fivezero's ColourPop haulage, She Palette (July 2017)

Haulage! ColourPop — She Palette (July 2017)

I actually have some older ColourPop haulage to post (I’ve only posted Part I) but my newest order just arrived, and I wanted to share it since I got the new She Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette from the Karrueche Fem Rosa collection!

I have some comments on Canadian customs below; you can skip it if you’re not interested!

Alas, I have gotten dinged by Canadian customs on a ColourPop order for the first time. It makes sense, since this is the first time I’ve gone with free international shipping with a US$50+ order. All other orders that avoided customs were placed during ColourPop’s unlimited free international shipping promo in the spring, during which I placed several orders but kept each one around US$30 in value.

On the positive side, customs saw that since ColourPop products are all made in the USA—thanks to ColourPop for the huge “MADE IN LA” printed on the side of each box!—they are duty-free because of NAFTA, and my total customs charge consisted of Canada Post’s handling fee (CA$9.99) and sales tax (CA$8.09, 13% HST in Ontario on the US$50/CA$62.22 order value).

Now I’m starting to wonder whether it makes more sense to just keep ColourPop orders to Canada at about US$30, and pay the $10 shipping fee. The only reason not to do this is if Canadian customs doesn’t always catch everything—then it might be worth the gamble. Guaranteed US$10 fee, or chance of ~CA$18 fee? I actually have a second US$50 order arriving soon from ColourPop (the Yes, Please! palette came back in stock, and I couldn’t help myself, what with the Canadian dollar rising!), so I’ll eventually have two data points to help me make a future decision. Another option, of course, is to just make one massive ColourPop order—the Canada Post handling fee remains the same regardless of order value, and then it’s just a percentage sales tax that has to be paid.

Anyway, enough about Canadian online shopping issues!

Here’s the haulage:

  • She (Fem Rosa, Karrueche, Summer 2017) Palette, Pressed Powder Shadow × 12
  • Summer Solstice (Summer 2017) Foursome, Super Shock Shadow × 4
  • Gemini by Night (Sonya Esman, Spring 2017) Palette, Pressed Powder Shadow × 4
  • Pressed Powder Shadow in Board Shorts (Metallic)

Photos follow:

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fivezero's ColourPop haulage (June 2017)

Haulage! ColourPop — Pressed Powder Shadows (June 2017)

So, back in May, ColourPop ran this amazing promotion that offered all of their eyeshadows at 3/$10 (really it ended up being 3/$9.99), plus a free mini Ultra Satin Lip for every $20 spent, plus—and this was the real kicker for me—free international shipping on all orders.

You see, while ColourPop do offer free shipping to Canada on orders of $50 and up, this is still not that great for Canadians. Not ColourPop’s fault, of course! They’re awesome for even offering free shipping to Canada, at all!

The issue is that Canada charges duties on imports which value a measly CA$20 and up, which is about US$15 at the moment. By comparison, the US exempts duties for imports valued at $800 and under.

This means that for Canadians, a US$50 / CA$66.67 order will likely end up getting charged $10 for Canada Post’s handling, plus tax, which for me in Ontario would be 13%, around $8.71. Also, if customs don’t notice that ColourPop’s products are all made in the US, and therefore eligible for NAFTA, they might tack on an additional duty of around $5. That means a US$50 order just became CA$66.67 + CA$23.71 = CA$90.38 (or US$67.79). Stinks, right?

But Canadian customs officers are busy, so they don’t bother to charge on every single package that comes through (though I have heard that more packages are getting stopped due to an ongoing fentanyl problem). So, packages with values around US$20 are less likely to be stopped and charged.

I got super excited about finally being able to order from ColourPop without being charged an arm and a leg for shipping and duties—and to top it off, ColourPop was running a fab sale!—so I placed four separate orders, ranging in value from US$22 to $35. I was lucky and not one of them got hit for duties. Phew!

ColourPop’s packages always arrive in adorable-on-the-inside boxes, and the contents are securely wrapped. My kids are enjoying playing around with the colorful boxes. (Boxes are better than toys any day, right?)

Olive's stuffed animals in a ColourPop box

Peanut's Hot Wheels cars in a ColourPop box

My orders included a combination of Super Shock Shadows, Pressed Powder Shadows, and Ultra Lips in various finishes.

This post just covers the Pressed Powder Shadows. I picked up thirteen shades:

  1. Backseat (Metallic, deepened aquamarine)
  2. Ego (Metallic, rosy taupe)
  3. High Strung (Metallic, dusty rose)
  4. Locked and Loaded (Matte, pale yellow)
  5. Made to Last (Matte, neutral mauve)
  6. Pebbles (Satin, yellowy pink)
  7. Pinky Promise (Metallic, wine)
  8. Play by Play (Metallic, duochrome peach with a green gold flip)
  9. Ringer (Metallic, warm champagne)
  10. Sauvage (Metallic, duochrome peach with a hot pink flip)
  11. Sideline (Metallic, duochrome eggplant with a green flip)
  12. Take a Break (Metallic, duochrome peach with a subtle gold flip)
  13. Up and Up (Metallic, duochrome teal with a green flip)

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Haulage! Sweet Corea (May 2017)

Haulage! Sweet Corea (May 2017)

Living in Canada, the online beauty shopping options tend to be quite restricted compared with the US and, I think, even the UK. Here, I most often shop online with Sephora, beautyBOUTIQUE (Shoppers Drug Mart), and—though I used to shop more with Hudson’s Bay—with the occasional order from Nail Polish Canada and, more recently, DECIEM. There are some international sites I’ll occasionally shop with, but generally I avoid those because I dislike having to pay high duties and customs fees, which are sometimes levied on incoming packages valued at CA$20 or more.

