Jolse haulage (September 2017)

Haulage × 2! Jolse (August & September 2017)

After Jolse started offering “free” shipping to Canada again (I say “free” because they simply work the shipping costs into the product prices), I hit them up with an order in August:

  • Holika Holika Piece Matching Nails in GT07
  • Holika Holika Piece Matching Nails in YE02
  • SCINIC Ceramide 100 All In One Ampoule
  • SCINIC Honey All In One Ampoule

fivezero's Jolse haulage (August 2017)

Now, orders from Korean online beauty stores usually take between 3–5 weeks to arrive to me in Canada. I assume a large part of this time is spent in Canadian customs, as well, though I think these orders are exempt from duties and tax because of a trade deal Canada recently signed with South Korea.

Get this. My August Jolse order shipped (August 8) five days after I ordered it (August 3). It arrived to me ten days (August 18) after shipping. I received my order in a record fifteen days.

I was delighted, but also wondered if this was merely a fluke, so for science (haha) I placed a second order:

fivezero's Jolse haulage (September 2017)

Ordered September 10, shipped September 15, arrived September 25.

Exactly the same times as the first order. I think I’ve found my new favorite Korean beauty store.

Now, don’t get me wrong: some other places I love to order from will still get business from me. Jolse is not the cheapest store, it does not have all products, and I find its website a little bit clunky to navigate. But, if I want something reasonably fast, I’ll definitely go with them from now on. My recent Cosmetic Love arrival took five weeks from shipping to arrive! I have no idea what accounts for the difference, since I am not paying for more expensive shipping with Jolse.

In addition, Jolse sends a really nice assortment of samples. This is what I received with orders 1 and 2, respectively:

fivezero's Jolse haulage (August 2017), free samples

fivezero's Jolse haulage (September 2017), free samples

Fingers crossed these two orders were not a fluke, and that all Jolse orders arrive in Canada (or at least in Toronto) this quickly!

3 thoughts on “Haulage × 2! Jolse (August & September 2017)

  1. Ooooh! That’s amazing shipping time from Korea! I love how you were able to replicate it with your second order – thanks for validating it with your experiment LOL.
    I need to place a Jolse order soon-ish too – I’m running low on my mascara base. And yessss all those samples.
    Curious about the CosRX moisturizing lotion you got, and the Scinic ampoules.


    • Absolutely! I’d just advise not ordering until Oct 10, because apparently they’re off for a week-long Korean Thanksgiving! Probably goes for all Korean online stores.

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