Bath & Body Works — Wallflowers Home Fragrance Plugs (A Pictorial Tutorial)

Bath & Body Works is one of those stores I was never really into. I think the main reason was that I found the hand creams too strongly scented and everybody seemed to have a tube in her purse.

However, sometime last year I was turned onto their Wallflowers Home Fragrance Plugs (thanks, Stashy) and well, let’s just say that now there’s one in every room. Except for the storage closet…although it does have an outlet…

Of course, from then on, I started picking up other products like candles, body lotions, body washes, and hand sanitizers—and my transformation into a B&BW fan was complete. (I still don’t have any hand creams, though!)

Anyway, today’s post is a little tutorial on how to use Wallflowers. Why? you ask! It’s not too hard to figure out, right?

But…it turns out that a couple of people I’ve given these to (not naming names!) had trouble with these fragrance plugs and ended up installing them upside down and/or with the wick removed. I tried to find an online guide to show them the appropriate way to use them, but couldn’t find one, not even on B&BW’s own website.

Truth be told, I myself never looked at all the instructions and warnings that come with a Wallflower Plug or Refill. I’m not a “read the instructions” kind of person if it looks like something I should be able to figure out myself. I mean, I’ve been assembling flat-packed furniture by myself since I was a tween. Step 1: Toss the manual! Hahahaha. But, I get that not everyone is inclined that way—and I know for sure that I’ve messed up pretty simple things in the past, too! (Sometimes, one really should read the instructions.)

Now, while I was taking photos of my Wallflowers for this post, I saw that there were actually quite a lot of instructions and warnings on the packaging—they’re just written really small. The people who had difficulty with them haven’t got the best eyesight, so there’s an excuse for not having read the instructions. Another was actually just using my already unpackaged plugs, so she didn’t have the benefit of any instructions at all. So those are two reasonable explanations for misuse of a Wallflower. Ideally, I think B&BW could put up a copy of their instructions online, but I don’t think they have, so here’s my tutorial, with plenty of pics…

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Annick Goutal at Le Bon Marche

Links: Recent Browsing History… (August 25, 2016)

I haven’t had the time nor the opportunity to do any swatching over the last month, so here’s a little write-up of what has been tickling my browser history, lately!

Our kitchen sink’s hot water connector burst in the middle of the night. NOT FUN. Oh, the joys of living in a condo. Sorry about that, downstairs neighbor. Going to replace all our other connectors, stat.

I didn’t realize I could turn my lonely Christmas cactus into a plethora of Christmas cacti! I have the opposite of a green thumb, so the fact that my cactus actually blooms means I need more of it.

Christmas cactus
OK, mine doesn’t look this nice.

Always thought goalkeepers had to be a bit crazy. Hope Solo given 6-month ban for being a sore loser. (‘Grats to the Canadian women on their Olympic Soccer Bronze!)

I need to revisit Annick Goutal! I have a full-sized bottle of Les Nuits d’Hadrien and a mini hotel bottle of Eau d’Hadrien, and that’s it for Mme. Goutal in my collection. Think I need something less lemon-y.

Annick Goutal perfumes at Le Bon Marche
Aren’t the vintage-style bottles delightful?

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Jenna Hipp Essential Nail & Hand Cream Trio

Haulage! Winners & HomeSense (April–May 15, 2016)

I know it’s only halfway through May, but I felt like doing another roundup of my Winners & HomeSense finds for the last month and a half. (See January–February here, then March here (well, in all of those Haulage Week posts!)

My husband, who follows these things, informed me this week that sales at existing TJ Maxx stores in Canada (that’s Winners, Marshalls and HomeSense) have gone up something like 14%! I think that’s over the last quarter…or year? Anyway, it’s gone up! I suppose I’m just doing my part for the stock price, right? And TJ Maxx has been doing better in Canada than it has been in, say, the UK (where it’s TK Maxx) and Australia.

Anyway, here’s the haulage:

Cargo Lip Gel Color Kit
Cargo Lip Gel Color Kit [CA$19.99]
This 4-pack of full-sized lipsticks was a little too well-priced for me to pass up! I gave two away (Amore and Bella) and kept Dolce and Felice for myself. I normally don’t care for lipstick tubes made of cardboard (yeah, you, old school Stila!), but these sure are purty. Made in China. MSRP US$25, though it’s currently on the website for US$15.
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Dolce
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Dolce.
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Felice
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Felice.

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Haulage! Bath & Body Works (April 2016)

I’m gonna come clean: I’ve literally never bought anything from Bath & Body Works until last weekend.

