Julep December 2017 collection

New Release: Julep — December 2017 & Holiday Sets

Collection: Julep 2017 December “Enlightened Glow”, 2017 Zodiac, 2017 Holiday: Royal Suite & Holiday Sets

Julep’s December 2017 collection consists of seven new sparkly shades for the holidays. And, the final addition to their 2017 Zodiac collection is a new shade for my own sign, Sagittarius (November 23–December 21).

Julep have also introduced more Holiday Nail Sets (the first couple are listed in my post about the November 2017 collection). The Royal Suite set and a couple of the smaller sets contain some new shades:

Royal Suite ($42 / Maven $24) consists of 6 new holographic shades in mini 3 mL bottles. Of course, I’ve already bought this!

  • Jojo – Redcurrant Holographic
  • Anastasia – Regal Berry Holographic
  • YvetteAlpine Lake Holographic
  • Kinsey – Imperial Blue Holographic
  • Larissa – Evergreen Holographic
  • CoralineObsidian Holographic

Moonstruck Dream (Trio) ($42 / Maven $30) consists of 3 new sparkly shades:

  • MalenaFrozen Lavender Iridescent
  • NeseFuchsia Blaze Metallic
  • CoraliePlum Crush Holographic

Bow on Top (Trio) ($42 / Maven $30) consists of 1 new and 2 repromoted creams:

  • Coco (repromote) – Oxblood Crème
  • Alaina (repromote) – Driftwood Taupe Crème
  • CiciSoft Seashell Pink Crème

Starlit Soiree (Duo) ($42 / Maven $30) consists of 2 new sparkly shades:

  • MargueriteGold-Dipped Raspberry Metallic
  • KalliGold Dust Metallic with Holographic Shimmer

The rest of the holiday nail sets contain just repromoted shades.

Now, onto the December collection! Along with the Nail Color collection, Julep typically also releases some new makeup and/or skincare. This month’s new non-nail polish products are:

The nail colors are all shimmers/metallics/glitters, many holographic or iridescent.

Turn up the saturation. It’s time for high drama—at least in appearance.

The December collection pulses with vivid color, from highly pigmented new shades of It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse to juicy, shining nail colors.

For party looks or an everyday dose of vibrancy, indulge in deep color and lush textures. It’s time to up the ante for next-level opulence.

Forget minimalism. Go all out in a glimmering renaissance of color with this palette of new iridescent and holographic polishes.

Gleaming metallic and holographic polishes make for florid flair.

Here they are:

December 2017 + Zodiac 2017

Lustrous Silver Metallic

Starry Night Sky

Chestnut Iridescent Shimmer

Holly Berry
Iridescent Shimmer

Pine Green Holographic

Sahara Gold
Multidimensional Holographic

Crushed Berry Holographic

Stirring Sagittarius
Introspective Mauve

I totally skipped last month’s Maven Box since I didn’t care for all the frost finishes, though I did pretty much make up for it by picking up the Royal Suite set, the Bling It On Mystery Box, and got a GWP, to boot. (These goodies arrived last week; I’ll post them as soon as I can!)

While I dig a few of this month’s polish colors, I am tempted to skip once again and just pick up the shades I want (Dyani, Kayleigh, and Stirring Sagittarius) via sets and add-ons during the monthly Secret Sale.

Julep Mavens will be able to customize their December boxes from November 20–24.

Don’t forget that if you sign up for a Julep Maven box (referral link) and use the code POLISHGIFT, you’ll get a free 12-piece Nail Color set!

I did and I loved the colors I got (they’re not always the same).


Happy shopping!

[Images via julep.com]

3 thoughts on “New Release: Julep — December 2017 & Holiday Sets

  1. Julep has the best polish! I really love that Moonstruck Dream trio! I have so much of their polish though. It’s so tempting to buy more especially when they have these sets and new colours always coming out!


  2. So that Kayleigh shade isn’t part of a set?
    I’m still trying to figure out the concept of Julep – it’s a subscription box but I can also choose what I want?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s just about a fully customizable beauty box, but if you’re not a subscriber, you can still purchase from the website (you just won’t get the subscriber’s discount).

      Every month they release some new products, and if you’re a subscriber, you can choose from these items to fill out your monthly box. But they also include an assortment of existing products you can also choose from. (The only exception seems to be the Zodiac polishes, which don’t seem to show up as monthly box options, so I pick them up in sets/sales later on.)


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