MAC Lipstick in Indigo-Go (Matte), free for National Lipstick Day 2017

Haulage! MAC — Lipsticks (National Lipstick Day & More)

A happy belated National Lipstick Day (July 29) to all!

There were many sales offered on lipstick that day, but one of the best deals was from MAC, who gave away a free lipstick at their counters! This offer was valid in the US, Canada, Australia, and I presume other countries, as well. The free lipstick was generally offered from selected shades in their ColourRocker collection of matte lipsticks in a variety of rainbow-inspired hues—though some counters also seemed to include additional shades.

It didn’t appear to be the most organized event, as I heard that some counters ran out of free lipsticks incredibly quickly, and others didn’t even let customers choose a shade, and handed out random lipsticks, instead.

I was lucky, as I hit up my nearest MAC counter in a Hudson’s Bay within an hour of opening, and there was basically no line at all! (Later, I was in the mall to do some shopping at a toy store and Bath & Body Works, and saw that the standalone MAC there had a crazy long lineup! I can only assume that they were offering a better selection of colors, but still, I prefer getting a funky shade and not having to wait at all.)

The SA presented about eight or so shades, mostly from the ColourRocker collection. I think I remember seeing Blue Bang!, Breathing Fire, Flatter Me FierceForbidden Sunrise, Indigo-Go, Mangrove, Uncontrollable, and a taupe neutral or two (maybe Cold Hard Cash? I didn’t really bother with it/them).

Mangrove, a vivid orange-red, initially looked good to me. But I already have similar shades, so I threw caution to the wind and picked up my first ever blue lipstick: Indigo-Go!

MAC Lipstick in Indigo-Go

MAC Lipstick in Indigo-Go
Matte (cornflower blue)

I also totally lucked out, because later that day, a fab friend picked up Blue Bang! for me, which was a total surprise! I love it—and I’ve gone from having zero blue lipsticks to two! Maybe I can do some kind of ombré effect.

MAC Lipstick in Blue Bang!

MAC Lipstick in Blue Bang!
Matte (bright cerulean blue)

And, since I’m posting about MAC lipstick, last month I took advantage of a MAC sale where you got a free lipstick with purchase of two other lipsticks. I had to pick up a lipstick for someone else (she got the free lipstick, as well—Hug Me—since I wasn’t really a fan of any of the free options, except for Capricious which I already own), so I ended up ordering two others for myself. And an eyeshadow refill pan to put my order over the free shipping threshold.

MAC Lipstick in Creme In Your Coffee

MAC Lipstick in Creme In Your Coffee
Cremesheen (Creamy mid-tone pink brown)

MAC Lipstick in Sí, Sí, Me!

MAC Lipstick in Sí, Sí, Me! (Fruity Juicy, Summer 2017)
Satin (Deep violet)

MAC Lipstick in Sí, Sí, Me!

MAC Lipstick in Sí, Sí, Me! (Fruity Juicy, Summer 2017)
Satin (Deep violet)

MAC Eyeshadow in Steamy

MAC Eyeshadow in Steamy (Pro Palette Refill)
Frost (Bluish-green w/gold pearl)

I hope to take pictures of all my MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows sometime (I smell a Megapost coming!).

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Haulage! MAC — Lipsticks (National Lipstick Day & More)

  1. I was slightly bummed to be out of town for the free lipstick. But, I am slightly averse to lining up in big crowds so I wasn’t sure I would have gone anyway.
    Smart of you to hit up the Bay instead of a stand alone store. And great choice to get a shade that you wouldn’t otherwise pay money for! And I can’t believe a friend picked up ANOTHER blue lipstick for you. Is the universe trying to tell you something?
    Ooh I was with a friend when she got the free lipstick – she chose Hug Me as well.
    Steamy is such a beautiful shade and fabulous formula… I never wear it though because just when do I have the opportunity to rock a teal eye look? 😛


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