SinfulColors Nail Color haulage 2016

Quick Pic: SinfulColors Lineup

Just a colorful lineup of some SinfulColors Nail Colors I’ve picked up this year:

  • Cinderella
  • Wonder Mint
  • Mint Apple
  • Love Nails
  • Endless Blue
  • Let’s Talk
  • Daredevil

(Not in the shot: Halloween release Nice Guise.)


Quick Photo โ€” A Peek at Some of My Old Nail Polish

I haven’t opened either of these large shoeboxes in a very long time: they house a bunch of my older (pre-2010) drugstore nail polishes. I’m in the process of assembling some newly-acquired IKEA HELMER file cabinets which will become new homes for my polishes that currently reside in various boxes and bins.

I took a couple of shots of these boxes today. Recognize anything? And, yes, there are some StreetWears in that mostly-Revlon box!

fivezero's drugstore nail polish stash, mostly Revlon

fivezero's drugstore nail polish stash, mostly L'Orรฉal, Maybelline, Mary Kay, CoverGirl, Max Factor, Rimmel, Sally Girl, FingerPaints

P.S. The five Revlons in the featured image at the very top are new to me; I’ll be posting about that haul, shortly!

Throwback Thursday! Quick Photo: Nail Stash, Post-Baby Attack

fivezero's cheap nail polishes, post-baby attack, Avon, Milani, NYC New York Color

Today is Throwback Thursday, which is the perfect day of the week for the peanut to get into one of my nail polish shoeboxes and go to town.

It’s a box of some cheapies, mostly Avon, Milani, and NYC—but many are discontinued so I’m just glad nothing was harmed. And the peanut’s fine, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I need to think seriously about improving my nail polish storage! An IKEA order of more HELMERs is in my future…

[Edit: Aaaaaand, I have an update.]

Happy 2008!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m swamped with all kinds of stuff and have a chippy red nail polish on, so here’s a couple pics of my favourite Creatives, instead. Hee hee! Unfortunately, these two are from a discontinued Gotham collection that CND released a few years ago. The only survivors from that collection are Adrenaline and Spike, which are still available and very worth checking out.

Raven is a very unique slate teal-blue-grey shimmer. It’s super well-pigmented and a brilliant polish to get your hands on, if you can find it. Rating: 4/5.

Caffeine is a cool, deep brown frost with a mauvey-purple tone to it. Not a good colour on me, but it’s kind of a nifty shade. Rating: 3/5.

Bottle Pics: A few new colours from Nicole & CND

I won’t have time to do any swatching for the time being, but here are bottle photos of a few new polishes I picked up. They’re lovely jewel-tones and great options for those upcoming holiday parties.

Nicole by OPI – Merry Merlot!

CND – Rich Ruby (this is the most gorgeous satin-y red)

CND – Deep Velvet