Empties for Winter 2015/2016

Here is my list of empties for Winter 2015/2016 (Dec., Jan., and Feb.). All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.

All Things Jill Lovin’ That Lanolin Cuticle Gel. I bought this last January on sale for $5.24 (reg. $6.99) at Well.ca. It’s a local Canadian brand, so I thought it’d be nice to try it out. Unfortunately, I never noticed that it did anything much for my cuticles that a regular moisturizer wouldn’t have done, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the slightly tacky feel of the lanolin gel. A year on, the consistency has turned so it’s stickier—time to toss.

All Things Jill Lovin' That Lanolin Cuticle Gel

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Empties for Fall 2015

I have no makeup empties this quarter! Aaaargh!

Also, I really need to start taking pictures of my products before I use them and they get all grody. Seriously. No one wants to see the mangled Body Shop Body Polish tube I used up!

Here is my list of empties for Fall 2015 (Sept., Oct., and Nov.). All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.

Andalou Naturals Argan & Sweet Orange Moisture Rich Stem Cells Conditioner. I bought this on sale for $7.99 at Well.ca, after I noticed that I was getting a thinning spot on my scalp. Shortly after, I also developed postpartum hair loss, which is just great. (My hair is currently half the thickness it used to be, and I’m anticipating hair growth to return in the form of a mullet.) Now, the Stem Cells claim in this conditioner is pretty much nonsense, because dead fruit stem cells in your hair products aren’t going to make your human hair regrow. That’s ridiculous. I really like the shampoo in this line, but the conditioner is just average. I don’t find that it does anything particularly well or badly, though it does smell nice. One complaint is that it is really, really thick and is hard to squeeze through the small hole in the cap. I wouldn’t repurchase this.

Andalou Naturals Argan & Sweet Orange Moisture Rich Stem Cells Conditioner
Image: iherb.com

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Empties for Summer 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve done an empties post—not since the end of spring! So here is my empties post for this past summer. I think it makes more sense for me to do quarterly/seasonal empties rather than monthly empties, since it really does take me a while to go through products.

All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup in Nude (150). I’ve been using Nearly Naked for a few years now, after I decided that my previous drugstore liquid foundation favorite, L’Oréal True Match, was a little too greasy and possibly breaking me out (I no longer think it was the culprit, though it’s still a bit greasy to me). I can’t tell you how many bottles of Nearly Naked I’ve already gone through: it’s sheer but buildable, gives a nice, semi-matte finish, has SPF 20 with titanium dioxide, and is quite reasonably priced at around $10–12 on sale. The shade I use, Nude (150), is a good match for my NC30-ish skintone, particularly in summer when I’m more tan. It’s perhaps a tad dark in the winter, but a little powder over it tends to correct that. I like to keep a few foundations in rotation, and Revlon Nearly Naked is my drugstore pick.Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup in Nude (150)

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Empties for May 2015

Empties for May 2015 (Jason Naturals, Pure Anada, The Body Shop, Clinique)

I managed to finish up four (well, almost) products last month! They are:

  • The Body Shop Shower Gel in Satsuma (250 mL, from a gift set)
  • Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara in Black (GWP size, 4 mL)
  • Jason Naturals Hand & Body Lotion in Invigorating Rosewater (237 mL)
  • Pure Anada Lip Balm in Cocoa Mint

All items were used up, except for the Pure Anada Lip Balm, which I am choosing to discard only partially used. Here are my reviews of the four products!

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Empties for April 2015

I usually have a hard time finishing up products (I tend to rotate products, for better or worse, and then it really takes forever!), but for some reason, I finished up a few items in April.

I’ve seen many other bloggers post about their monthly empties, and while I can’t say I will do this regularly, I think it’s a great idea and I certainly need the encouragement to clear my bathroom out faster!

Fivezero's Empties for April 2015

Last month, I finished using:

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Shampoo in So Smooth Gardenia. I love the intense gardenia scent of this shampoo, though I can see it bothering those who don’t like strong scents or white floral scents. The shampoo is just OK for my normally thick, straight hair; it’s SLS-free and I like it for that, but I have tried other SLS-free shampoos that I prefer (Andalou Naturals, Himalaya), so I would not repuchase this. [Retail US$9.95 for 12 fl oz / 355 mL, and I’ve seen it for around that same dollar amount in Canada. It goes on sale fairly often at Well.ca, and I do see it on occasion at Winners (T.J. Maxx) for around CA$5.99.]

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