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Julep — Maven Boxes (July–September 2017) & Gobs More!

OK, so this is something of a haulage megapost, because I slacked all summer and only posted the unboxing of my first Julep Maven Box.

Now, not only do I have my Maven Boxes for July, August, and September for you (note that I didn’t skip any months even though Julep gives you the option to do so as much as you’d like), but I also have mini hauls that I got in-between boxes. Julep is constantly running little deals that are so hard for me to resist, particularly since shipping is always free.

And, it’s not just the free shipping. My Julep orders arrive so, so fast, and I’m in Canada! It’s amazing. I literally got my most recent order in two days. There’s never a customs charge, either (though I have never placed an order over US$33).

In addition, their boxes come so neatly packed and easy to open. You just snip the little bit of strapping tape on the front and it opens up with no hassle.

I’m super happy with Julep after four boxes, and I’ll definitely be resubscribing after my six-month subscription comes to an end. I think I should have enough Julep points (“Jules”) by then to get a free Maven Box, too. I posted my first Julep swatch last Friday (hint: it’s a purty one), and you can look forward to many more!

Without further ado, here is my Julep summer haulage. It’s a biggie.

June 2017 (Order #2)

  • Zodiac Nail Color in Gemini
  • Zodiac Nail Color in Glowing Gemini

Julep Zodiac Nail Colors in Gemini, Glowing Gemini

Julep ran a BOGO sale right after I got my first Maven Box, so I picked up two of the Zodiac polishes, twin polishes Gemini and Glowing Gemini! Baby Olive is a Gemini, though these are pretty polishes in their own right, and I’d have picked them up, anyway.

Every month when you select products for your Maven Box, you’re given a limited (but still pretty good) selection to choose from. If there are specific items or polish shades you’re looking for, you may have to wait a while—otherwise, Julep’s sales are the best time to pick them up.

(You can use Ebates Canada [referral link] with these purchases, too! It’s been consistently 1.5% cash back since I’ve been with Julep. I can’t use Ebates with my monthly boxes, though, since they’re prepaid with my 6-month subscription. Any add-ons I buy with my boxes don’t get an official “check out” so Ebates doesn’t work then.)

July 2017 Maven Box

Collection: Julep 2017 July, Neon Nights

  • Insta-Filter Invisible Finishing Powder
  • Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil


  • Nail Color in Rosario (Add-On)
  • Nail Color in Sam (Add-On)
  • Nail Color in Signe (Add-On)

Freebie (for purchase of 3 Add-Ons):

  • Nail Color in Alysha (Add-On)

Julep Zodiac Nail Colors in Gemini, Glowing Gemini

I didn’t pick any nail polishes in my July Maven Box, but I did add-on three polishes to my order, at $4.99 each. Signe is from last month’s collection, where it was valued at $6.99 as a new shade; it’s a $4.99 add-on in the next month! Sam is from this month, but it’s a re-release (“from the vault”, as Julep like to say) and valued at $4.99 instead of $6.99.

The free shade I received is Alysha, a beautiful one but it was included in my 12-polish welcome box! I’ll save it for a giveaway or something.

I also got a free sheet of nail decals in my box. Julep throws in a freebie now and then—I don’t use nail decals, so this will go into my giveaway box, as well.

Here are shots of the Cleansing Oil and the Finishing Powder:

Julep Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Julep’s skincare products tend to be Korean beauty-inspired. This cleansing oil reminds me a lot of Josie Maran’s Argan Cleansing Oil; it works nicely, though I’m not 100% sure my skin is happy with it. I’ll do a full review, once I figure this out.

Julep Insta-Filter Invisible Finishing Powder

July 2017 (Order #2: Mystery Polish Grab Bag)

  • Zodiac Nail Color in Gemini
  • Nail Color in Ani
  • Nail Color in Dora
  • Nail Color in Jane
  • Nail Color in Jennye
  • Nail Color in Josie
  • Nail Color in Jyliana
  • Nail Color in Kayla
  • Nail Color in Liza (Aquamarine for March)
  • Nail Color in Ming

Julep Mystery Polish Grab Bag with Nail Colors in Gemini, Ani, Dora, Jane, Jennye, Josie, Jyliana, Kayla, Liza (Aquamarine for March), Ming

Julep occasionally releases Mystery Boxes and this was the first one I tried. It was strictly for polish: $20 for 10 shades.

I ended up getting a great variety of colors, with only one polish I already had (Gemini), so I think it worked out really well. As my Julep collection grows, however, I’ll be less likely to gamble on a Mystery Bag, unless I’m planning on giving away some polish.

At the same time, I also picked up an eyeliner for half price. Julep’s When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner is often raved about, and I could never find the color I wanted (Smoky Taupe Shimmer) in the Maven Box selection—it’d either be absent or sold out instantly—so I used a Maven coupon to get it for $8 instead of $16. Usually when it shows up in the Maven Box selection or as an add-on, it goes for $6.99; if I like the formula, I’ll definitely pick up more fun shades at that lower price.

Julep When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Smoky Taupe Shimmer

July 2017 (Order #3)

  • Zodiac Nail Color in Aquarius
  • Zodiac Nail Color in Aries
  • Zodiac Nail Color in Pisces
  • Zodiac Nail Color in Sagittarius

Julep Zodiac Nail Colors in Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces

I’m a Sagittarius, my husband is an Aquarius, Peanut is an Aries, and I already picked up Gemini and Glowing Gemini for Olive. No Pisces in my immediate family; just thought it looked nice! Got these half off, at $7 each.

