / €17.80

This summer, nails are just as high-voltage as eyes! Like jewels delicately set on the tips of your fingers, Vernis In Love polishes perfect the metallic look. The four new shades of vibrant, mirror-like colour set off lightly tanned hands beautifully, underlining sophisticated eye art with an irreverent chic.

L’Esprit Libre
L’Échappée Belle
Reflet d’Argent
Grain de Folie

Belle de Teint Bronzer & Blush

US$45 / CA$60 / €50.90

Summer’s here, so a radiant, glowing complexion is de rigueur! Presented in Mediterranean Patio for light complexions and Summer Night Patio for darker complexions, Belle de Teint Bronzer & Blush offers two bronzing powders and two blushers designed to sculpt the face and neckline in a few strokes. Looking to catch the light? Choose a soft draping effect! Apply the lighter blusher on the cheekbones like a conventional blusher, and the darker one underneath the cheekbones. A powdering around the lower neckline will veil your cleavage in shimmering light.

Patio Mediterranéen
Patio d’une nuit d’été

Le Metallique

US$29 / CA$30 / €28.70

This summer eyelids go metallic to electrify the gaze and light up the complexion. Available in five shades of glossy colour with a mirror effect, Les Métalliques add depth and intensity to your gaze. With a choice of turquoise (Brise Azure 01), glossy brown (Mocha Swing 05), precious gold (Or Farniente 03), vibrant pink (Tempo Mediterranéen 02) or sparkling bronze (Bronze Rivage 04), the look is intense and ultra-desirable.

Brise Azur
Tempo Mediterranéen
Or Farniente
Bronze Rivage
Mocha Swing

Le Stylo Waterproof

US$27 / CA$31 / €19.20

For even more impactful eye art, Lancôme’s Make-up Creative Director Lisa Eldridge has designed the Stylo Waterproof in five limited-edition shades*. Gold and bronze will enhance suntanned complexions, sparkling turquoise and deep oceanic blue give a quirky effect, and lastly, mocha is essential for opening up and brightening the eyes. A creamy texture makes these pens glide over the skin for easy application, and the waterproof formula gives long-lasting hold.

* There are only four shades listed on both the Canadian and US sites. The fifth shade is Or Bohème, which is listed on the French site.

Tempo Mediterranéen
Reflet Cobalt
Brun Frivole
Bronze Folie
Or Bohème *

Happy Shopping!

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4 thoughts on “New Release: Lancôme — Summer Swing (Summer 2017)

  1. Grain de Folie and Reflet d’Argent is beautiful!
    I’m curious about the eyeliners too – I still remember how much I loved one of the Lancome LE liners. Maybe lightning will strike twice…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I’m eyeing up the two blue/green shades! Gotta see if SDM has them in stock. Lancôme make some really nice products, don’t quite know why I’ve gone off them. I used them a lot in my 20s 😂


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