Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts, swatch

Sothys — Rouge des Arts (Nail Lacquer) Review

Collection: Sothys 2017 Fall

Sothys Paris is a French beauty brand that is sold primarily in beauty institutes and spas worldwide. I had never before tried their line of skincare and cosmetics, and was intrigued when I was contacted to review a few of the nail and makeup products from their Fall 2017 collection.

I was sent a Nail Lacquer (but of course!), Cream Blush, and Rouge Mat Velvet Effect Lipsticks for review. Today, I am reviewing my favorite of all beauty products, the nail polish!

Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts

As befits a luxury brand, Sothys’ cosmetic packaging is elegant. The Vernis/Nail Lacquer comes in a 5 mL glass bottle, which has a pleasing heft despite its smaller size.

Sothys (pronounced so-tees) is rather romantically named for the French form (Sothys) of the Greek translation (Sothis) of the ancient Egyptian name (Sopdet) for the brightest star seen in the Earth’s night sky. In English, we know the star as Sirius. Ain’t etymology cool?

The brand’s logo is a depiction of the Egyptian personification of Sopdet as a goddess.

The sole nail color (I think) in their Fall 2017 collection is a classic red cream, Rouge des Arts (310).

Red creams are perhaps my favorite of all nail colors, and this red is especially opulent and dense, a throwback to the 1930s. It is a vibrant, deep, true red that is perfect both day and night. The pigmentation is really excellent, and to me, that’s mainly what makes this a more luxurious polish.

Susan Hayward, 1930s.

Susan Hayward, 1930s.

The brush is slightly flattened and medium in thickness. The bristles have excellent length and flex, making application a breeze. I appreciate the fact that the brush is not overly wide for my smaller nails, though a more rounded, paddle-shape might be an improvement.

Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts, brush

[I do want to note that some bottles of Sothys nail lacquer I see online have a different bottle design. Sothys lacquer has been reformulated and repackaged with a new flat brush, so I am guessing that the bottle style with the larger cap is the older product.]

The texture of the formula was a little gel-like, quite similar to Dior Vernis, whose formula I adore. It was perhaps a touch on the clearer side, giving the color the slightest hint of a jelly finish. One coat was just about fully opaque, though I did prefer two for a fuller, richer look. I personally feel that three coats might be ideal for achieving perfect evenness, but with two the lacquer certainly looks very good.

It dries to a remarkably glossy finish, so you may not require top coat at all. So shiny!

Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts

Sothys Nail Lacquers come in a range of classic shades, meaning you will find the usual reds, pinks, oranges, and plums, plus the occasional metallics and vampies.

I readily admit that the price (CA$19 for 5 mL, or $3.80/mL) is fairly steep for a miniature bottle of nail lacquer—the price per mL puts it above Chanel (CA$32 for 13 mL, or $2.46/mL) and Dior (CA$33 for 10 mL, or $3.30/mL)! But, of course, if you do not use nail polish all too often, then a smaller sized bottle of luxury polish at $19 is easier to swallow than spending $32–33 on a larger bottle of another brand.

Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts

Disclaimer: This product is a press sample and was provided by Sothys for my honest review.


Sothys Nail Lacquer contains 5 mL and retails for US$17 / CA$19. The formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

Sothys was founded in 1946 when Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist, developed an ampoule treatment for those who suffered burns during World War II. Since 1966, Sothys has been owned by the Mas family, and it continues to be a private company based in Paris, France.

🇫🇷Made in France
🇫🇷Company based in France

5 thoughts on “Sothys — Rouge des Arts (Nail Lacquer) Review

  1. So beautiful, red nails are always in season! Is it bad that I’m mostly interested in the brand because of the Ancient Egypt connection? It does help that the polish and packaging are gorgeous…


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