Ipsy — July 2016 Glam Bag “Hot Summer Nights”

My July Ipsy (referral link) bag arrived on Tuesday, so it’s a bit late this month. I suspect it has to do with the Canada Post negotiations that have been prompting every online shop to which I’m subscribed to send a constant stream of emails about how they plan on dealing with a possible postal service shutdown.

This month’s bag contained some decent items that I can definitely use—lots of makeup! yay!—but it was also a little bit disappointing due to none of the brands being new to me (and come on, still no new nail polish?!), and many of them being brands I’ve still only ever heard of via Ipsy.

Ipsy Glam Bag, June 2016, Rebel Rebel
Image: ipsy.com

What I Received

  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow (from Trimony Palette) in Matt Kumar (0.5 g; full size US$42 for 21.6 g palette of 9 (2.4 g) shades)
  • Cake Beauty Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in Lemon & Cream (2 oz travel size; full size 4 oz for US/CA$12)
  • Luxie Beauty Small Angle Eye Brush in Rose Gold (full size for US$10 / CA$13.05)
  • OFRA Lip Liner in Maya (full size 0.04 oz for US$13)
  • trèStiQue Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent (0.04 oz deluxe size / full size 0.21 oz USD$19)
  • Ipsy makeup bag

Ipsy Coupon Codes

  • theBalm: 20% off any purchase with code IPSY20 (through 7/31, US only)
  • Cake Beauty: 25% off any $50 purchase with code IPSYLEMON (through 8/31, US & Canada only)
  • Luxie Beauty: 30% off any purchase with code IPSYANGLE (through 8/31)
  • OFRA: 30% off any purchase with code IPSY30 (through 8/31)

Here are some more detailed product shots:

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Jenna Hipp Essential Nail & Hand Cream Trio

Haulage! Winners & HomeSense (April–May 15, 2016)

I know it’s only halfway through May, but I felt like doing another roundup of my Winners & HomeSense finds for the last month and a half. (See January–February here, then March here (well, in all of those Haulage Week posts!)

My husband, who follows these things, informed me this week that sales at existing TJ Maxx stores in Canada (that’s Winners, Marshalls and HomeSense) have gone up something like 14%! I think that’s over the last quarter…or year? Anyway, it’s gone up! I suppose I’m just doing my part for the stock price, right? And TJ Maxx has been doing better in Canada than it has been in, say, the UK (where it’s TK Maxx) and Australia.

Anyway, here’s the haulage:

Cargo Lip Gel Color Kit
Cargo Lip Gel Color Kit [CA$19.99]
This 4-pack of full-sized lipsticks was a little too well-priced for me to pass up! I gave two away (Amore and Bella) and kept Dolce and Felice for myself. I normally don’t care for lipstick tubes made of cardboard (yeah, you, old school Stila!), but these sure are purty. Made in China. MSRP US$25, though it’s currently on the website for US$15.
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Dolce
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Dolce.


Cargo Lip Gel Color in Felice
Cargo Lip Gel Color in Felice.


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Empties for Winter 2015/2016

Here is my list of empties for Winter 2015/2016 (Dec., Jan., and Feb.). All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.

All Things Jill Lovin’ That Lanolin Cuticle Gel. I bought this last January on sale for $5.24 (reg. $6.99) at Well.ca. It’s a local Canadian brand, so I thought it’d be nice to try it out. Unfortunately, I never noticed that it did anything much for my cuticles that a regular moisturizer wouldn’t have done, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the slightly tacky feel of the lanolin gel. A year on, the consistency has turned so it’s stickier—time to toss.

All Things Jill Lovin' That Lanolin Cuticle Gel

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Haulage! Winners (January–February 2016)

Happy March! Another couple of months, another couple of Winners hauls! I would probably spend a lot less money if I didn’t live so close to a Winners.

Color Club 4-pack minis in Desert Valley
Color Club 4-pack minis in Desert Valley
Image: colorclub.com
Color Club 4-pack minis in Seven Deadly Sins
Color Club 4-pack minis in Seven Deadly Sins
Image: colorclub.com

These Color Club packs were marked down to CA$4.99 each! Actually, the next day I went back and saw them red-tagged (clearanced) to even less: $4 each, but I decided not to be obnoxious and return/repurchase for a $1.98 difference. Not all of them were clearanced, as well, so who knows what Winners was up to that day.

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Topbox Canada, October 2015

Topbox (Canada) — October 2015

I’m inching ever closer to the “unsubscribe” button, Topbox! I did get a nail polish, though I found it underwhelming. I also got yet another hair product, which I dislike receiving.

What I Received

Regular Topbox

Topbox Canada, October 2015

  • Avon ANEW Power Serum (7 mL sample) [MSRP US$40 for 30 mL]
  • (be) Delectable by Cake Beauty Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in Coconut & Cream (60 mL, travel size) [It says MSRP $15 on the Topbox card, but Well.ca has the 113 mL size for $12, so I’m calling shenanigans. The 60 mL travel size is actually $7.]
  • Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer (13 mL full size) [MSRP $4.21]
  • d:fi Reshapable Spray (9 mL, sample) [MSRP US$15.95 for 150 mL]


  • Avon ANEW Power Serum discount

    Topbox Canada Avon Anew offer, October 2015
    Nobel Prize-winning research, huh?

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Coco & Lulu 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Eiffel Tower

Coco & Lulu (by Cake Beauty) — Eiffel Tower (3 Free Nail Lacquer)

Brand: Coco & Lulu (by Cake Beauty)

In last week’s Canada Day post, I reviewed two of three polishes from a Coco & Lulu Paris-themed set. The brand is unfortunately not available any longer, but I thought I’d just finish up the set and review the third polish.

I really wish that the line had been kept by Indigo/Chapters (who sold it) and Cake Beauty (who made it)! All three are nice polishes and I would liked to have checked it out some more if it’d stuck around past 2014.

The last of the three polishes in my set is called Eiffel Tower. I’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower up close during the day (we made it once at night, but it was closed…the lights were pretty!), so I don’t know how close this is to the color of the actual structure. It’s an appropriately romantic notion and a very pretty color, regardless.

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Veronica, of Archie comics, in Canada (Image: livingbetweenwednesdays.com)

Happy Canada Day! Canadian Products by Cocoon Apothecary and Coco & Lulu (by Cake Beauty)

Featured Image: livingbetweenwednesdays.com

Firstly, Happy Canada Day to all those in the great white north! Canada is celebrating its 148th birthday today. I didn’t grow up in Canada, exactly (if anyone’s ever wondered why I don’t spell the Canadian/British way, this is why), but I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult years here and I could not be happier to be raising my baby son in this country.

Secondly, I apologize for reviewing a recently discontinued line of nail polish today, but it’s the only Canadian brand from which I own a red polish!

But, I am reviewing two Canadian products today, and the second product is by Cocoon Apothecary, which is definitely available! It is currently also 25% off at Well.ca (referral link, sale runs through this Sunday).

Brand: Coco & Lulu (by Cake Beauty)

I’ll cover the nail polish first. Coco & Lulu was a line of 3 Free Nail Lacquer created in 2013 by Toronto-based Cake Beauty for the Canadian books & lifestyle chain, Indigo/Chapters. I’m not 100% sure that the line is dead, but Indigo/Chapters no longer sells it online, and the line’s Twitter hasn’t been updated since, well, 2013.

The set a Paris-themed holiday release, which I bought the following January, for $14 on clearance. It included three colors: Champagne, Eiffel Tower, and Left Bank. I’ll review Eiffel Tower another day, but my Canada Day mani this year is Left Bank + Champagne.

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