SinfulColors Fall 2017 collections

New Releases: SinfulColors (Fall 2017 + Halloween)

Here’s a roundup of SinfulColors’ newest collections for Fall 2017!

The Trend #BackToSchool #GetBright

This collection consists of 6 limited edition and 2 repromoted Nail Colors:

Acid Test (Neon Matte), In Your Elemelon (Neon Matte),
Lilac Out Loud (Neon Matte)

Make a Scene (Neon Matte), Quick Study (Neon Matte),
Under the Inbluence (Neon Matte)

Black On Black (repromote), Snow Me White (repromote)

The Trend #BackToSchool #SchoolGoals

This collection consists of 3 limited edition and 8 repromoted Nail Colors:

Poppy Talk (Matte), Study Break (Matte), Zoned Out (Matte)

Blackboard (repromote), Clear Coat (repromote), Hazard (repromote)

Pink Break (Demi Matte, repromote),
Rise & Shine (repromote), Sail La Vie (repromote)

Taupe Is Dope! (repromote), Whiteboard (Demi Matte, repromote)

Fall In Shine

This collection consists of 4 limited edition and 4 repromoted SinfulShine with Gel Tech nail colors:

Emy Lou Bloo, Guilty Pleasure, Kitten

Swagger, Alfresco (repromote), Haute Shine (repromote)

Prosecco (repromote), Rendezvous (repromote)

Punk Yourself

This collection consists of 5 limited edition Hypnotic Transforming Top Coats (which create a marbled effect) and 5 repromoted Nail Colors:

Concrete Jungle (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat),
Punk the Town (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat),
Purpunk (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat)

Rebel Rebel (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat),
Redrum (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat)

24/7 (repromote), Energetic Red (repromote), Mint Apple (repromote)

Navy I Do (repromote), Yolo Yellow (repromote)

Night of the Living Red (Halloween)

This collection consists of 6 limited edition and 6 repromoted Nail Colors:

Bite Me, Good to Ghost (Glow-In-the-Dark), If You Got It, Haunt It

Pumpkin Spice (Walgreens exclusive),
Undead Red (Matte, Walgreens exclusive),
Witch Hazel Bohn (Glow-In-the-Dark)

Bitten (repromote), Black On Black (repromote), Courtney Orange (repromote)

Devil’s Stare (repromote)
Glow In the Dark (Glow-In-the-Dark, repromote)
Let’s Talk (repromote)

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