New Release: Essie — Winter 2017 & Leathers by Rebecca Minkoff

Collection: Essie 2017 Winter & Leathers by Rebecca Minkoff

Essie’s releasing two new collections this winter: the regular Winter 2017 collection and a set of four leather effect polishes in the Leather Collection by Rebecca Minkoff, Essie’s global color ambassador.

I’m a big RM fan (just picked up an iridescent Je t’aime crossbody!) and could not resist picking up the new Leather set from Shoppers Drug Mart (CA$18.99 for four 5 mL minis). This is such an adorable gift for any Rebecca Minkoff fan, as well—even the box is shaped like her iconic MAC bag with dogleash clasp.

The four glossy-matte, subtly shimmery shades are:

  • Cross-Body Heat, rosy mauve accented with subtle lavender shine
  • Tote-ally in Love, deep oxblood red with a flash of light crimson
  • In Hot Purse-uit, a rich indigo blue trimmed with a glowing violet
  • Back in the Saddle, a polished dark blue-green green cast in silver

Essie × Rebecca Minkoff Leathers Collection (Winter 2017)

From Rebecca Minkoff:

This leather effect nail polish collection is very special to me because it was inspired by my most die-hard fans. I took four of my most iconic leathers and made them into my favorite Essie polishes.

As for the Winter 2017 collection:

Inspired by the incomparable party atmosphere of New Year’s Eve. The magic midnight moment, sealed with a wish and a kiss, manifest in irresistible Essie colour designed for major impact.

The six new shades are:

Be Cherry!
a bright crimson red

New Year, New Hue
a rich magenta purple

On Your Mistletoes
a dense Oxford blue

Ring in the Bling
a dazzling ruby red tinged
with light navy blue

a slate gray glistening
with amber warmth

Suit & Tied
a clean-cut sand beige

I’ve had a chance to check these out in store, and I think I will definitely be needing Ring in the Bling and Social-Lights! The creams are all pretty but not super unique—though I can see Suit & Tied being an excellent nude cream for the right skintones.

Happy Shopping!

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2 thoughts on “New Release: Essie — Winter 2017 & Leathers by Rebecca Minkoff

  1. I’m intrigued by Social-Lights!
    Mark my words, those RM leather effect polishes are going to similar to those cashmere finish ones that Essie had, they pop of the nails in one sheet! 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL I had the exact thought while I was typing that up! I never did try the Cashmere Mattes b/c of your & others’ experiences. Guess I will find out soon enough 😨


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