Bath & Body Works — Wallflowers Home Fragrance Plugs (A Pictorial Tutorial)

Bath & Body Works is one of those stores I was never really into. I think the main reason was that I found the hand creams too strongly scented and everybody seemed to have a tube in her purse.

However, sometime last year I was turned onto their Wallflowers Home Fragrance Plugs (thanks, Stashy) and well, let’s just say that now there’s one in every room. Except for the storage closet…although it does have an outlet…

Of course, from then on, I started picking up other products like candles, body lotions, body washes, and hand sanitizers—and my transformation into a B&BW fan was complete. (I still don’t have any hand creams, though!)

Anyway, today’s post is a little tutorial on how to use Wallflowers. Why? you ask! It’s not too hard to figure out, right?

But…it turns out that a couple of people I’ve given these to (not naming names!) had trouble with these fragrance plugs and ended up installing them upside down and/or with the wick removed. I tried to find an online guide to show them the appropriate way to use them, but couldn’t find one, not even on B&BW’s own website.

Truth be told, I myself never looked at all the instructions and warnings that come with a Wallflower Plug or Refill. I’m not a “read the instructions” kind of person if it looks like something I should be able to figure out myself. I mean, I’ve been assembling flat-packed furniture by myself since I was a tween. Step 1: Toss the manual! Hahahaha. But, I get that not everyone is inclined that way—and I know for sure that I’ve messed up pretty simple things in the past, too! (Sometimes, one really should read the instructions.)

Now, while I was taking photos of my Wallflowers for this post, I saw that there were actually quite a lot of instructions and warnings on the packaging—they’re just written really small. The people who had difficulty with them haven’t got the best eyesight, so there’s an excuse for not having read the instructions. Another was actually just using my already unpackaged plugs, so she didn’t have the benefit of any instructions at all. So those are two reasonable explanations for misuse of a Wallflower. Ideally, I think B&BW could put up a copy of their instructions online, but I don’t think they have, so here’s my tutorial, with plenty of pics…

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