New Release: Orly — Velvet Dream (Fall 2017)

Collection: Orly 2017 Fall, Velvet Dream

Orly’s new Fall 2017 collection, Velvet Dream, consists of six sultry new shades for the season. The collection is available in Nail Lacquer and Gel FX.

Black Cherry

Blue Suede

Just Bitten

November Fog

Silken Quartz

Velvet Kaleidoscope

The Mini Set contains 0.18 fl oz bottles in four shades: Silken Quartz, Black Cherry, Velvet Kaleidoscope and November Fog.
Orly Velvet Dream (Fall 2017) collection, available in Nail Lacquer and Gel FX

Happy shopping!


One thought on “New Release: Orly — Velvet Dream (Fall 2017)

  1. Beautiful collection for fall!! I don’t know why I don’t see your posts in my feed. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t show everyone’s posts. Maybe because I’m browsing from my phone?


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