Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 collection

New Release: Zoya — Sophisticates (Fall 2017)

Collection: Zoya 2017 Fall, Sophisticates

Zoya has released their Fall 2017 collection, Sophisticates, consisting of eight cream, two metallic, and two pearl finish polishes. There are also seven new shades of lipstick.

Curiously, one of the new nail polish colors, a deep hunter green, is named Tabitha (ZP914); previously Zoya released a pale nude shade called Tabitha (ZP338) in 2006’s Spa Essentials collection:

Tabitha (ZP338)
Spa Essentials (2006)

Here are the 12 new shades:


refined pearl in a soft almond


soft, sandy, champagne metallic


deep, dusty plum cream


smokey, mauve taupe cream


muted, red mauve cream


deep, vermillion red cream


rich, bordeaux red cream


deep, burgundy plum cream


dark, umber brown cream


smokey, midnight blue cream

Tabitha (ZP914)

refined pearl in a deep hunter green


smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic

I imagine Gal must be inspired by this summer’s blockbuster hit, Wonder Woman.

These shades are literally all going to be mine. I love, love, love!

Happy Shopping!

[Images via zoya.com]

One thought on “New Release: Zoya — Sophisticates (Fall 2017)

  1. That’s so confusing they re-used the name Tabitha! There are so many names beginning with “T”, surely Zoya could have found another? (But to be honest, “Tabitha” is much better suited for a dark green shade.)
    I’m digging the look of Beth! And as soon as I saw Gal, I thought about WW too!


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