Diesel Loverdose Tattoo EDP 50 mL

Haulage! Diesel — Loverdose Tattoo, & Perfume Notes (December 2017)

After the disappointment that was Oscar de la Renta Blue Orchid, I felt like I wanted a pick-me-up, and I usually like my birthday/Christmas money to go to perfume.

I was craving a rice pudding scent, and the fragrant folks over at the Fragrantica boards reminded me that Diesel Loverdose Tattoo EDP was a perfect choice for that scent. I had actually tested—and loved!—Loverdose Tattoo when it first came out, and somehow I had forgotten all about it. I think I may have been waiting in vain for it to show up on Shoppers Drug Mart’s clearance shelves. But after snagging both Loverdose and Loverdose Red Kiss 30 mL bottles for $19.99 a pop, I guess my luck has run out.

I had one of those big bonus Optimum Points offers (18,500 points for a $100 spend) loaded onto my Shoppers Optimum card, so I picked up Loverdose Tattoo EDP in the 50 mL bottle and added some grocery items (COFFEE) and small holiday gifts (CANDY) to reach $100. Not a bad deal at all, though I’m sad to report that the cosmetician didn’t give me any free beauty samples! It’s so random. Once I spent less than $5 on nail polish, and a different cosmetician gave me a nice skincare sample. This time I got a $67 perfume and nada. Should I be pushy and ask next time?

If I’d ordered via beautyBOUTIQUE online, I’d have gotten a free deluxe sample Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick and three additional free samples, plus had the opportunity to use Ebates. I’m not sure the Bonus Optimum points would have counted, though—it might have just been an in-store offer.

By the way, if you’re wondering, my favorite online grey market perfume reseller, FragranceX, also had Loverdose Tattoo. The 75 mL was the only size available, and it was priced the same as the 50 mL I got. I’m not fussed about the extra 25 mL, since it takes me forever to use up perfume. 50 mL is plenty for me. The only real advantages would have been no tax and the 10% discount I get with my loyalty points, though I would have had to add another small item to my order to get free shipping. I think the Optimum Points work out better, and, I get instant gratification buying it from the drugstore down the street.

Anyway, here’s the rundown on my latest perfume acquisition, and notes on several other perfumes I’ve tried in-store over the last week.

DIESEL — Loverdose Tattoo EDP

2013 | Anne Flipo, Pascal Guarin

Top Notes
bergamot, mandarin, cassis

Heart Notes
rose, orange blossom, jasmine

Base Notes
tonka bean, rice, vanilla, milk

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo EDP 50 mL

The opening is heavy on the black currant (cassis) for me. It’s sweet and dense, but in combination with the lighter citrus notes, it’s comforting and not cloying. The drydown is a little sugary and spicy, with lots of creamy white florals, warm milk and vanilla, and just a hint of rose. A perfect cold weather scent that wears quite close to the skin, just the way I like it.



Top Notes
black currant, plum

Heart Notes
marshmallow, peony

Base Notes
sandalwood, black amber, vanilla

Ariana Grande Moonlight EDP 30 mL

First order of business: the bottle does not look as cute in person as it does in online photos. That’s a disappointment! The fragrance itself is just all right—it’s not as fun as the notes of marshmallow and plum make it sound. I do like that it is not as sweet as it seems like it would be. There’s some nuance and it’s overall pleasant, if uninspired. I’d maybe buy it for $19.99, but it’s currently going for over twice that.


2016 | Louise Turner

Top Notes
almond, coffee

Heart Notes
jasmine, tuberose

Base Notes
tonka bean, cacao, sandalwood, vanilla

Carolina Herrera Good Girl EDP 80 mL

People will either love or hate the bottle—I fall into the latter category. Of course, that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try it, anyway! I secretly hoped I wouldn’t like it, just because I would not want that bottle in my collection. As luck would have it, I find this perfume incredibly musty smelling. Ah-choo! and no thank you.

DIOR — Poison Girl EDT

2016 | François Demachy

Top Notes
bitter orange

Heart Notes

Base Notes
tonka bean, sandalwood, tolu balm, almond, vanilla

Dior Poison Girl EDT 100 mL

I was prepared to dismiss this as yet another overly sweet clone of Lancôme La Vie est Belle or Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium (both of which I find sickeningly sweet)—but alas, it is beautifully done. Sweet but not saccharine. Youthful but not juvenile. And look at that gorgeous bottle. Ah, Dior, just take my money! I do wish we had the eau de parfum to smell in Canada—I have not seen that formulation in stores—but honestly, the eau de toilette is something special. Onto my wishlist it goes.

GUERLAIN — Mon Guerlain EDP

2017 | Thierry Wasser, Delphine Jelk

Top Notes

Heart Notes

Base Notes
vanilla, sandalwood

Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDP 100 mL

I’ve tried to test this two or three times, and every time I cannot get an impression of it whatsoever. Yawn. I do wonder if I am possibly anosmic to part of it.



