Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Rainbow Wishes (Sparkle Like a Unicorn Duo), swatch

Nails Inc. — Rainbow Wishes (Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo) Swatch & Review

It’s Friday the 13th!

Bit of trivia: I have never seen a Friday the 13th movie! (Well, unless you count the crossover movie Freddy vs. Jason.) I think this month, I should catch up on my classic slasher films. I haven’t watched any horror movies this October, at all!

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)
Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Collection: Nails Inc. 2017 Spring, Sparkle Like a Unicorn

Anyway, today’s polish is as far as you can get from horrifying. It’s from Nails Inc.’s Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo. Pretty much everyone has jumped onto that shiny unicorn bandwagon, these days! I can’t say I hate it: I love me some iridescent nail polish, and purple and rainbows and stuff. Also, it’s produced My Little Pony makeup collaborations (yes, I have a mini set of the China Glaze MLP polishes, and I have the ColourPop MLP palette on order), so you’ll hear no complaints from me.

[Also, I woke up this morning to news from Nails Inc.: they’ve introduced another unicorn collection, Dirty Unicorns! (And my database link.)]

Today’s polish, Rainbow Wishes, is described by Nails Inc. as a “soft rainbow sheen.”

It is a very shimmery pearl that flashes blue, lavender, and pink.

Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Rainbow Wishes (Sparkle Like a Unicorn Duo)

The brush has a nice, wide paddle shape, and it applies the polish very quickly and easily.

The formula is semi-sheer, but two to three coats gives pretty good coverage—the shimmer and iridescence make it fairly forgiving. I have two coats on in my swatch photos. The finish is a little frosty but the iridescence gives it extra oomph.

The evenness of the polish means you could certainly try it out as a topper, as well.

Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Rainbow Wishes (Sparkle Like a Unicorn Duo), swatch

It’s such a fun and well-performing color that I whole-heartedly recommend it. It’s particularly suited to princess-y or unicorn-inspired Halloween outfits!

This full-sized (2 × 14 mL) duo keeps going in and out of stock at Sephora, which is where I got it. It’s also available directly from Nails Inc. (US/UK, not available in Canada.)

Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Rainbow Wishes (Sparkle Like a Unicorn Duo), label


Nails Inc. Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo contains 2 full-sized (14 mL) nail polishes and retails for US$15 / CA$16, which is a super deal as that is the normal cost for one regular polish. The formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). The duo is made in Luxembourg.

Nails Inc. was launched by fashion editor Thea Green as a chain of nail bars in 1999. Founded in London, England, the company currently has 60 locations in the UK.

🇱🇺Made in Luxembourg
🇬🇧Company based in UK



11 thoughts on “Nails Inc. — Rainbow Wishes (Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo) Swatch & Review

    • Isn’t it awesome?! I had to pounce as soon as I saw it available on Sephora back in the spring. It took a bit of stalking, but it was worth it. Hehehe!


  1. I got this set.. I talked myself out of it when it first launched in May. But after seeing swatches, I really wanted the duo but it was on waiting list for 2 months! I think I like these because they’re different to the rest of the Nails Inc 🤔 might use them more often 😜


  2. That would be crazy pretty as a topper, especially as it already looks so shifty by itself! Not going to lie, I almost bought the Dirty Unicorn polishes – those jewel tones really sucked me in :]


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