fivezero's Ipsy Glam Bag "Spellbound" October 2017

Ipsy — October 2017 Glam Bag “Spellbound”

If you’re counting right, you’ll notice that my October Glam Bag only contains four products! Yes, for the first time in 29 Glam Bags, Ipsy made a mistake. I was supposed to receive a BLAQ Mask—which totally makes me think of Jet Li, and not the Batman villain—but it didn’t arrive. I contacted Ipsy and right away they told me they are sending it out ASAP.

(By the way, this month marks my 2-year Ipsy-versary, though I did have a hiatus in the middle of it—we were on a break!)

So, here’s my October Ipsy Glam Bag (referral link) with just the four items that did arrive.

Ipsy Glam Bag, October 2017, Spellbound

Ipsy October 2017 Glam Bag: “Spellbound”


What I Received

  • BLAQ Mask (15 mL sample; 60 mL for US$29)
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder (3 g sample; 9 g for US$29)
  • Pretty Woman Nail Medic Charcoal Infused Nail Polish in Volcanic Ash (10 mL full size; US$7.99)
  • tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara (3 mL sample; 7 mL for US$23)
  • TonyMoly Peach Hand Cream (10 mL sample; 30 mL for US$12)
  • Ipsy makeup bag

Glam Bag Cost

$10 + $4.99 (shipping to Canada) = US$14.99

Total Bag Value

$7.25 + $9.67 + $7.99 + $9.86 + $4
= US$38.77

I had a pretty low bag value this month, mostly due to the fact I only had one full-sized item in my Glam Bag! Quite a disappointment. I do like all the products I got, though, so it’s not that I’m unhappy. Yet, if I get another Pretty Woman nail polish next month while there are other cool nail brands available, I’m going to be fairly annoyed. (Seriously, I just got another Pretty Woman polish last month! I like the brand but I want to try new things.)

fivezero's Ipsy Glam Bag, October 2017, Spellbound.

fivezero’s Ipsy October 2017 Glam Bag


Ipsy Coupon Codes

  • Pretty Woman: 30% off any purchase with code NMOCT17 (through 11/30/2017)

There were no codes for most of my items, so here are a few other good ones available:

  • Bio Republic: 30% off any purchase with code IPSY30 (through 11/30/2017; US & CA only)
  • Context Skin: 25% off any purchase with code IPSY25 (through 11/30/2017; US & CA only)
  • fatboy: 30% off any purchase with code IPSYFATBOY30 (through 12/01/2017; US & CA only)
  • Sokoglam: 20% off any purchase with code IPSTERS (through 11/30/2017)

Here are some more detailed product shots:

I’ll add the BLAQ Mask here when it eventually arrives.

EDIT: here’s the BLAQ Mask:

BLAQ – Mask (sample)

BLAQ – Mask

15 mL sample; 60 mL for US$29

[Made in China.]

IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder (sample)

IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder

3 g sample; 9 g for US$29

This is something that I will definitely use! IT Cosmetics also recently became available on Sephora Canada, so it’s nice to receive this a month before the big Sephora sale next month! I do have to say the packaging is pretty annoying, though. I get that it’s a sample, but the packaging is just cheap and crappy-feeling. The powder was actually perfectly intact when it arrived—I checked! But when I went to take a photo, the sponge was super stubbborn about coming out and I gouged the powder with my nail. Then, the plastic cover over the powder was a massive pain to remove; I should have used a piece of tape. Aaaaargh. [Made in USA.]

Pretty Woman – Nail Medic Charcoal Infused Nail Polish in Volcanic Ash

Pretty Woman – Nail Medic Charcoal Infused Nail Polish in Volcanic Ash

10 mL full size; US$7.99

Ipsy labeled this brand as Nail Medic, but it’s really just a line from the Pretty Woman brand. It reminds me of the various lines released by British brand Nails Inc., with polishes infused with goji berries, almonds, green tea, or whatever other ingredient is “trendy” at the moment. I think it’s completely ludicrous in most cases, but I guess that’s marketing for you. What good is activated charcoal going to do about pollutants when it’s hardened into nail polish on your fingernail, I wonder? Anyway, I got this in a nifty color, and I should not rant when I receive nail polish! [Made in USA.]

tarte – Lifted Sweatproof Mascara (deluxe sample)

tarte – Lifted Sweatproof Mascara

3 mL sample; 7 mL for US$23

I have the straightest, most stubborn eyelashes, so I need waterproof mascaras (or a waterproof primer to go under a regular water-based mascara). Mascara samples are almost always regular ones, so I’m really happy to get a waterproof sample! I swear, the only waterproof samples I’ve ever gotten are this and Clinique High Impact Waterproof. I need to move this to the front of my mascara queue. [Made in Italy.]

TonyMoly — Peach Hand Cream (sample)

TonyMoly — Peach Hand Cream

10 mL; 30 mL for US$12

I was really hoping that this would have been the full-sized hand cream, or at least a mini version of the full-sized package—lookit how cute it is! But no, Ipsy handed out boring little 10 mL tubes. On the positive side, it does slip into a small handbag very neatly, and yes it is easier to use than a peach-shaped tub. (Ah well. At least I have my mangosteen-shaped hand cream.) This TonyMoly hand cream contains shea butter and ceramides, which I dig, so I’m keen to see how this works. Winter is coming! [Made in South Korea.]

Ipsy Glam Bag makeup pouch (October 2017)

I loved last Halloween’s bag; this year, I’m less impressed. Not my style. I do like the little bat on the zipper, though.

Glam Bag Verdict

I would have preferred receiving more full-sized items, but overall I do like the selection of products this month. Everything will be used, for sure!

Other items I was interested in this month (here’s the full item list):

Not a super-exciting month, really. I would really have preferred trying either of the Dermelect nail polishes rather than another Pretty Woman shade, though.

‘Cause you made it all the way down here, I’ll leave you a tune.

Here’s “Spooky” as covered by Dusty Springfield (1970):


4 thoughts on “Ipsy — October 2017 Glam Bag “Spellbound”

  1. I loved the Halloween themed bag last year! I was hoping for another one this year but I do appreciate the little bat on the zipper, as well!

    I wish your Tony Moly hand cream came in the cute peach container though! That would have been adorable! You got a pretty good bag overall.


  2. I have a Too Faced bronzer that has similar packaging to that IT Cosmetics powder and I hate it – I feel like I’m going to rip it in half every time I go to open it.

    I’ve heard good things about that Tarte mascara!

    My mom has that Tony Moly hand cream in the full sized and it smells good enough to eat!

    I can’t believe you’ve been subscribed for 2 years – that’s commitment!


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