SinfulColors Summer 2017 collections

New Releases: SinfulColors (Summer 2017)

I’m always forgetting to post about SinfulColors collections, mostly because it’s hard for me to find new Sinful collections where I am (only the core collection is easily available). Come on, Sinful! You’ve got Revlon’s distribution behind you and I still can’t find your LE displays?!

Anyway, I’m posting summer and fall collections in two batches. This post contains the Summer 2017 collections. Obviously, this is late—and these collections have already disappeared from the SinfulColors website!—but you may still be able to find the displays and collections near you.

The Trend 80’s Flashback: Color Eccentric

This collection consists of 7 limited edition nail colors: 7 intense neons and 1 white that is meant for a neon undercoat:

Diamond Blogs (Neon), Eccentricity (Neon), Interglamactic (Neon)

Jean Queen (Neon), She’s From Mars (Neon), Out In Space (Neon)

White On Time (Illuminating Base)

The Trend 80’s Flashback: Color Rebellious

This collection consists of 3 limited edition Moon Metal Nail Colors and 4 repromoted cream shades:

Cherish Me (Moon Metal), Pop Queen (Moon Metal), Starlight (Moon Metal)

Cream Pink (repromote), Endless Blue (repromote)

Energetic Red (repromote), Yolo Yellow (repromote)

The Trend 80’s Flashback: Color Symbolic

This collection consists of 4 limited edition shades and 4 repromoted shades, all in the SinfulShine with Gel Tech formula:

Cranberry Ca-Raze, Funky Fierce, Rule My World

So Symbolic, Devious (repromote), Pragmatic (repromote)

Prosecco (repromote), Tutu Thrill (repromote)

Free & Fierce (Independence Day)

This collection consists of 2 limited edition and 4 repromoted Nail Colors:

Flame Game, Starry Eyed, Bluz Cruz (repromote)

Endless Blue (repromote), Gogo Girl (repromote), Snow Me White (repromote)

#PRIDE × Era Istrefi

This collaboration with singer Era Istrefi consists of 5 limited edition and 1 repromoted Nail Colors:

Bon Bons, Erotik, Intergalactic

Mani Per Money, Taste It, Pride (repromote)

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