This Blog Is 10! (Happy Blogiversary To Me)

I started this blog ten years ago today! Many thanks to all who have been reading and supporting my blog over the years. Much love.

I don’t have much to say here…just wanted to mark the day. The only real news I have is that I’ve finally had some time to concentrate more on the nail polish tracker, so hopefully I’ll have something ready, soon!

Happy Saturday!

Liebster Award

Liebster Award 3: Captain Liebsterpants

Chanelle Hayley, a New Zealand-based beauty blogger, recently nominated me for another Liebster Award! Thank you, girl!

Please do go and check out her wonderful blog!

Liebster Award Rules

  • You must acknowledge who has nominated you and also share their links
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that you have been asked
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers whose blog you would recommend
  • Ask 11 questions that you would like those bloggers to answer
  • Let the bloggers you have nominated know that they’ve been nominated.

11 Facts About Me

I shall pull a Chanelle here and link you to my previous award posts and tag posts, in which you will learn more than you ever wanted to about yours truly.

Chanelle’s 11 Questions

1. Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?

OH YES. YES INDEEDY. Hawaiian pizza (actually invented by a Canadian!) is probably my favorite pizza. Maybe a white seafood pizza, with capers, comes close. I also love artichokes and mushrooms on pizza. I really like pizza.

2. Do you believe in soul mates?

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One Lovely Blog Award

The One Lovely Blog Award

This is straight-up embarrassing, but I was nominated for this award 1½ years ago, and I never got around to doing it! I have a minor backlog of these awards/tags, so I’m going to finish them up on Tag Tuesdays, starting today!

Becca-Anne Beauty first nominated me for this award; she hasn’t blogged for about a year now, but she still has some great makeup and beauty posts on her site!

Then, earlier this month, I was nominated for the same award by Meg Kem Magic, who’s a relatively new blogger (like, a month old!) so please go check out her lovely beauty blog!

Thanks so much to both Becca-Anne and Meg! 😁

The One Lovely Blogger Award stipulates that I need to share 7 facts about myself. Since I’m combining two nominations in one post, I’ll do 14 facts.

The One Lovely Blog Award

The rules for this award are as follows:

  • Thanking the person that nominated you and leaving a link to their blog
  • Posting about the award
  • Sharing seven facts about yourself
  • Nominating at most 15 people
  • Letting your nominees know that they’ve been nominated

7 14 Facts About Myself

I hope I haven’t repeated any of these from previous posts!


My favorite color was red, for the longest time. Several years ago, I somehow no longer felt like it was, and I do not currently have a favorite color. I can find most every color appealing—it just has to be used the right way!


Blue cheese is my favorite kind of cheese. Cashel Blue and Saint Agur are my favorites of the blues I’ve tried (I’ve gone through Auvergne, Bénédictin, Bresse, Cambozola, Gorgonzola, Maytag, Météorite, Roquefort, Stilton, and a few others). Both are so buttery and creamy, and not the most pungent blues you’ll find, so they’re great entry-level blues, too. I really should try some more, but these two are so yummy and readily available where I am that I tend not to stray!

Blue cheese section of the Cheese Wall at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws, Toronto, ON, Canada
Blue cheese section of the Cheese Wall at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws

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News: About & Contact Page Update

Happy Monday, everyone! I updated my About & Contact Page.

Here’s a music video, just so this post hasn’t completely wasted your time. 🙂

I’m gonna inflict Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”, from the Trolls movie on you, since I’ve had to listen to it about a million times since Peanut discovered it last year.

It’s actually pretty catchy. Damnit, Timberlake.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Rouge Noir, swatch

Classics: Chanel — Rouge Noir (Le Vernis Longwear) Swatch & Review

Collection: Chanel 2016 Spring, Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour [Launch]

First order of business: Toronto FC are in the MLS Cup Final! Last night, after ten years of existence, my hometown team finally won the Eastern Conference Championship—against rivals Montreal Impact, no less. Toronto FC will now play for the MLS Cup against Western Conference Champions Seattle Sounders FC. Coincidentally, I also spent part of my childhood in Seattle, but I’ll no doubt be supporting TFC in the final.

Captain Michael Bradley lifts the MLS Eastern Conference Cup with Toronto FC
Captain Michael Bradley lifts the MLS Eastern Conference Cup with Toronto FC.
Toronto FC overcame Montreal Impact 5-2 on the night, and 7-5 on aggregate. (November 30, 2016)

Second order of business is that today marks the 21-year anniversary of the first date my husband and I ever went on! That night, we saw a movie at the Uptown and had an after-movie coffee and dessert at a nearby Swiss Chalet. (We were poor students, what can I say? We also had dinner at the university cafeteria before heading out! Mmm romantic.) Both locations are now sadly defunct, but we’re still going strong!

We ordered in Swiss Chalet last night, for the first time in three or four years, to celebrate. Gotta love the Festive Special that comes with Lindor chocolates!

Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles from Swiss Chalet Festive Special, 2016.
Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles from Swiss Chalet Festive Special.

Finally, today’s nail polish! Today is indeed Throwback Thursday, though I’m filing it under Classics as well, since it’s the original color in a new formulation.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Rouge Noir (18)
Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Rouge Noir (18)

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Tag Tuesday: Lip Lovin’

It has been eons since I did a Tag post, partly because I haven’t been tagged for anything in a while. Sniff! 😦

Anyway, I came across this tag at The Makeup Honey—the blogger, Sian, created the tag herself—and thought it’d be fun to do.

Tag Tuesday: Lip Lovin’

1. What was the first lipstick you ever owned?

CoverGirl in Honeyplum Glow! I can’t remember if my mom let me buy it, or if she gave it to me. Or maybe I just “borrowed” it and she never said anything! I used it all through high school. JUST ONE LIPSTICK. Boggles my mind, now.


2. Which lip product has been the biggest disappointment?

Lipstick Queen’s Sinner Lipstick in Berry. Horrid. I also hate all those pastel lipcolors that end up so chalky and showing every line and bit of dry skin on the lips! I’m looking at you, CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Coral Cat and MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Fashion City! Another two fails I remember well were Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Blackberry and Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in Flashing Lights.

CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Coral Cat
CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Coral Cat (far right)

3. Which lipstick is your holy grail product?

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News: My New Review Blog at Julesfifty

Hope everyone is having a fun Halloween!

My peanut is going trick-or-treating for the first time this year. He’s going as Batman—I totally got him to do the Christian Bale “I’m Batman!” growl—and he’ll be using a Jack-O-lantern pail that my brothers used back when they were kids, so it’s got to be at least twenty years old.

I just wanted to mention that I’ve started a new blog for non-beauty product reviews at Julesfifty, and the first two reviews are Halloween-related (well, just about). I hope you’ll go check it out if you’re interested in home goods, food & drink, baby & kid stuff, movies & TV, and whatever random things I’m interested in at the moment.

I thought about giving out the Meiji biscuits as Halloween treats, but it turns out it’s a good thing I didn’t! My Halloween goodies this year do include Hot Wheels cars, Frozen & My Little Pony sticker packs, Crayola markers, and the usual yummy treats like Snickers, Rolos, KitKats, Minions-branded cookies, and chocolate-free Lucky Charms granola bars. I did manage to save a Bounty bar for the husband and myself to share…

I hope you’ll join me over at, and have a safe and awesome Halloween!