It’S SKIN — Macaron Lip Balm in Green Apple Review

It’s been such a long time since I’ve had to even think about “Back to School,” which is usually the day after Labo(u)r Day in North America. But today, Peanut started his first day of a full preschool year (he started preschool earlier this year, mid-term). We packed him up with all his school supplies, and he was so excited to go back and see his teachers and friends!

I hope those of you who are going back to school today—both students and staff—have an awesome day!

I’m just looking forward to having practically a whole day to little Olive and myself, since Peanut’s off for the full day this year.

Skip Hop Zoo Safety Harness in Giraffe

I will absolutely be getting back to nail polish swatches this week, though they’ll have to be the darker shades since one of my nails is peeling, boo.

So, today, I’m reviewing the cute little lip balm that has been sitting above my keyboard: It’S SKIN Macaron Lip Balm in the Green Apple flavor.

It’S SKIN is a Korean beauty brand that generally focuses on skincare, though they also have a makeup line. Their Macaron Lip Balm is the first of their products I’ve tried, and who can blame me when this is the packaging?

As an aside, it’s been hard finding good macarons in Toronto. I haven’t tried too many (I mean, I don’t need all those extra calories), but the best ones I’ve had so far are at Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie in the Distillery. Anyone have any recommendations for better ones? The absolute best macarons I’ve ever had were at the most beautiful little coffee shop in Avignon (I think), so I’m almost definitely not getting to have those ever again!

I forgot to snap pics of the macarons, but here were some other sweet things we had at Cluny last month:

Back to the lip balm…It’S SKIN says:

Lip balm provides moisture and nourishment to care for dry lips. Contains vitamin derivatives and fruit extracts for healthy lips

Specifically, the lip balm contains Vitamins E, A, and C; shea butter; cocoa butter; chrysanthemum flower extract.

The lip balm comes in five flavors: 01 Strawberry, 02 Green Apple, 03 Grape, 04 Pineapple, and 05 Love Choco. I don’t think the lip balms leave a tint on the lips, or at least I can’t see any tint to mine when applied on the skin.

I really wanted the Pineapple, but I didn’t think the macaron-ness of the packaging translated as well in the light yellow, so I went with the Green Apple. Personally, I think the lavender macaron is the cutest, but I can’t stand fake grape flavor. It’s a shame that the light green wasn’t honeydew flavor, instead—I would have been all over that! I had a Softlips Honeydew Melon Lip Moisturizer once, which smelled amazing, but it was not a good lip balm for my lips.

This Macaron lip balm applies thinly, which is the sort of lip balm I prefer; I don’t like thicker, waxier lip balms. It also has a slightly oily feel. The moisturizing properties, however, are only average. It’s a decent lip balm, but it’s nothing special.

The green apple scent is pleasant, and not too tart, though it’s fading. The lip balm I got was a Holiday Edition from winter 2015, so it’s a little bit on the older side, which could account for a weaker scent. The lip balm itself is just fine, but I can’t smell it after I apply it on my lips. As for the Holiday Edition, there’s nothing special about it except for the box it came in.

I’m happy to use up this lip balm, but I’d really only repurchase this in other flavors if I find a use for the empty macaron-shaped container!


It’S SKIN Macaron Lip Balm contains 9 g and retails for KR₩5,970 / US$10 / CA$9.99. (I got mine from an online Korean shop, where it currently retails for US$5.27, including shipping.)

It’S SKIN is based in Seoul, South Korea.

🇰🇷Made in South Korea
🇰🇷Company based in South Korea

3 thoughts on “It’S SKIN — Macaron Lip Balm in Green Apple Review

  1. Aww Peanut off to school! Did you get teary eyed when dropping him off?
    I’ve been experiencing peeling nails recently too and I don’t know why! I’m trying to be better with moisturizing my hands…
    Maybe you can put beads inside the empty container? Or give it to Olive to play with when she’s older?


  2. I have the grape version of this and I LOVE the smell – totally synthetic but it reminds me of grape koolaid or something haha. It’s a good thing I like the smell because I actually hate the balm itself – no only does it not moisturize my lips, it actually makes them peel and flake. Luckily it’s cute! 😉


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