4 thoughts on “Sally Hansen — Soak at Sunset (Color Therapy) Swatch & Review

  1. I never even noticed that SH changed their logo! I guess it’s more modern? But LOL about the “H” being like Holiday Inn!
    I’ve stayed away from the SH Color Therapy line primarily because of the brushes. There are a few shades that intrigue me from the line though – lots of wearable shades for likes of me. 😛


  2. For whatever reason, the comparison between the new logo and the hotel logo is cracking me up – not going to be able to unsee that!

    That color looks like a delicious smoothie, mmm. Anything with gold shimmer in it = mega ultra heart eyes.


  3. gosh I hate unevenly cut brushes. It’s so annoying. I have very few Sally Hansen polishes and so far their brushes were okay. About half of my essence polishes have wonky brushes, and some OPI too.


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