fivezero's Ipsy Glam Bag, July 2017, Over Easy

Ipsy — July 2017 Glam Bag “Over Easy”

My Ipsy bag arrived a bit late this month (I got it on the 19th, when I usually get it around the 15th), and now I’m also a bit late with my post!

Ipsy have done collaborations before, and this month they’ve done a really fun one with Sanrio! Yes, this month’s bag theme is called “Over Easy” because gudetama is on the Glam Bag (referral link).

Sanrio Gudetama on a plate

For those who don’t know, gudetama is a Sanrio character who is a lazy, ennui-filled egg yolk. It’s a bit random, and it’s freakin’ adorable. Holika Holika, the popular Korean beauty brand, came out with a gudetama collection a while back (I have some of it!) and I think it’s nifty to see Western brands jumping on the lazy, eggy bandwagon. It does appear that some Ipsters were not thrilled with having a “bizarre” cartoon egg on their Glam Bag, and the ensuing moanfest was dubbed “gudeDRAMA!” by a popular subscription box site. Bwah!

Ipsy Glam Bag, July 2017, Over Easy

Ipsy July 2017 Glam Bag: “Over Easy”


Anyway, eggs aside, I decided against requesting anything this month, since there was nothing that really excited me in their spoiler selection, though most things seemed nice to have.

I ended up receiving a nice selection of items that I’m more than happy to try out! I also got an item that I redeemed 750 Ipsy Points for (thanks to those who signed up via my referral link—mwah!). Also, I’ve started tracking Ipsy’s reward options, if you’ve got Ipsy points racked up and want to see what’s been on offer.

What I Redeemed Points For

  • Paula’s Choice Blush It On Contour Palette (limited edition, full size; US$36)

What I Received

  • Beau Gâchis Illuminator Brush (full size; US$9.95)
  • Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (10 mL; 40 mL full size US$39/CA$48)
  • OFRA Godet Eyeshadow Refill in Gold Rush/Victory (2 g size; US$10)
  • Seraphine Botanicals Healthy Glow Rose-Gold Blush in Lychee + Gold (3 g full size US$14)
  • tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel (7.5 mL sample; 150 mL for US$25/CA$30)
  • Ipsy makeup bag

Glam Bag Cost

$10 + $4.99 (shipping to Canada) = US$14.99

Total Bag Value

$9.95 + $9.75 + $10 + $14 + $1.25 = US$44.95

That piddly little tarte cleanser sample really brought my bag’s value down this month! Bah!!! But honestly, I’d rather get a cleanser I’ll use than an insanely marked up eye cream that I won’t (£110? Really?).

fivezero's Ipsy Glam Bag, July 2017, Over Easy

fivezero’s Ipsy July 2017 Glam Bag: “Over Easy”


Ipsy Coupon Codes

  • Beau Gâchis: 30% off any purchase with code beautifulipster30 (through 08/31/2017; US & CA only)
  • OFRA: 30% off any purchase with code IPSY30 (through 08/31/2017)
  • tarte: 20% off any purchase with code IPSYJUL (07-21-2017 through 08/21/2017, exclusions apply)

There are no codes on offer for Caudalie or Seraphine Botanicals, so here are two other good ones:

  • AHAVA: 30% off any purchase with code IPSY30 (through 08/31/2017; US & CA only)
  • Ciaté: 30% off any purchase with code IPSTER (through 08/31/2017; US & CA only)

Here are some more detailed product shots:

Paula's Choice Blush It On Contour Palette

Paula’s Choice Blush It On Contour Palette

full size; US$36

I didn’t especially need anymore highlighter, bronzer, or blush, but this was such good value for the points! (Sometimes a plain old lip balm is 500 pts, I mean come on!) The plain cardboard packaging for this is pretty lame at a $36 price point, but at least the colors themselves look good. I’ll give a couple of the blushes a spin this weekend. [Made in Taiwan.]

Beau Gâchis Illuminator Brush

Beau Gâchis Illuminator Brush

full size; US$9.95

I’ve never heard of this brand, though their brush seems nice enough. I guess I do need a specialized brush for all the highlighters I keep getting in subscription boxes. [Doesn’t say where it’s made. The company is based in Florida, USA; not sure why they’re called Beau Gâchis Paris!]

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (sample)

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet

10 mL; 40 mL full size US$39/CA$48

I’ve tried this before in a sample from Sephora. It’s a great moisturizer that hydrates well but remains light and a pleasure to use. I wouldn’t really buy it for myself, but I definitely won’t say no to it in my Ipsy bag. The tube always feels like it’s full of air, though—just fill ‘er up next time, Caudalie! Sheesh. [Made in France.]

OFRA Godet Eyeshadow Refill in Victory

OFRA Godet Eyeshadow Refill in Victory

2 g size; US$10

Ipsy offered this shadow in two colors. I was hoping to receive this in Gold Rush, though Victory is fine, too. It’s just a bit more ho-hum. Still a perfectly nice, neutral eyeshadow. [Made in XX.]

