Julep October 2017 collection, Trancing In the Moonlight

New Release: Julep — Trancing In the Moonlight (October 2017)

Collection: Julep 2017 October “Trancing In the Moonlight”, Julep 2017, Zodiac

Julep’s October 2017 collection consists of seven new—and one re-released—jewel-toned shades for fall. And, of course, the latest addition to their 2017 Zodiac collection is a new shade for the sign of Libra (September 23–October 22).

(If you’re unfamiliar with the Julep Maven boxes, check out this review of my first ever Julep box!)

Here are all the new shades and products:

October 2017 + Zodiac 2017

(* repromote)

Spellbound Purple Shimmer

Planetary Turquoise Glitter

Enchanted Teal Shimmer

Celestial Blue-Violet Glitter

Deep Crimson Shimmer

Luminous Borealis Glitter

Galactic Rose Glitter

True Black Crème

Lucky Libra
Prosperous Teal Iridescent

Christi is pretty close to my name, so I am very happy that it’s my favorite shade of all in this month’s collection. I’m going to leave the glitters: I’m not a big glitter girl, and the official swatches didn’t do much to sway me.

I want Lucky Libra, as well, but since Vibrant Virgo wasn’t available in the box last month (I had to get it separately, though I got it for a steal), I imagine I’ll have to purchase it another time.

This collection also includes three new eyeshadow duos; I have yet to try these, and this month’s new shades are a little too light and neutral to convince me to do so.

Julep Mavens will be able to customize their October boxes from September 20–24.

Don’t forget that if you sign up for a Julep Maven box (referral link) and use the code POLISHGIFT, you’ll get a free 12-piece Nail Color set!

I did and I loved the colors I got (they’re not always the same).


Happy shopping!

[Images via julep.com]


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