[Side note: Boy, do I miss ordering nail polish from the discount trifecta: 8ty8beauty (do not forget the “beauty”!!), Head2ToeBeauty, and TransDesign/NailSupplies! Shipping costs have just become too prohibitive over the years. I occasionally order from NailSupplies and have it delivered to my US relatives, but it’s happening less and less since my visitors don’t always have check-in luggage when they fly.]

love shopping online. I love the convenience, the ability to easily research products before purchasing, and the online deals. We also don’t have a car, and anyway, driving/busing around to hunt down products is not my idea of a good time. All this is why I love shopping at Korean online beauty stores. They sell so many brands and products, making it way too easy to enjoy browsing, making a wishlist, filling up a shopping cart, and eventually placing an order. The hardest part is simply waiting for an order to arrive! (Not a problem for me: I enjoy the actual research and shopping, then I promptly forget about the order and get a lovely surprise in a few weeks when it finally arrives.)

Also, I’ve never been charged duties on my orders from South Korea! I used to try to keep the package values under $30, but it appears that Canada has a deal in place with South Korea (2014’s Canada-South Korea Free Trade Agreement) so that goods made in South Korea generally are no longer subject to duties.

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Julep 12-nail polish box set, free welcome gift with Maven Box subscription

Julep — Maven Box (June 2017) & 12-Polish Welcome Gift

Collection: Julep 2017 June, Bask In the Heat

Back in late April, I decided that my Mother’s Day gift (yes, my husband and I choose our own gifts!) would be a 6-month subscription to Julep, the popular nail polish & beauty box that I’ve somehow never tried. What kind of polish fiend am I, anyway, you ask? I mean, I’ve not even been tempted by the rare, random Julep polishes that show up at Winners.

I think I’m a little bit put off by the unwieldy bottle design, but once I really started looking at Julep’s site, I noticed so many pretty shades that I suddenly really, really wanted.

It certainly didn’t hurt that there was a promo code for a free 12-nail polish set with any new subscription! (You can use my referral link for the 12-polish set, if you’re a new subscriber.)

Julep Welcome Gift 12-nail polish box set, website promo

Now here’s where a little trouble began—though I will say right off the bat that Julep made everything good in the end, so I am very happy with my first Maven Box and welcome gift.

I subscribed at the end of April, without realizing that Julep start shipping out their boxes at the end of each month, so I’d just missed the cutoff for May’s Maven Box, and would receive my first box in June. Great.

On the positive side, Julep shipped out my free gift straightaway, so I was rubbing my hands together in sweet anticipation! Unfortunately, week after week passed and Landmark Global’s tracking never changed from the initial stage (sitting somewhere in Ohio). All right, I told myself, you are in Canada after all, and customs can take forever! Maybe Landmark’s tracking just doesn’t update once the package is in Canada.

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fivezero's jolse haulage (April 2017), COSrX, Holika Holika

Haulage! Korean Shops (And New Canadian Shipping Problems)

I’ve been getting a little obsessed with the state of my skin lately, and while it’s been super fun ordering Deciem products (items from The Ordinary, Hylamide, and NIOD lines are now in my possession!), this also meant that I hit up the online Korean beauty shops, too.

Little did I know that with my most recent Jolse order, I snuck in just before a Canadian shipping issue!

In the past, I pretty much stuck to Cosmetic Love (referral link):

  • The site is super easy to navigate, and generally I don’t have any issues with it. I personally find it nicer to look at than some of the more popular Korean beauty sites. The photos also tend to be slightly better.
  • Brand and product selection seem good to me, though there have been a couple brands I’ve been vaguely interested in and had to look for elsewhere.
  • CS is good, though I’ve never had to do more than get a quick response about a minor issue.
  • Prices are a bit higher than some other sites, but shipping is always free so I like not having to tally up the final cost. I really hate when the shipping charge differs depending on the size of your order (is it by weight? by price? gah!) and then I have to shift products in and out of my cart to get the max stuff for my money. The price is less of an issue to me since I just shop their sales, anyway. With free shipping, I can order, like, $20 worth of stuff during a sale and not have to think about spending $100+ to get free/cheaper shipping elsewhere.
  • Delivery has never been a problem for me. Yes, it takes a few weeks, and maybe a bit longer, but that’s not the store’s fault. They always ship very promptly and it’s Canadian customs that’s the hold-up. Luckily, I’ve never gotten dinged by customs, but I keep my Korean orders to around US$40 max. (Technically, orders totalling CA$20 or less are duty-exempt.)
  • They give a useful amount of samples—though it’s usually just handfuls of those single-use pouches of Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack and Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. I don’t think I will ever need to buy those two products.

But last year, I finally branched out a bit and ordered one test product from Jolse via Amazon (some Innisfree sheet masks, which I haven’t even bothered to use because shortly afterward, I decided I’m not really a fan of sheet masks).

Innisfree It's Real Facial Sheet Masks (15 pc)

Innisfree It’s Real Facial Sheet Masks (15 pc) (US$19.08)

Then last month, I placed a trial order from Jolse proper (and I forgot to use the $3 sign-up discount, gah!):

  • COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence (US$16)
  • Holika Holika gudetama LAZY&JOY Ceramide Capsule Cream (US$18.68)
  • Holika Holika Naked Face Illuminating Powder (US$11.88)

They sent a lot of different samples, which is awesome, but on the other hand, it’s a little useless to test a skincare product with just a single one-use sample. Cosmetic Love, by comparison, send about 10 of a product sample, but I almost always get the same two products so it’s not great that way, either.

Here are the samples I received:

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