Top Notes
white tea, plum, bergamot

Heart Notes
cyclamen, lily-of-the-valley, white cedar

Base Notes
amber, tonka bean, 4 types of musk

Katy Perry's Indi EDP 30 mL

Oh, now this is interesting! I have not been particularly a fan of Katy Perry’s previous fragrances (I may have tried two or three) but this one is clearly a step away from the sweet and fruity. I tested this after I had already put on an armful of Dior, so I need to retest it alone. I imagine gift sets will go on sale after the holidays…


2014 | Anne Flipo

Top Notes
candied cherry

Heart Notes
cocoa, angelica, iris

Base Notes
musk, cashmere wood

Lolita Lempicka Sweet EDP 30 mL

Attractive bottle, but with a cherry cough syrup perfume inside. The opening is somewhat harsh. The drydown is a little better, but I don’t need to smell like chocolate-covered maraschino cherry-flavoured lozenges.



Top Notes
pear, rhubarb, black currant

Heart Notes
tuberose, orange blossom, rose

Base Notes
sandalwood, hazelnut, wood

Ralph Lauren Woman EDP 100 mL

I grabbed this tester on the way out, thinking it’s been a while since I tested anything from Ralph Lauren. Surprise: I think I’m in love, but in a platonic sort of way! It’s the perfect warm, elegant, grown-up, not-too-sexy office perfume. I get a lot of tuberose with this, but the lovely and subtle kind, not the explosive headache-y kind. Normally I am not a fan of pear notes, but as it does in Burberry Brit, it works very well in Ralph Lauren Woman. Woman actually smells a lot like a fancier Burberry perfume, now that I think of it. The drydown is so cozy, with a touch of gourmand. Sigh, yet another pricier item to add to my wishlist.


2017 | Daniela Andrier

Top Notes
mandarin, bergamot, lemon

Heart Notes
iris, black currant, peach, rose

Base Notes
patchouli, musk

Tiffany & Co EDP 50 mL

Very light and pretty unremarkable. Not a fan, especially at this price.

VERA WANG — Princess EDT

2006 | Ilias Ermenidis, Harry Fremont

Top Notes
water lily, apple, mandarin, apricot

Heart Notes
guava, tiare flower, tuberose, dark chocolate

Base Notes
vanilla, amber, wood

Vera Wang EDT 100 mL

It is Throwback Thursday, after all! I know I tested this once back in the day, but I thought I’d revisit it. The bottle with its little crown is sweet, right? And the notes sound like ones I should love (water lily, mandarin, apricot, tiare, chocolate!). Well, I still despise the very astringent opening—ack!—but I stuck around for the drydown this time, and it’s quite pretty. I do get the chocolate, and it’s a drier, less sweet kind, which I appreciate. I might pick this up if I find it on the cheap.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Haulage! Diesel — Loverdose Tattoo, & Perfume Notes (December 2017)

    • I recently tried out a very inexpensive perfume that’s meant to be a dupe for Poison Girl—gonna have to review it in the new year 😁 But yes, PG such a gorgeous perfume!


    • I hope you do! I never see the testers out anymore, but if they have the boxes at Shoppers, I’m sure the SAs will get a tester out for you. I’ve asked them too in the past!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Um, RICE PUDDING SCENT?! What! 😮
    Yeah getting samples at the Beauty Boutique really does depend on who is helping you – I don’t usually ask them for samples, I just chat them up and usually by the time I check out, they are more inclined to give me samples! 😛
    I hate the Caroline Herrera Good Girl bottle but the notes speak to me… until you said it was musty smelling. Pass.
    The Tiffany & Co perfume – you know they’ll sell the HECK out of that just because of the brand and presentation – even if the perfumes sucks. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG I love rice notes in perfume! I try to keep a list of them. SO good. I think I need Kenzo Amour next, but I need to test it in store again.

      You’re probably right, I should just be chattier. It’s hard for an INFP, man. 😆 But I find they usually are good with samples. Just that lady yesterday—she was nice but kind of…abrupt? I guess?

      I think you’re right. Tiffany is gonna sell like hotcakes. Just for the name and the bottle itself. (IDK I’m not really a Tiffany fan, myself. Meh.)


  2. the Tiffany perfume smells like bland fabric softener, it is an insult to perfume buyers.
    I actually like Lempicka’s Sweet, even though I generally dislike those synthetic sweet things. idk why.
    You’re probably anosmic to something in Mon Guerlain. A coworker of mine has it and the whole workplace smells of it – in a really good, non-annoying way, tho.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sweet, synthetic perfumes are always a bit unpredictable for me. Some I love, some I hate.

      I would not be surprised if I was anosmic to something in Mon Guerlain! I know I am anosmic to much of Prada Candy, for example—I barely smell anything with that one! Such a disappointment for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • interesting. Candy smells very different to Mon Guerlain, but both have the same cozy feeling to me so it might be the same molecule. Did you know the creator of Candy cannot smell it either?


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