Ipsy Rewards Tracker @ fivezero

News: Ipsy Rewards Tracker @ fivezero

Morning everyone! It’s going to be a rough week for me, as we have visitors arriving soon and baby Olive is sick with the flu. I probably will not be getting around to posting much this or next week, so let’s call it a Canada Day break!

I’ll also just take the opportunity to mention that since I’ve been following Ipsy’s* Rewards quite closely this year and thought I’d just compile them all into a single, huge chart. (Hey, I need something relatively mindless to do as I stay up all night with the baby!) I’ll continue to update it as I see new rewards released. It’s very interesting to see the values and point costs change, even over just a few months.

Still, the occasional great deal still pops up (I recently snagged a full-size Paula’s Choice Blush It On Contour Palette for 750 pts; I guess it’s discontinued as it’s no longer on the US site), so it’s really worth checking on.

The Ipsy Rewards Tracker is now accessible via a link in the sidebar! It starts from January 2017.


[* referral link]

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