Julep February 2018 collection

New Release: Julep — February 2018 “The Awe of Attraction”

Collection: Julep 2018 February “The Awe of Attraction”

Julep’s February 2018 collection consists of seven new shades of nail color and a new skincare product, So Awake Depuffing Gel Eye Cream (12 g for $38 / $30.40 Maven).

The new nail colors strike me as being decidedly fall-like, which is not really a bad thing as fall collections are typically my favorites!

Smitten in the Stars
Inspire endless intrigue with soft, moonstruck shades
in subdued sheers and cozy neutrals.

Here they are:

February 2018

Spiced Burgundy Iridescent Shimmer

Warm Vanilla Sheer Crème

Mauve Blossom Crème

Oxide Red Shimmer

Rich Eggplant Crème

Olive Ghost Shimmer

Frosted Peach Shimmer

I’m feeling pretty Julep’ed out, recently (even though my 6-month subscription recently renewed), and I think I may skip this month. PiaNorah, and Vernice look right down my alley, but don’t really have me jumping up and down with excitement. I can always pick up the colors that interest me later, probably as add-ons.

This reminds me that I have a slew of Julep Maven boxes and side orders to post about, as well! I went a leeetle bit nuts during the Christmas and Boxing Day sales…

Anyway, Julep Mavens will be able to customize their January boxes starting tomorrow, from January 20–24.

Don’t forget that if you sign up for a Julep Maven box (referral link) and use the code POLISHGIFT, you’ll get a free 12-piece Nail Color set!

I did and I loved the colors I got (they’re not always the same).


Happy shopping!

[Images via julep.com]

2 thoughts on “New Release: Julep — February 2018 “The Awe of Attraction”

  1. The colours do look more fall-like but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Not sure why but “Emmy” is standing out to me and I’m not really a green polish person.


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