SinfulColors makeup launch with Vanessa Hudgens (Winter 2017)

New Release: SinfulColors Launches Color Cosmetics

SinfulColors ALL NEW Color Cosmetics Collection
with Global Color Collaborator, Vanessa Hudgens

From SinfulColors:

Introducing SinfulColors Trend Preview Collection of color cosmetics featuring all new mascara, eyeliner, cream eye shadow, brow and highlighter products.

This first-ever beauty launch is available exclusively on Amazon, and created with globally acclaimed actress and singer, Vanessa Hudgens!

For beauty lovers who live for vibrant color as a means of self-expression, SinfulColors has all the outrageous, innovative, on trend & eye catching color you crave, so you can create looks as unique as you are.

Prepare to be excited and inspired by these insanely awesome makeup must-haves that will take your makeup routine to the next level (and the next level after that level)!

This is pretty big news, too—despite it not being nail polish-related!

SinfulColors (previously a nail polish-only brand) has just released their first makeup products! I imagine they will be similar to Revlon products, since Revlon acquired SinfulColors back in 2011.

The new products are all for eyes and face (no lipcolors): Shade Babe Duo Cream Shadow, Bold Brow Intense Effects, Stop & Stare Gel Eyeliner, Diva Lash Color Mascara, and Face Forward Allover Highlighter Stick.

Here are the new lovelies (prices in US$):

Shady Babe Duo Cream Shadow ($6.99)

  • Charming/Stunningpink shimmer & turquoise iridescent)
  • Tempting/Alluring, lilac & blue iridescent
  • Hypnotic/Dazzlingkhaki & grey metallic
  • Enchanting/Glamorous, navy & rose gold metallic

SinfulColors Makeup Launch, Shady Babe Duo Cream Shadow, Winter 2017

Stop & Stare Gel Eyeliner ($5.99)

  • Intense, plum
  • Seductive, rose gold
  • Provocative, blue
  • Lielock Eyes, purple

SinfulColors Makeup Launch, Stop & Stare Gel Eyeliner, Winter 2017

Bold Brow Intense Effects ($6.99)

  • Stormy/Fierce, pink & blue glitter iridescent
  • Smoldering/Ferocious, copper & burgundy metallic

SinfulColors Makeup Launch, Bold Brow Intense Effects, Winter 2017

Diva Lash Color Mascara ($5.99)

  • Fantas-Eyes, metallic copper
  • Lashing Out, metallic burgundy
  • Scanda-Lash, purple
  • Lash Splash, blue

SinfulColors Makeup Launch, Diva Lash Color Mascara, Winter 2017

Face Forward Allover Highlighter Stick ($6.99)

  • Afterglow
  • Get Lit
  • Glow Potion
  • Rose Glow

SinfulColors Makeup Launch, Face Forward Allover Highlighter Stick, Winter 2017


I’m a little shocked that there are no lip products to speak of—especially since lipsticks are my favorite product from Revlon’s lineup. Still, I hope I see these in-store, as they look like they’d be fun to try out!

3 thoughts on “New Release: SinfulColors Launches Color Cosmetics

  1. First Nails Inc, now Sinful Colors… what is this world coming too? ;]

    Naw, I’m excited, especially if that blue mascara actually shows up as blue on my lashes! I refuse to use a primer but still want some color every once in awhile and the Maybelline ones I have tried just don’t do it for me.


    • Hi! Yes, I agree—they really should have posted ingredient lists! I don’t even see them at Amazon. Hope they’ll sort that out soon.


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