Seraphine Botanicals Healthy Glow Rose-Gold Blush in Lychee + Gold

Seraphine Botanicals Healthy Glow Rose-Gold Blush in Lychee + Gold

3 g full size US$14

I’ve received another Seraphine product from Ipsy in the past, and it seems like a lovely brand. I’m very happy to have received this blush, especially in the color I would have picked for myself! The warm pink shade is so purty. [Formulated in UK, packaging made in China.]

tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel (sample)

tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

7.5 mL sample; 150 mL for US$25/CA$30

Really, my only complaint with this is that the sample is so damn tiny. Yes, I know my pic makes it look enormous, but it’s actually just a bit bigger than my pinky finger. I want at least 15 mL samples for cleansers in subscription bags. Will I even get three uses out of this? Ah well, gel cleansers are often too drying for my skin, anyway. Pfft. [Made in USA.]

Ipsy Glam Bag Volume Up makeup pouch (July 2017)

Ipsy Glam Bag “Over Easy” makeup pouch (July 2017)

Ipsy Glam Bag “Over Easy” Makeup Pouch

I think the bag design itself could have been a little more inventive, but it’s a $10 (+$4.95 Canadian shipping) subscription, what can I really expect? It’s gudetama, and it’s cute. I definitely appreciate the yellow interior, as well!

Plus, check out the back!

Ipsy Glam Bag Volume Up makeup pouch (July 2017)


My only complaint is that the bag was stinky when it first arrived, though now that it’s been sitting around for a week, the plastick-y smell seems to have mostly dissipated.

More bag collaborations, please, Ipsy!


Glam Bag Verdict

Love the gudetama bag and the Seraphine blush. Glad to have more of the Caudalie moisturizer. Happy to try out the tarte cleanser and the Beau Gâchis brush. The OFRA eyeshadow is a tad boring, but I do love a good neutral eye color, so it will certainly get some use. Nice selections overall!


Here are all the Ipsy products for July 2017:

Ipsy products for July 2017

Product Size
Banana Setting Powder
4 g
Velvet Touch Primer
9 mL
Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun
1.5 g
High Definition Blush in Double Dare
0.16 oz
Seraphine Botanicals
Illuminating Blush in Ginger + Gold or Lychee + Gold
3 g
Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer
3 g
Mini Concealer Crayon in Porcelain or Bisque
0.025 oz
Ombré Radiance Blush Palette in Raspberry Ripple
3 g
The BrowGal
Eyebrow Pencil in Espresso
4 g (mistake as it’d be larger than the full size?)
Eyebrow Cream in Tantalizing Taupe
1.3 g
Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black
0.02 oz
Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Travel Size in Black
1.2 g
Juice Beauty
PHYTO-PIGMENTS Ultra-Natural Mascara
0.3 oz
Pressed Eyeshadow in Biscuit
1.7 g
Eyeshadow Godet Refill in Gold Rush or Victory
2 g
Eyeshadow Palette in Island Life (Ipsy exclusive)
3.6 g
Too Faced
Better Than Sex Mascara
3.9 g
24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry
7 mL
Lip Treatment in Rose
5 mL
Ultra Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm
0.44 oz
Jersey Shore
Mongongo Lip Conditioner in Mandarin Green Orange & Ginger
0.15 oz
Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Nudes (LE)
3.1 g
Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Rose
2.5 g
Winky Lux
Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick in Angel Food
1.8 mL
SKIN (Face)
Space Defence Bright Eye Gel
5 mL
Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack
15 mL
Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet
10 mL
Eau Thermale Avène
Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner
25 mL
Essential Serum
5 mL
Cold Cream Cleanser
3.5 oz
Purevera Emulsion
15 mL
Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
7.5 mL
I’m Real Sheet Masks in Green TeaLotus
2 uses
Mineral Hand Cream
40 mL
Lakur Enhanced Color (looks like Love Bite #9, perhaps? No idea why there’s no shade name given)
12 mL
Beau Gâchis
Illuminator Brush
Beaute Basics
Travel Face Blender in Light Pink
Crease Brush
So Susan
Blender Brush

My ideal Glam Bag this month would have been:

  • BRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack
  • Hanalei Lip Treatment in Rose
  • NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Rose
  • OFRA Godet Refill Eyeshadow in Gold Rush
  • Seraphine Botanicals Illuminating Blush in Lychee + Gold

For once, I don’t want the nail polish because it looks like a Barbie doll-pink. Bleh.

Part of me thinks it’d be fun to get the Pond’s Cold Cream—I used it once as a teenager. I’d be kind of awesome to try such an oldie again. (I guess I could just go and pick one up at the drugstore…)

Overall, I think Ipsy chose for me reasonably well! I wouldn’t have picked the tarte cleanser or the Beau Gâchis brush for myself, but I’m still fine with receiving them. I’ve tried the Caudalie Sorbet before (it’s very nice) and that’s the only reason I’d have picked the BRTC sleeping pack instead—it’d be something new.

‘Cause you made it all the way down here, I’ll leave you with a summery, 1960’s-inspired tune. Here’s “Allright/Not Quite” by The Apples in Stereo, from 2000. (There’s no music video, just footage of a dandelion.)

8 thoughts on “Ipsy — July 2017 Glam Bag “Over Easy”

  1. Oh my gosh, that bag is adorable – shame about the smell (although sort of expected – I can practically smell it from here.) That weird little egg dude is so freakin’ cute, love it.

    So I got one of those Caudalie moisturizers from Sephora as my birthday freebie, and I thought the same thing – jeez, guys, load ‘er up already, there’s nothing in here but air. But I’ve been using that moisturizer now every two to three days for months, and there seems to be quite a bit left over – I think it’s just super incredibly (that’s a thing, right?) lightweight.


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