August 2017 Maven Box

  • Finishing Brush
  • Nail Color in Jonna
  • Nail Color in Lou


  • Nail Color in Magdalene
  • Nail Color in Tessa
  • Nail Color in Wilma

Freebie (for purchase of 3 Add-Ons):

  • Nail Color in Ange

Julep Finishing Brush, Nail Colors in Jonna, Lou, Magdalene, Tessa, Wilma, Ange

I liked my Bronzer Brush enough to also pick up the new Finishing Brush. I always use setting powder, so this will get a lot of use. It may be time for me to retire my trusty (very, very) old Club Monaco powder brush!

I could not resist picking up three more polishes as add-ons, and got Ange, a moody sea blue, as a freebie. Nice!

Julep Nail Colors in Jonna, Lou, Magdalene, Tessa, Wilma, Ange

Julep Finishing Brush

August 2017 (Order #2)

Collection: Julep 2017 August

  • Nail Color in Delores
  • Nail Color in Ellis
  • Nail Color in Margit
  • Nail Color in Tali

Julep Nail Colors in Delores, Ellis, Margit, Tali

Julep is always putting out nail polish sets which can give you a pretty nice discount, if you like all the colors in a set. Here, I picked up a trio (Delores, Ellis, Tali) for $14 and added on Margit for $4.99.

August 2017 (Order #3: “Dance In the Darkness” Eclipse Set)

  • Nail Color in Blakely
  • Nail Color in Chrissy
  • Nail Color in Ebony
  • Nail Color in Tabitha
  • Nail Color in Tilda

Julep Nail Colors in Blakely, Ebony, Tabitha, Tilda, Chrissy

This is another set. I got a quad (Blakely, Ebony, Tabitha, Tilda) for $14 and added on Chrissy (close enough to my name, all right!) for $4.99. The set was inspired by August’s total solar eclipse.

August 2017 (Order #4: “The Gleam Team” & “80 Degrees & Palm Trees” Sets)

  • Nail Color in Alicia
  • Nail Color in Amy
  • Nail Color in Dylan
  • Nail Color in Peyton
  • Nail Color in Rassamee
  • Nail Color in Rowan
  • Nail Color in Vibrant Virgo

Julep Nail Colors in Alicia, Amy, Dylan, Peyton, Rassamee, Rowan, Vibrant Virgo

More sets. The just-released Vibrant Virgo was inexplicably not available for the August Maven Box (you could only add it on for $11.20), so I waited. Later in the month, it popped up in the Secret Store for a fabulous price: “The Gleam Team” duo (Vibrant Virgo, Peyton) for $9.99. I also picked up an “80 Degrees & Palm Trees” trio (Alicia, Amy, Dylan) for $12.99, and added on Rassamee and Rowan for $4.99 each.

September 2017 Maven Box

Collection: Julep 2017 September

  • Fan Brush
  • Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover
  • Nail Color in Hana


  • Nail Color in Evan
  • Nail Color in Gladys
  • Nail Color in Kaitlyn

Freebie (for purchase of 3 Add-Ons):

  • Nail Color in Katya

Julep Fan Brush, the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover, Nail Colors in Evan, Gladys, Hana, Kaitlyn, Katya

For this month’s box, I picked the Fan Brush, the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover, and a new Nail Color in Hana.

Again, I chose three add-ons (Evan, Gladys, Kaitlyn) and got Katya, a vampy berry, as a freebie.

They also sent a free sheet of stickers. Kind of silly but Peanut will like playing with them. (He loves getting banana stickers at the grocery, and the cashiers like to give him the “Thank You / Merci” stickers at the checkout.)

Julep Fan Brush, the Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover, Nail Color in Hana

Julep Fan Brush

Julep Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover

Julep Nail Colors in Evan, Gladys, Kaitlyn, Katya

September 2017 (Order #2)

Julep ran a one-day sale on September 5: all polishes were $5 each! Ahhhhhhh!

As I said before, you only get a selection of shades to choose from in your Maven Box each month, so there were a lot of shades I wanted but never had the chance to get at a discount. I picked up quite a few…and for some reason, some shades were listed at $4 instead of $5, so I got the lot for $31.

  • Nail Color in Celine
  • Nail Color in Christa
  • Nail Color in Danica
  • Nail Color in Eliza
  • Nail Color in Kristjana
  • Nail Color in Manda
  • Nail Color in Paula

Julep Nail Colors in Celine, Christa, Danica, Eliza, Kristjana, Manda, Paula

And that’s it…for now!


Don’t forget that if you sign up for a Julep Maven Box (referral link) and use the code POLISHGIFT, you’ll get a free 12-piece Nail Color set!

I did and I loved the colors I got (they’re not always the same).




Julep Nail Color* retails for US$14 ($11.40 for subscribed Mavens) and contains 8 mL. However, they very often go on sale for around $5–7. Julep nail polishes are vegan and free of toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor. They are made in the USA.

Julep Beauty, Inc.* was founded in 2007 by business executive Jane Park. It started as a chain of nail salons in the Seattle, WA, area; by 2008, the company was online. The Julep Maven subscription service was launched in 2011. The company is cruelty-free, its products are made in the USA, and it remains based in Seattle, WA, USA.

🇺🇸Made in USA
🇺🇸Company based in USA

* referral links
** Nail Colors are vegan; other cosmetic products are not necessarily vegan.


4 thoughts on “Julep — Maven Boxes (July–September 2017) & Gobs More!

  1. So much haulage!!! I can’t even…
    What an amazing deal with that Mystery Box – $20 for 10 shades or awesome quality polish? Yes, please!
    I vow to get my hands on some Julep before the end of the year! Not sure if I should succumb to a Maven box or just do a la carte.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG what a haul! You’re sending me back 5-6 years, I used to be subscribed to Julep Maven but my polish collection started getting out of control so I cancelled it. I love that you can include non-nail polish items now – they’ve expanded their line a lot since I was subscribed!


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