China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Cabin Fever

China Glaze — Cabin Fever (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: China Glaze 2015 Fall, The Great Outdoors

Welp, my low-buy’s not going that great! I spotted a slew of colors from China Glaze’s new fall collection, The Great Outdoors, at Winners and decided to pick up…several. This is the first China Glaze collection I’ve been wowed by for some time now! I got Cabin Fever, Check Out the Silver Fox, Free Bear Hugs, Pondering, Sleeping Under the Stars, and Wood You Wanna?—I’ll review one today and the remaining five next week.

Cabin Fever (82713) is one of a few iridescent polishes in this collection. It’s a cranberry pink-to-caramel bronze duochrome with a metallic finish. The pink has a touch of plum; the bronze has a touch of antiqued gold.

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Revlon — Beachy (Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Collection: Revlon 2013 Winter, Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

A couple of years ago, Revlon released a line of scented nail enamels packaged in cute, vintage-inspired bottles. I never saw them around my area, but when I made a rare trip to Wal-Mart in June, I spotted two Parfumeries on a random shelf, looking quite lost. There was no price tag anywhere to be seen, so I just picked up one color to give the product a try.

The shade I chose, Beachy (110), is actually somewhat similar to the new fall Essie I just reviewed on Saturday.

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Essie — Leggy Legend (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Essie Fall 2015

Essie’s first fall collection under their new Global Color Director—and only my favorite handbag designer!—Rebecca Minkoff, is inspired by rock & roll:

taking center stage this season is iconic rock ’n’ roll royalty: the queen of the entourage, the unstoppable, impossibly stylish muse. the six new compelling shades of the fall 2015 collection capture the powerful allure of the ingénues of the rock era with intensely saturated hues.

I just picked up two shades from this collection, Leggy Legend and Frock ‘n Roll. Today’s review is for the former.

Essie calls Leggy Legend (932) “an alloyed bronze bombshell”. It’s a super gold-toned, foxy bronze metallic shimmer that stops just short of being frosty.

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New Release: Zoya — Focus & Flair (Fall 2015)

Collection: Zoya 2015 Fall, Focus & Flair

Zoya’s new collection for Fall 2015 is now available for pre-order!

I love how their seasonal collections are broken up into two mini collections (often by creme vs shimmer, or bright vs vampy)! This season’s is called Focus & Flair.

Zoya Focus Fall 2015 Collection

The Focus Collection features six strong, solid shades that anchor a look for fall as standalone shades. The densely pigmented cream formula features a unique, micro-grind pigment that allows for extra-smooth, streak-free application.

  • Charli
  • Desiree
  • Hannah
  • Janel
  • Lidia
  • Sia

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KIT by Rexall — Bronze Beauty (Nail Lacquer) Swatch & Review

KIT by Rexall Nail Lacquer in Bronze Beauty

Rexall is one of the larger drugstore chains in Canada, and their in-house brand of nail polish is one I hadn’t tried before even though they launched it a couple of years ago in 2013. (I guess I tend to go to competitor Shoppers Drug Mart a lot more!) When it was recently 30% off, I decided to pick one up and give it a try.

KIT by Rexall (not to be confused with Kit Cosmetics, an Australian brand that also makes nail polish) Nai Lacquer generally looks like a drugstore line, with a very standard squared bottle and matching squared cap. It’s similar to the Flower Beauty polish bottles. The KIT cap is black, matte plastic, and has a micro-pebbled texture so it provides reasonably good grip.

The brush is a little thick and splays easily, but I didn’t find it difficult to work with.

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Milani Rose Powder Blush in Coral Cove, Romantic Rose & Tea Rose

Milani — Baked Blush & Rose Powder Blush Megapost

This ongoing post contains swatches of Milani Baked Blushes (Bella Bellini, Bella Rosa, Bellissimo Bronze, Berry Amore, Corallina, Delizioso Pink, Dolce Pink, Luminoso, Rosa Romantica, Rose d’Oro) and Rose Powder Blushes (Coral Cove, Romantic Rose, and Tea Rose).

I will update this post with any new Milani blush swatches, as well.


Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso, Bella Rosa & Rose d'Oro

Baked Blush

These blushes are awesome, period! It’s just a bonus that they come pretty cheap, as well. Granted, the packaging leaves a bit to be desired, but when I pick these up at a little over CA$6 a pop on sale, I’m not complaining!

These are a bit shimmery for blushes; out of all of mine, only Bella Rosa and Delizioso Pink are matte. Luminoso is not overly shimmery. Bellissimo Bronze is sparkle city.

Berry Amore, Corallina and the legendary Luminoso are my faves. Admittedly, I have been too chicken to try Bella Rosa, yet!

Milani Baked Blush is US$8.49 / CA$7.99 (I have no idea why it’s cheaper at!) and 0.12 oz / 3.5 g. It is made in Italy.

This silky blush with benefits can be used so many ways. It shapes, it contours, it highlights. Sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles, it’s buildable from sheer to vibrant. Yes, it adds a cheeky pop of colour to your complexion. Radiance and warmth, too.

The label:
Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink, label

The included mirror and brush (not very good! I’d recommend using your own blush brush):

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Be a Bombshell — Bora Bora (Eyeshadow Quad) Swatch & Review

Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad in Bora Bora

I first heard of Be a Bombshell through Ipsy (referral link), and the two items I had received seemed pretty good (a finishing powder and a cream eyeshadow). So, when I saw this eyeshadow quad at a super low price online, I jumped on it.

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