China Glaze Summer 2018 collection, Shades of Paradise

New Release: China Glaze — Paradise (Summer 2018)

Collection: China Glaze 2018 Summer, Shades of Paradise

China Glaze’s Summer 2018 collection, Shades of Paradise, consists of twelve new shades of nail lacquer.

From China Glaze:

This summer, get some color. No tanning necessary. Just dip your tips in these sea-blue shimmers and bask in the pinky-purple warmth of these tropical sunset crèmes.

Here they are…is it just me, or are China Glaze’s new descriptions sounding rather a lot like those of a competing brand?

Cabana Fever
You’ll need nonstop fanning from the cabana boy thanks to this white-hot milky matte shade.

I’ll Sand by You
You can bet your bottom sand dollar that every bikini-clad babe is envious of you in this beige shimmer.

Ma-Holo at Me
Holla at your girl but she’ll be busy frolicking in an ocean that shines as brilliantly as this blue holographic.

Water-falling in Love
All aboard the love boat! You’ve found your perfect match with this serene sky blue crème.

Mer Made for Bluer Waters
You’re scaling up to a beachside pad complete with an ocean view that matches this shimmery blue hue.

Stop Beach Fronting
No need to pretend, babe. You know you’re seaside slayin’ in this purple crème and so do we!

Boujee Board
Let’s boujee on a decadent weekend of ocean dips and hammock lounging in this vibrant violet crème.

Don’t Be Sea Salty
The ocean breeze and this neon pink shimmer will help you sea the brighter side of life.

Kiki in Our Tiki
The torches and island festivities are lit, and you’re feeling cheeky in the tiki in this gorgeous red crème.

Can’t Sandal This
It’s time to kick off your shoes and strut your stuff along the shore in this pretty pink crème.

All Sun & Games
Spill the tropical tea on your escapades in this shimmery coral that made you the talk of the island.

Tropic of Conversation
Turn up the heat on off-duty adventures with this fiery orange that burns long after the sun has set.

The Micro Mini set consists of six shades, which are (I think—I haven’t found the official info): Cabana FeverWater-falling in Love, Mer Made for Blue Waters, Boujee Board, Don’t Be Sea Salty, and All Sun & Games.

I’m keen to see Ma-Holo at Me, All Sun & Games, and Tropic of Conversation in person!

Does anything catch your eye?

Happy Shopping!

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