I feel like the strong scents of their hand creams, which seem to pop up in every handbag, turned me off for the longest while. I would, however, peek into the store now and then just to look at all the pretty candles and bottles!

Anyway, I had some time to kill at the mall and took my two year-old peanut for a spin at Bath & Body Works, which is very stroller-friendly. It was a bit weird how much he seemed to like the store—I don’t know if it was the music, the ambience, the cacophany of bright colors, the amalgam of so many fruit and floral scents, or possibly the presence of other children in strollers!)—but he was quite taken by the experience.

I was personally a bit overwhelmed, as usual, by the sheer volume of choice, but I took my time and ended up making my first ever purchase at Bath & Body Works. Fellow Canadian beauty blogger Stash Matters will be pleased to hear that a large part of my decision-making processes in this store is down to her! I won some delicious B&BW products from her not long ago, and she also turned me onto the B&BW Wallflowers plug-in room scents.

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Shopping List: IKEA (February 2016)

I rarely post about non-beauty things, but here’s an odd one, and in a way, it is slightly nail polish-related!

I’ve been compiling an IKEA online order list, since it’s just way too much trouble and not cost-effective to rent a Zipcar, head out to IKEA for an afternoon with the peanut in tow, just to pick up some small items of furniture. But, on the other hand, IKEA’s delivery fee isn’t to be sniffed at, so I have to ensure that what I’m getting is worth the additonal charge. Plus, of course, there is the hassle of booking a delivery window when my building’s moving elevator is available.

It’s funny: we moved into our current building a few years ago, and while we did buy several items of IKEA furniture that we’re quite pleased with, we had also decided to upgrade a lot of our university student furnishings, too. (Can I just say I love our canopy bed and sofa?) But now, with our beloved peanut arriving prematurely at his terrible twos, we’re already kind of wishing we’d just gone with another IKEA couch. Farewell, Bryant Sofa…we hardly knew ye.

Crate & Barrel Pavilion Canopy Bed
Crate & Barrel Pavilion Canopy Bed. I have no idea why everything I choose gets discontinued not long after I buy it. They don’t even have any canopy beds in their online catalog at the moment! Image:

One of the things that the peanut has seen fit to destroy, starting from the ripe old age of 10 months, is our much loved coffee table. We bought it from Crate & Barrel back when we were living at our previous apartment, and it was literally the first piece of furniture that we didn’t buy from IKEA, Canadian Tire, or Sleep Country Canada. It was just one of those moments where we’d found the perfect coffee table, and it cost the same amount as our older IKEA sofa bed!Read More »

New Release: simplehuman Rectangular Step Can in Rose Gold (Limited Edition)

I know this is really, definitely, indubitably not nail polish-related, but I just wanted to share it here. After all, color is our thing, right?

My favorite trashcan-maker (I know, that’s weird) has released a limited edition trashcan in rose gold.

LIMITED EDITION. Our new rectangular step can features an innovative ‘liner pocket’ that keeps liners at your fingertips for a faster liner change. Just slip a liner refill pack into the liner pocket to dispense fresh liners one at a time — no clumsy perforations or unraveling. The can’s stainless steel liner rim grips the liner and keeps it hidden. Strong wide steel pedal is designed to last, and our patented lid shox technology ensures a smooth, silent close every time.

Code K liner refill packs store perfectly in this can’s liner pocket.

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Painting Rooms, Rather Than Nails


Happy August!

Firstly, I just want to say that I don’t work for Farrow & Ball or anything: I just had a great experience with their paint!

If you’re into interior design at all (which I’m not! I just like to look at the magazines), you’ll definitely have heard of this British paint company. It was founded in 1946, and spent much of its early years making paints for Ford in the UK, and the British War Office. By the time the 90s rolled around, Farrow & Ball had established itself by making paints for the National Trust for restoring historical buildings to their original colors. Today, Farrow & Ball is probably best known for its library of elegant paint colors that each have interesting histories behind them. The paint names are also appealing in a very British way: Mouse’s Back, Elephant’s Breath, and Cat’s Paw are some of their more popular shades. Not to worry, they are not all named for animal parts! There are others like Calamine, Downpipe, and Churlish Green.

I’m currently in the process of finishing up my half-assed paint job in our home. I sort of did part of it when we first moved in, then many things conspired to delay the completion of the job: work, side projects, having a kid, and my unstoppable urge to become a world-class procrastinator.

I’m happy to say that now, two-thirds of the way into summer, I’m getting closer to being done!

First, I’m going to explain why we wanted to paint. You see, the entire place was done up in colors very similar to these:

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