TIFF 2017: Red Carpet Roundup

It occurred to me that I had a red carpet roundup opportunity right in my own backyard last week with the Toronto International Film Festival!

I didn’t spot any stars around, but I don’t usually hang out at the trendy spots, either. I mean, Angelina Jolie’s not going to swing by my local grocery store to pick up a mesh bag of avocados.

As with yesterday’s Emmys roundup, I’m starting off with my favorites:


Top 7 TIFF 2017 Looks
(in alphabetical order)

Halle Berry at the Kings premiere

This is perfect on someone like Halle—is that a hint of nipslip, though?

• • • • •

Jessica Chastain at the Molly’s Game premiere

Elegant, and the stardust sparkles are a pretty touch.

• • • • •

Bella Heathcote at the Professor Marston & The Wonder Women premiere

I wish she’d done simpler shoes with this, but I’m still loving it.

• • • • •

Allison Janney at the I, Tonya premiere

Bold color on a simple dress. Very flattering.

• • • • •

Tatiana Maslany at the Stronger premiere

So pretty, love the color choice for her, and the ruffles aren’t overdone.

• • • • •

Helen Mirren at The Leisure Seeker premiere

Never a miss with this one.

• • • • •

Devon Windsor at the Brawl In Cell Block 99

She looks like a sparkling Art Deco skyscraper. In a good way.

• • • • •

I Yam What I Yam

Lady Gaga at the Gaga: Five Foot Two premiere

I’m just surprised that Gaga only has two inches on me!

• • • • •

Grace Jones at the Bloodlight and Bami premiere

Grace Jones definitely has more than two inches on me.
She’s 69 and she looks badass.

• • • • •

Helena Bonham Carter at the 55 Steps premiere

This is remarkably adorable for HBC.
I want to steal her lunchbox.

• • • • •

Angelina Jolie at The Breadwinner premiere

This is so quintessential Angelina, isn’t it?
It does look like she picked it up from the IKEA window coverings department.
(Here she is again elsewhere at TIFF.)

• • • • •

Chloe Sevigny at the Lean On Pete premiere

She’s never met a pattern she didn’t like.

Return of the Pantsuit

Evan Rachel Wood at the A Worthy Companion premiere

I want to talk about this miss of a suit, but I can’t get past
what looks like a small toaster in her hand.

• • • • •

Dee Rees at the Mudbound premiere

This is so bonkers, it almost works.

• • • • •

Kate Mara at the My Days of Mercy premiere

Imagine if Kate Mara wore Zara. That’d be fun to say.
The shoes are Louboutin, though.

• • • • •

Ellen Page at the My Days of Mercy premiere

She looks like a tiny comedian.

Ladies in Lingerie

Rachel McAdams at the Disobedience premiere

This is super fetching. Is she wearing 6″ heels under there?

• • • • •

Jennifer Lawrence at the mother! premiere

Way too much going on. Even J.Law looks confused.
This was slightly better.

• • • • •

Jessica Chastain at the Woman Walks Ahead premiere

More nightgown than lingerie, but I thought I’d squeeze this pretty
but unexciting number in here. I love red on a redhead.

• • • • •

Elle Fanning at the Mary Shelley premiere

A little too haunty-ghosty for me.

Oh Honey, No

Diane Kruger at the Into the Fade premiere

I usually love Diane’s styling, but this looks like a sci-fi costuming gone wrong.

• • • • •

Carey Mulligan at the Mudbound premiere

I feel like this would have been all right until she added that Chanel belt.
I’m assuming it was not originally part of the dress…but I could be wrong.

• • • • •

Ruth Wilson at the Dark River premiere

At least three bad dress ideas rolled into one.

• • • • •

Kate Mara at the Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool premiere

White mesh is not a pleasant look…

• • • • •

Sarah Silverman at the Battle of the Sexes premiere

…and neither is beige mesh, with what look like tiny bugs swarming all over it.

• • • • •

Margaret Qualley at the Novitiate premiere

Halloween is next month.

• • • • •

Matilda Lutz at the Revenge premiere

I mainly hate the footwear. The dress/jacket does look like something
figure skaters wear when it gets really cold. (Plus: her name is Lutz!)

• • • • •

Margot Robbie at the I, Tonya premiere

I didn’t believe this was Margot for a good minute.
How are you supposed to do a triple lutz in that, Tonya?

• • • • •

Dianna Agron at the Revenge premiere

Thought this was nice until I noticed the boxer briefs.

• • • • •

Bel Powley at the Mary Shelley premiere

Like a bad Sailor Moon cosplay.

• • • • •

Annette Bening at the Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool premiere

Didn’t realize she was moonlighting as a Clinique SA, these days.

• • • • •

Emma Roberts at the Who We Are Now premiere

This is a bit less “Clinique”—and she brought her own makeup train case!
(I don’t actually hate this one. I just wanted to place it after Annette Bening.)

• • • • •

Elisabeth Moss at The Square premiere

Oh dear.

• • • • •

Emma Stone at the Battle of the Sexes premiere

Looks like she’s dressed up as a handbag.

• • • • •

Priyanka Chopra at the Pahuna: The Little Visitors premiere

Oh honey, no…

Honorable Mentions

Priyanka Chopra at the TIFF Soirée

…phew, that’s better.

• • • • •

Nicole Kidman at The Killing of a Sacred Deer premiere

I wish she’d do this kind of thing more often.
Those one-color column dresses get really boring.

• • • • •

Octavia Spencer at The Shape of Water premiere

Very classy, as usual. Pretty earrings, too.

• • • • •

Kate Winslet at The Mountain Between Us premiere

Your typical Kate Winslet red carpet look. Carry on.

• • • • •

Rachel Weisz at the Disobedience premiere

This is how you slowly morph into Helena Bonham Carter.

• • • • •


Brie Larson at the Unicorn Store premiere

For a split second, I thought this was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
(They’re both great-looking, of course!)

• • • • •

Rosamund Pike at the Hostiles premiere

I think Rosamund Pike is stunning, and I almost love this look,
but in the end it’s all just too much.

• • • • •

Glenn Close at The Wife premiere

Haven’t seen her for ages! She looks fab.

• • • • •

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton, at the Euphoria premiere

She looks like she just awoke from a nap on her chaise longue.
The messy ribbon bugs me.

• • • • •

Maisie Williams at the Mary Shelley premiere

A bit costume-y (don’t synchronized swimmers wear swim caps?),
but it’s a cute look on little Arya.

• • • • •

Margaret Atwood and Sarah Gadon at the Alias Grace premiere

More Canadian ladies! Tatiana Maslany and Rachel McAdams
are floating around here somewhere, too.

• • • • •

Julianne Moore at the Suburbicon premiere

Bit of a snooze, though she looks fine.

• • • • •

Claire Foy at the Breathe premiere

Claire, this just isn’t you!

• • • • •

Alison Brie at The Disaster Artist premiere

This is the kind of comfy dress I wear
when I know I’m going to eat a meal at an event.

• • • • •

[Images via flare.com, aol.com]

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