Rebecca Minkoff, Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap, in Beet

Happy National Handbag Day! Rebecca Minkoff — Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap Review

Happy National Handbag, everybody!

Last month, I shopped a sale at Rebecca Minkoff (referral link—plus, code HANDBAG25 gets you 25% off selected styles, plus free duties and taxes to Canada, for today only!) and picked up two bags for my upcoming birthday (yes, yes, it was three months early, but sales this good don’t happen every month, y’know). The RM team had apparently been having customer service issues at the time—which I didn’t find out until after I placed the order, naturally—and I admittedly did have some issues with their website functionality. However, the order did go through properly, and my bags arrived promptly in Canada via BorderFree shipping. Maybe they’d gotten their act together by the time I ordered, but my order went smoothly.

I will mention one thing for Canadian customers: offers free international shipping with a US$300 order. But, when you switch over to the Canadian site with prices in Canadian dollars, they don’t tell you how much you need to spend. Now, it’s obviously my fault for submitting my order without checking to see if I was getting free shipping (d’oh!) but it turns out I had spent exactly US$299. I ended up paying CA$35 for shipping when I could easily have added a low-value item (not that there are loads of those at this store) to my shopping cart and gotten free shipping. Bleah! But, lesson learned. At least I did get CA$12 back via (referral link).

The sale was pretty awesome: I paid CA$197.06 for a Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap in Beet, which had an original price of CA$295.04 (US$225), and CA$193.14 for a Geo Quilted Love Crossbody in Mushroom, which was originally CA$386.83 (US$295.)

Rebecca Minkoff Geo Quilted Love Crossbody in Mushroom, Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap in Beet

I’ve not generally been a fan of many of Rebecca Minkoff’s newer styles, which are often a bit too inspired by popular luxury bags, and usually I just don’t think they look anywhere as nice as her more original designs (MAC, MAM, etc.).

The Love Crossbody is one exception. It’s clearly inspired by the immensely popular and immensely expensive Chanel Boy bag. But there’s something about RM’s take on it that really appeals to me, and much more so than the original bag does. Every time I see a Boy, I admire its luxe look, but gosh darn it, it looks ridiculously heavy! The Love Crossbody is a lot less expensive, and as such it doesn’t have that heavy, chunky hardware and thick leather. It has a more lightweight, playful vibe that I personally prefer. (It also doesn’t have the large in-your-face logo that the Chanel has.)

So, while I’d much rather save up for a Balenciaga City than get a Rebecca Minkoff Regan Tote, or for a Chloé Marcie Saddle Bag instead of a Rebecca Minkoff Vanity, the Love is one case where I am very happy with the inspired bag. Besides, all designers take inspiration from others—even the high end designers do! Generally speaking, though, I’d love for Rebecca Minkoff to go back to more of the kinds of designs that made me a fan in the first place!

The Geo Quilted Love I got is much more like the Chanel Boy. The Soft Love, on the other hand, doesn’t bear all that much resemblance to it: it’s a simple, quilted flap bag with a trendy, detachable guitar strap.

Rebecca Minkoff Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap in Beet

It’s flatter and less bulky than the regular-sized Love Crossbody—though that does come in a flatter version now, as well.

Rebecca Minkoff Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap in Beet

The Small Soft Love (8″ w × 3″ d × 6″ h) also has a divider, which generally annoys me since it means there is less space inside, but on the other hand it is useful for organizing. Still, it’s such a small bag that I’d rather have space to place a larger item. In the end, it holds about as much as a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC does, as long as every item is small enough to go into one of the two compartments. You’ll need a small, French wallet, as a continental style will not fit lengthwise.

Rebecca Minkoff Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap in Beet

I can fit my French wallet (Hayden-Harnett Emile Indexer), phone, keys (in a Rebecca Minkoff Little Louis pouch), pack of cough drops, and a lip balm. It can fit a few more small items, but that’s all I really carry. Oh, and several Hot Wheels cars, which invariably end up in my handbags.

fivezero: What's In My Bag, Small Version (October 2017)

One of the main reasons I picked this bag in particular is that it comes with a nifty detachable and fully adjustable guitar strap! I’m guilty of liking this trend, but I am no a fan of most of the designs with floral patterns and whatnot. This more graphic style is right down my alley—and it goes well enough with my French Blue Balenciaga City. Guess what? When I swap this strap onto my Bal, I can use it crossbody! Awwww yeah. I mean, the hardware color doesn’t match, but I think it looks all right. I love wearing bags crossbody, and this will just let me get more use out of the Bal. (Mr. Fivezero thinks it cheapens the look of the Bal. Well, of course it does. But I think it’s fun, and comfort wins out in the end.)


Rebecca Minkoff Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap in Beet

And, boy is that guitar strap comfortable! I almost want one for every bag, now. Seriously. So comfy. So adjustable. I don’t care if these go out of style—I’m wearing it forever.

I’m very happy with my Soft Love Crossbody, as it’s absolutely perfect for running errands, which basically seems like my entire life these days. It’s lightweight, the strap is comfy, and it holds my essentials plus a little extra. Sure, the leather doesn’t feel quite as nice as it used to on older Rebecca Minkoff bags, but it is perfectly functional and I think it looks nice enough for a casual bag. Since these bags are often on sale, I find it difficult to complain!

What’s your bag of choice for National Handbag Day?

3 thoughts on “Happy National Handbag Day! Rebecca Minkoff — Small Soft Love Crossbody with Guitar Strap Review

  1. Oooh I like that Geo Quilted one! I’m in the market for a new purse and I’m thinking of getting a red colour. I saw a few RM purses at Nordstrom’s sale with those guitar straps – I wasn’t feeling those styles (they had metallic threads in the strap design – just overkill IMO).
    I tasked my friends to give me bag suggestions with my laundry list of must-haves and deal breakers, and one of them suggested Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag – the mini version is $900! 😱 Still on the search…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I want to like Mansur Gavriel but the spare aesthetic just doesn’t really do it for me. The bags look beautifully made in person, though.

      In truth, none of the new designer bags have appealed to me very much lately (probably why I’m OD-ing on RM again). If I was going to splurge, I’d probably go preowned and pick up an older style I love.

      I don’t know exactly what your handbag checklist entails, but a few brands I’d suggest checking out are Sophie Hulme, APC, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cambridge Satchel, maybe Mackage. I also am quite digging the revamped designs from Coach and Marc Jacobs. is also a really fun place to browse for some unique designer finds! I’ve picked up some fun clutches there.

      Liked by 1 person

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