Hayden-Harnett Tharpe Hobo in Anthracite

Throwback Thursday! Hayden-Harnett — Tharpe Hobo in Anthracite Review

I was quite a big fan of New York-based Hayden-Harnett back in the day, though mostly for their small leather goods. I still use my Clutch Wallet and Emile Indexer Wallet, and they have held up beautifully. One of these days, I’ll do a post on all my HH SLGs: wallets, leather cuffs, shoes, and more. They came in such a fun range of colors and patterns!

I only owned one HH handbag, though, the Newman Hobo, which is a lovely bag but not really to my taste. (That’s how sale goggles get you!)

Finally, a few months ago, I snagged a second HH bag after all these years of being a fan. And I’m in love.

The Tharpe was introduced in the mid-2000s—the oldest references to it on the Purseblog forums are from 2007. Sure, it’s a little dated-looking, particularly the side pockets, but I think it’s dated in a good, vintage sort of way. I see a little Chloé and Marc Jacobs influences in its design. The graphic pieces (just look at the zipper pull on the front flap!) and the pewter metallic of the Anthracite colorway both give it a bit of a sci-fi edge, and I love the contrast of the aged brass hardware against the warm grey.

Hayden-Harnett Tharpe Hobo in Anthracite, angle
Hayden-Harnett Tharpe Hobo in Anthracite, angle

I acquired this bag over the summer, so I didn’t get around to using it until now. It shouldn’t really matter, but this bag just strikes me as a winter bag! I’m sure I’ll get over it and start using it in spring and summer next year. Grey goes with everything, right?

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