Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts, swatch

Sothys — Rouge des Arts (Nail Lacquer) Review

Collection: Sothys 2017 Fall

Sothys Paris is a French beauty brand that is sold primarily in beauty institutes and spas worldwide. I had never before tried their line of skincare and cosmetics, and was intrigued when I was contacted to review a few of the nail and makeup products from their Fall 2017 collection.

I was sent a Nail Lacquer (but of course!), Cream Blush, and Rouge Mat Velvet Effect Lipsticks for review. Today, I am reviewing my favorite of all beauty products, the nail polish!

Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge des Arts

As befits a luxury brand, Sothys’ cosmetic packaging is elegant. The Vernis/Nail Lacquer comes in a 5 mL glass bottle, which has a pleasing heft despite its smaller size.

Sothys (pronounced so-tees) is rather romantically named for the French form (Sothys) of the Greek translation (Sothis) of the ancient Egyptian name (Sopdet) for the brightest star seen in the Earth’s night sky. In English, we know the star as Sirius. Ain’t etymology cool?

The brand’s logo is a depiction of the Egyptian personification of Sopdet as a goddess.

The sole nail color (I think) in their Fall 2017 collection is a classic red cream, Rouge des Arts (310).

Red creams are perhaps my favorite of all nail colors, and this red is especially opulent and dense, a throwback to the 1930s. It is a vibrant, deep, true red that is perfect both day and night. The pigmentation is really excellent, and to me, that’s mainly what makes this a more luxurious polish.

Susan Hayward, 1930s.

Susan Hayward, 1930s.

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Color Club Retrograde Rising Fall 2017 Collection

New Release: Color Club — Retrograde Rising (Fall 2017)

Collection: Color Club 2017 Fall, Retrograde Rising

Color Club’s Fall 2017 collection, Retrograde Rising, consists of 12 new, out-of-this-world shades in a range of finishes:

Color Club Nail Lacquer in Across the Universe
Across the Universe
dark teal with shimmering purple iridescence
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Constellation Prize
Constellation Prize
glittering blue with a subtle purple shimmer
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Down to Earth
Down to Earth
muted teal cream
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Element of Surprise
Element of Surprise
iridescent blue
Color Club Nail Lacquer in It's Going to Be Major
It’s Going to Be Major
pale purple cream
Color Club Nail Lacquer in It's a Sign
It’s a Sign
pale gray with a subtle blue iridescent effect
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Kiss My Astrology
Kiss My Astrology
glittering purple
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Lunar Logic
Lunar Logic
dusty pink speckled cream
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Off the Charts
Off the Charts
frosty aqua
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Without a Doubt
Without a Doubt
stormy-gray cream
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Written in the Stars
Written in the Stars
glittering emerald
Color Club Nail Lacquer in Zodiac Attack
Zodiac Attack
stormy-gray cream

I think I want about half of these!

Happy Shopping!

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Movie & TV Roundup: September 2017

Once again, in September I saw mostly a mix of thriller/horror films and kid-friendly movies. There’s a surprising amount of Stephen King adaptations out recently: The Dark Tower, which I saw in August, and The Mist TV series, which I saw this month, and of course, It.

I’m dying to see It in the cinema, but we’ll have to wait for November. It should still be in cinemas, now that it has become the highest grossing horror movie of all time, after just four weeks. Maybe I’ll have more nail polish swatches up, then, since I probably won’t be able to sleep for a week after watching it.

What I Saw

  • The Wave (Bølgen) [2015]
  • Blue Ruin [2013]
  • Black Mirror: San Junipero (Series 3, Ep. 4) [2016]
  • Hop [2011]
  • Sing [2016]
  • Stardust [2007] (rewatch)
  • Wonder Woman [2017]
  • Baby Driver [2017]
  • Breaking the Magician’s Code (Season 1) [1997]
  • White Gold (Series 1) [2017]
  • The Mist (Season 1) [2017]

Mini reviews follow:
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China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Sin-derella, swatch

China Glaze — Sin-derella (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: China Glaze 2017 Fall, Happily Never After (Halloween)

Have I got a gorgeous polish for you guys, today!

China Glaze recently released their Halloween-themed collection, which incorporates some clever fairy tale darkness. (Seriously, those original fairy tales are pretty gruesome!)

Sin-derella (84080) is a shimmery shade with loads of iridescence. The base color is a beige-y taupe, but it picks up a slightly olive tone with the addition of some fine gold shimmer. It also contains a load of pink shimmer that, in combination with taupe, gives it the look of lavender.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Sin-derella

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China Glaze Happily Never After, Halloween Fall 2017 Collection

New Release & Haulage: China Glaze — Happily Never After (Halloween 2017)

Collection: China Glaze 2017 Halloween, Happily Never After

China Glaze’s devilishly clever Halloween 2017 collection is named Happily Never After, with a spooky fairy tale theme.

Celebrate your dark side with Happily Never After, a sultry collection of enchanting shades.

OK, that copy is a little less clever. Oh well.

But I think it’s so refreshing to have a Halloween collection that isn’t all orange, green, and black!

[Edit: I have now reviewed Sin-derella.]

Here are the 6 new shades:
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SinfulColors Fall 2017 collections

New Releases: SinfulColors (Fall 2017 + Halloween)

Here’s a roundup of SinfulColors’ newest collections for Fall 2017!

The Trend #BackToSchool #GetBright

This collection consists of 6 limited edition and 2 repromoted Nail Colors:

Acid Test (Neon Matte), In Your Elemelon (Neon Matte),
Lilac Out Loud (Neon Matte)

Make a Scene (Neon Matte), Quick Study (Neon Matte),
Under the Inbluence (Neon Matte)

Black On Black (repromote), Snow Me White (repromote)

The Trend #BackToSchool #SchoolGoals

This collection consists of 3 limited edition and 8 repromoted Nail Colors:
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SinfulColors Summer 2017 collections

New Releases: SinfulColors (Summer 2017)

I’m always forgetting to post about SinfulColors collections, mostly because it’s hard for me to find new Sinful collections where I am (only the core collection is easily available). Come on, Sinful! You’ve got Revlon’s distribution behind you and I still can’t find your LE displays?!

Anyway, I’m posting summer and fall collections in two batches. This post contains the Summer 2017 collections. Obviously, this is late—and these collections have already disappeared from the SinfulColors website!—but you may still be able to find the displays and collections near you.

The Trend 80’s Flashback: Color Eccentric

This collection consists of 7 limited edition nail colors: 7 intense neons and 1 white that is meant for a neon undercoat:

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