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Happy International Fragrance Day!

It’s been a long time since I last posted, but I didn’t want to pass on International Fragrance Day, because fragrance is what I have been utterly infatuated with over the last year!

Our family only just returned from a mini-vacation in Montréal (well, a holiday with a two year-old and a four year-old is not really a holiday, is it?!) and of course I did pick up a new perfume. Gotta love the $19.99 perfume shelves at Shoppers Drug Marts—Pharmaprix in Québec—and Rexalls!

Today, I’m going to do a very quick ‘n’ dirty roundup of my 10 new favorite perfumes, and 10 favorite new blind buys that I’m most excited to try out.

My 10 New Favorite Fragrances

fivezero's top 10 favorite recently-acquired fragrances, March 2019

Ariana Grande
— Cloud
whipped cream, praline, coconut, lavender, pear, musk

— Velvet
rose, fig, patchouli

— Weekend for Women
peach, purple flowers, mandarin, musk

Kenneth Cole
— Kenneth Cole for Her
lily-of-the-valley, ambrette, carrot seed, peony, musk

— Rose Jam Body Spray
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Online Store Review: Avon Canada


This is gonna be short, as I never received my order for a full review. Last week, I placed an order with for the first time in probably ten years. Back then, you could order online without going through a representative. Now, your order goes through a rep, who will then contact you with shipping details and costs. A lot less efficient and time-consuming, but I get that reps are part of their business model—even though I far prefer just ordering online and getting stuff delivered to me quickly.

So I was assigned a rep online, and I placed an order for a bunch of nail polish (yay) and a load of bath and body products.

Today, four days later, I receive this somewhat cryptic email of plain text:

Dear [fivezero],

We wish to advise you that unfortunately, [assigned representative] has not processed your Campaign 21 order. Please contact your Representative for details, or you may submit your order to a different independent Representative.

Thank you,

Well, that’s…great. I actually placed my order on the last day of the campaign, so whatever sales of which I had taken advantage will now be different.

Anyway, Avon Products Inc. has been doing poorly over a number of years, and last year they finally made the decision to split up into two entities: the original Avon will become based in the UK, and the North American company, 80% acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, will become New Avon.

Perhaps I’ll wait to see what happens. There’s no way I’m attempting to place another order after this poor experience. The site is also clunky as heck and somewhat buggy, too. It’s a shame as I remember liking some Avon products back in the day: their NailWear polishes and GlossWear lipglosses were excellent!

Avon Nailwear Nail Enamel in Spring Fling, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Avon — Spring Fling (Nailwear Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Brand: Avon

I’ve done an Avon Nailwear for Throwback Thursday before, so I’ll just repeat a little bit of info from that post:

I’m afraid I don’t know what year this polish was released, but it is from an older Nailwear line, perhaps a second incarnation as I remember an even older Nailwear bottle that was square. Reviews for Nailwear at Makeup Alley start from 2001, but I don’t know which version that was. At some point Nailwear got upgraded to Nailwear Pro, and then in 2012 it was reformulated and renamed to Nailwear Pro+. So at the very latest, this polish is from a year or two before 2012, and probably even earlier than that.

I know for sure I purchased this particular polish at least over seven years ago, because I haven’t placed an order with Avon in ages. Their website no longer lets you order directly without having to go through an Avon rep, and I don’t know, it just seems like such a hassle.

Spring Fling (C)(F 348)—the C means cool-toned, I believe—is a little dated: it’s a blue-toned pink frost! The finish is actually surprisingly nice for a frost, almost satin-y, and I admit to liking this one! It’s everything I shouldn’t like, yet it calls to me. I would look to upgrade this one to the new Nailwear Pro+ formula, but the shade is no longer available.

Avon Nailwear Nail Enamel in Spring Fling, bottle

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Avon Nailwear Nail Enamel in Wine Velvet, swatch

Throwback Thursday! Avon — Wine Velvet (Nailwear Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Brand: Avon

Thanks to my son, there are two Throwback Thursday swatches today!

So, I just posted about how my 1½ yr old little boy got into a box of my nail polish, and I thought all was well.

But, I’d stupidly left the box on the dining table (pushed far in, but clearly that wasn’t enough). With my back turned for 30 seconds, my peanut had grabbed the box, and I yelled “Nooo!” just as it teetered over the edge of the table. Boom, smash, and I can’t believe what a little long-armed monkey he is. I swear, he’s gonna be taller than I am in about five years.

Luckily, the peanut’s just dandy. Once he got over my initial grumbling and scolding, he delighted in my crouching under the table and wiping up spilled polish and small bits of broken glass. He also took off with the paper towels.

Only one bottle of polish broke: NYC Broadway Burgundy, which is no great loss as it was about $1.49 and while it was nice, it’s not irreplaceable.

Another polish, an old Avon Nailwear, apparently already had a broken cap, so when it fell over, it leaked everywhere. So after cleaning everything up, I swatched it for the last time. Then I emptied out the bottle in the trash, over the paper towels I’d used to wipe the spilled polish off the floor.

And, of course, the rule is that all broken and spilled nail polishes must be deep, shimmery reds!

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Throwback Thursday! Quick Photo: Nail Stash, Post-Baby Attack

fivezero's cheap nail polishes, post-baby attack, Avon, Milani, NYC New York Color

Today is Throwback Thursday, which is the perfect day of the week for the peanut to get into one of my nail polish shoeboxes and go to town.

It’s a box of some cheapies, mostly Avon, Milani, and NYC—but many are discontinued so I’m just glad nothing was harmed. And the peanut’s fine, too. 😉

I need to think seriously about improving my nail polish storage! An IKEA order of more HELMERs is in my future…

[Edit: Aaaaaand, I have an update.]

Topbox Canada, October 2015

Topbox (Canada) — October 2015

I’m inching ever closer to the “unsubscribe” button, Topbox! I did get a nail polish, though I found it underwhelming. I also got yet another hair product, which I dislike receiving.

What I Received

Regular Topbox

Topbox Canada, October 2015

  • Avon ANEW Power Serum (7 mL sample) [MSRP US$40 for 30 mL]
  • (be) Delectable by Cake Beauty Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in Coconut & Cream (60 mL, travel size) [It says MSRP $15 on the Topbox card, but has the 113 mL size for $12, so I’m calling shenanigans. The 60 mL travel size is actually $7.]
  • Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer (13 mL full size) [MSRP $4.21]
  • d:fi Reshapable Spray (9 mL, sample) [MSRP US$15.95 for 150 mL]


  • Avon ANEW Power Serum discount

    Topbox Canada Avon Anew offer, October 2015
    Nobel Prize-winning research, huh?

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