My Top 10 Blind (Unsniffed) Perfume Buys

A few people commented on Tuesday’s post about my penchant for buying fragrances unsniffed, so I thought I’d do a roundup of the successes and failures of this habit of mine. Now, while I do tend to buy unsniffed, I do not tend to buy unresearched, so my hit-to-miss ratio is actually pretty good.

Also, I tend not to buy unsniffed if I can sample the fragrance in person, or, failing that, obtain a sample online (Lucky Scent and The Perfumed Court were my go-tos when I was doing more sample-buying). Some perfume houses also do their own samples, and I’ve gotten some that way (Ava Luxe—or at least she used to, Czech & Speake, Grossmith, Les Parfums des Rosine).

Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite fragrances that I have ever bought unsniffed:


Badgley Mischka edp
Badgley Mischka — Badgley Mischka. This is an intense, jammy fruit blend—really gourmand and rich. It almost reaches the point where the fruit starts to seem overripe and on the verge of fermenting. I’ve smelled some similar fragrances and hated them, but this one just works for me. It’s not for everyone, but I love it on a cold winter day. The bottle is very luxe in heavy, faceted glass. I found it a few winters back at Winners.Read More »

Bond No. 9 Bryant Park eau de parfum (50 mL)

Bond No. 9 — Bryant Park EDP Swatch & Review

I ought to keep Bryant Park out on my desk to remind myself not to impulse-buy expensive things. To be fair, sometimes it works out—but when it doesn’t, I have a tendency to push it out of my mind, and I go on to make the same mistake again.

Bryant Park was one of those fragrances that I sniffed once at a perfume counter, thought was just lovely, and then bought it. Thankfully, I bought it online about 50% off, but it was still pricy enough to make me wince now that I have decided that I don’t particularly like it.

Now, I still can’t decide whether or not I like Bond No. 9’s bottles. They’re simultaneously cool and godawful in their ostentation.

Bond No. 9 perfume bottle design

Bryant Park has one of the less gaudy bottle designs, but it still straddles the line between being kinda mod and looking like it was designed by someone who just started to learn Adobe Illustrator. Also, and this is true of all Bond No. 9 bottles, since they share the same bottle shape, the bottle is fairly wide and flat, so it topples quite easily.

The only positive I can really give the bottle is that it’s fully opaque. While I love the look of a well-designed glass bottle, it’s just functional for a perfume bottle to be opaque, to block light from harming the juice inside. What’s the use of having a beautiful perfume bottle if you can’t leave it on your dresser, right?

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