fivezero's perfume tray, May 2018

Perfume Diary: May 2018

The idea of a perfume tray is one that I’ve partially subscribed to over the years, but recently, I haven’t really kept one. The fact remains that light (and heat) will ruin perfume, so I almost always prefer keeping perfumes in their original boxes. It makes it easier to organize them and move them, as well.

The main drawbacks of this, of course, are that I don’t get to enjoy the bottle designs and that it makes it annoying to actually use my perfume! Having to remove a perfume from its box and then replace it every time I want a spritz gets tiresome.

Elizabeth Taylor at her dressing table
Elizabeth Taylor at her dressing table (1948).

If you have a minimalist’s perfume wardrobe, then it’s a simple thing to display perfumes on your vanity, even by a window—you’ll likely go through the perfume fast enough that light and heat degradation aren’t a problem. My perfume collection is a larger one, so this doesn’t work well for me. I honestly do not recall the last time I finished a bottle of perfume! (Well, it was probably when I dropped a bottle of Clinique Happy about sixteen or seventeen years ago… Does it count if I gave bottles away?)

white perfume tray

But I did use to keep a perfume tray out for the sake of convenience, and it displayed some of my most-worn scents. Sadly, after several years of sitting in indirect sunlight, the top notes have turned in my bottles of Burberry Brit EDT, Tracy by Ellen Tracy, Clinique Happy, and Calvin Klein Truth—at least the scents are fine once I get past the first couple of minutes of soured top notes. Britney Spears Fantasy fared well, but I think it’s because the bottle is semi-opaque. (You can tell I wasn’t keen on using more expensive or discontinued scents as guinea pigs!) Overall, my first attempt at a perfume tray didn’t work as well as I would have liked.

Recently, I decided that I needed to compromise: I’d set out a perfume tray, curated once a month so that no one scent gets left out of its box for too long (except for the most worn ones), and most importantly, instead of leaving it out in the light like I did last time, I’d leave the tray in my closet area, where it is normally dark. My closet’s light is also mostly generated from light bulbs and not the sun—I’m guessing that UV rays are more damaging. The temperature is also quite steady in there.

I haven’t found just the right tray yet, but for the time being, I bought a Mason Cash quiche dish for CA$12.99 and am using that until I can upgrade it. Ideally, I’d love a multi-tiered cake tray, like this:

3-tiered cake stand as perfume tray
How come editorial photos never have fun, cheap fragrances displayed?
It’s always Chanel, Jo Malone, Guerlain, Byredo, Tocca. Boooring!

However, a mini-accident that transpired today is making me rethink that plan. I was moving my tart dish to my desk for photography when a statuesque Serge Lutens bottle toppled over! Thank goodness I only dropped it a few inches and it landed on something soft. And, frankly, with fifteen bottles on the dish, it was already getting a little heavy. I don’t know that I could safely handle more bottles on a larger and taller tray! I might have to stick with a one-storey tray option.

[For those wondering about opaque perfume bottles, I do keep my fully opaque bottles out on display! Unfortunately, I don’t have that many of them, and some that seem opaque are actually slightly translucent, especially white ones (see: Madonna Truth or Dare, Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, and I think even Chanel Coco Noir is not fully opaque, despite being black)—if you can see the perfume line in the bottle through a strong light, then it’s not opaque enough.]

Anyway, I have assembled my perfume tray for May. Our weather in April has been horrendous: it’s like spring never began! May is looking warmer, though we have some thunderstorms coming up, too. My perfume selection is, therefore, a mix of cool and warm weather favorites.

I will not be sticking by this tray selection exclusively, as some perfumes were never in contention for the tray (I have them well-stored elsewhere, or they’re too large and awkward for the tray) and I’m typically keen to try any new additions to my collection. Plus, I have plenty of perfume samples to go through. Yet, I’ll aim to wear the selected perfumes as much as possible, since I am hoping that the easy access will encourage me to use more perfume than I normally would.

I’m little bit embarrassed that most of the bottles I’ve chosen are very full, but that can partly be explained by the fact that more than half of the bottles are newer additions, I am generally a light sprayer, and I spent the last several years barely wearing any perfume at all. It’ll be interesting to see perfume levels in my bottles by the end of the year.

