Sale Alert! Shoppers Drug Mart SUPER Spend Your Points Event (January 13–14, 2018)

aaaaaand of course I already redeemed 95k points this week. Guess I really should have waited. (But I just so wanted that YSL Black Opium Nuit Blanche! I was afraid it was going to sell out since it’s limited edition.)

Well, I have enough points for one more 95k redemption, so I have $210 to redeem this weekend!

Redemption works as follows:

  • 38,000 points redeem for $75 (extra $15)
  • 50,000 points redeem for $105 (extra $20)
  • 95,000 points redeem for $210 (extra $40)

Even if you don’t have enough points to redeem, it’s still worth it to do a little more shopping at SDM this month, before the switch over to PC Optimum. The Shoppers Optimum points you have at the time of the merger will be converted to PC Optimum at the ratio of 95k pts : $170 worth of PC Optimum Points. See more here.

Happy shopping, y’all! Poison Girl and Ralph Lauren Woman are already in my cart, and that almost maxes me out at $207…

And if you order online at beautyBOUTIQUE, don’t forget Ebates Canada!


7 thoughts on “Sale Alert! Shoppers Drug Mart SUPER Spend Your Points Event (January 13–14, 2018)

  1. YESSSS, come to mama! This is the kind of bonus I’ve been wanting them to bring back. $210 for me to spend! ❤
    Are you redeeming online? I’ve not tried yet…

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    • I would prefer to redeem online (ebates, yeah!) but a perfume I want is OOS online in the size I want, and another one has a gift set I saw in store but it isn’t online. And a Chanel polish I think I want is also only in store. Sooo I will be trekking out to Shoppers this weekend!

      Whatcha gettin’?

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      • I’m second guessing myself on the DK Cashmere Mist because I have other similar powdery / musky scents that i should try to use up. Maybe I’ll finally get some of those Guerlain Le Petite Robe Noir polishes and lipsticks. I’ve also been thinking of getting more Bourjois stuff. Any recs in general?

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        • As far as frags go at SDM, I prefer to get ones that cannot be found at good prices at online discounters (Cashmere Mist is about 35% cheaper at FragranceX, plus you don’t have to pay tax), so that means Chanel, Dior, and similar. Of course, you don’t have to pony up any money (except tax) when you redeem points 🙂

          The Guerlain LPRN makeup is nice but I think only worth the price b/c of the gorgeous packaging. I like the new EL Pure Color Love lippies! And of course, the Chanel Longwear polishes are wonderful.

          I’m going all out on fancy perfume. I need to use up more makeup and skincare. LOL.


          • Good tip about the fragrances. I thought about the DK likely being cheaper elsewhere since it’s an old perfume. I should try to get more bang for my buck! Hmm decisions – unlike you, I can’t commit to fragrances quickly!

            Yes, I picked up one of the EL Pure Color Love lippies in my last Optimum Points redemption, not sure if you saw:

            I think I’ll just have to pop into a SDM to poke around and get “inspired”.

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          • Just checked it out! I am so behind on reading blogs. You did some crazy hauling!!

            Good luck looking for stuff to redeem for! I hit up like, 4 SDMs yesterday looking in vain for a Chanel Cristalle tester—looks like I should have gone to one of the dept stores instead. I may have to knock Poison Girl off my shopping list again since it’s less of a deal than some of the other ‘fumes on my list.

            Yes, being a bit too easy to please with perfumes is a problem. 🙂 I always think it sounds so nice when people say, “I remember my mom wearing XXX so it always reminds me of her.” My kids will probably not have that! LOL.


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