My May 2018 Perfume Tray

fivezero's perfume tray, May 2018

The fifteen perfumes are, clockwise and spiralling inward, starting from the tallest one at the back:

  1. Grès Cabaret (spicy rose)
  2. Stella McCartney Stella (pre-2014, amber rose)
  3. Van Cleef & Arpels So First (cozy white floral)
  4. Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu (warm vanilla amber)
  5. Ralph Lauren Woman (sweet white floral)
  6. Sarah Jessica Parker Covet (lavender & chocolate)
  7. Jean Patou Enjoy (odd, berry & banana floral)
  8. Burberry Burberry for Women (office-friendly fruity-floral)
  9. Burberry Brit EDP (lime, almond, pear & vanilla)
  10. Serge Lutens Sa Majesté La Rose (intense rose)
  11. Lavanila Fresh Vanilla Lemon (tart, fleeting lemon)
  12. Bvlgari Au Thè Rouge (sweetened rooibos tea)
  13. Givenchy Eaudemoiselle (herbal citrus rose)
  14. L’Amande Neroli (honeyed white floral)
  15. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso (fresh green citrus)

Happy May!

Also, for a bit of fun, I will update my perfume diary here throughout the month of May.

  • May 1
    • Bvlgari – Au Thè Rouge
    • Versace – Versense
    • L’Amande – Neroli
  • May 2
    • Van Cleef & Arpels – So First
  • May 3
    • Guerlain – L’Heure Bleue EDT
    • Jessica Simpson – Signature
  • May 4
    • Burberry – Brit EDP
    • Burberry – Brit EDT
    • Roberto Cavalli – Paradiso
  • May 5
    • Guerlain – Terracotta
  • May 6
    • Grès – Cabaret
  • May 7
    • Ralph Lauren – Woman
    • Annick Goutal – Songes EDP
    • Jennifer Aniston – Near Dusk
  • May 8
    • Ralph Lauren – Woman
    • Van Cleef & Arpels – So First
  • May 9
    • Van Cleef & Arpels – So First
  • May 10
    • Burberry – Brit EDT
    • Burberry – The Beat EDP
  • May 11
    • Givenchy – Eaudemoiselle
  • May 12
    • Burberry – Brit EDT
  • May 13
    • Molinard – Vanille Fruitée EDP
    • Givenchy – Eaudemoiselle
  • May 14
    • Ralph Lauren – Ralph
    • Chanel – N°5 Eau Première
  • May 15
    • Guerlain – L’Instant Magic
    • Serge Lutens – Sa Majesté La Rose
    • Burberry – My Burberry EDP
  • May 16
    • Bvlgari – Au Thè Rouge


  • May 17
    • Bvlgari – Rose Goldea
    •  Davidoff – Cool Water Sea Rose
    • Roberto Cavalli – Just Cavalli I Love Her
  • May 18
    • Sarah Jessica Parker – Covet
  • May 19
    • L’Amande – Neroli
  • May 20
    • Sarah Jessica Parker – Covet
  • May 21
    • Guerlain – Terracotta
  • May 22
    • The Perfumer’s Workshop – Samba
  • May 23
    • Ralph Lauren – Woman
  • May 24
    • Ellen Tracy – Tracy
    • Annick Goutal – Songes EDP
  • May 25
    • Elizabeth Arden – Untold Absolu
  • May 26
    • Roberto Cavalli – Paradiso
  • May 27
    • Roberto Cavalli – Paradiso
  • May 28
    • Stella McCartney – Stella
  • May 29
    • Chanel – N°5 Eau Première
  • May 30
    • Elizabeth Arden – Untold Absolu
    • Guerlain – Idylle Eau Sublime
    • Burberry – Brit EDP
  • May 31
    • Chanel – N°5 Eau Première

3 thoughts on “Perfume Diary: May 2018

  1. Your mini accident worked out perfectly! I have always love the Burberry fragrances! My absolute obsession is Maison Francois Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540. I’m so over the top obsessed with it. I’m afraid to discover his other fragrances for fear I will want them and I simply can’t afford! XO


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it did! Imagine if I had broken it! :O

      The Maison FK perfumes are on my to-try list, but like you, I’m a little afraid since I don’t want to dive into that verrrry expensive perfume rabbit hole! LOL. But they sound really wonderful. I’ll try Baccarat Rouge if I get the chance 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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