New Releases: CND Playland, New Wave, Rhythm & Heat (Spring & Summer 2017)

Collection: CND 2017 Spring, Playland (Creative Play), New Wave, and Summer Rhythm & Heat

CND are releasing three Spring and Summer collections, Playland (Creative Play), New Wave, and Rhythm & Heat.

The Playland (Spring 2017) collection consists of 8 new shades, which are available in the Creative Play line:

Intense color in fun finishes to express yourself this spring!

CND Playland (Creative Play), Spring 2017 collection
CND Playland (Creative Play), Spring 2017 collection
  • Amuse-Mint
  • Aquaslide
  • Bling Toss
  • Candycade
  • Carou-celery
  • Cherry-Glo-Round
  • Hold On Bright!
  • Look No Hands!

The New Wave (Spring 2017) collection consists of 6 new shades, which are available in both VINYLUX Weekly Polish and SHELLAC lines:Read More »

New Release: CND — Craft Culture (Fall 2016)

Collection: CND 2016 Fall, Craft Culture

CND (formerly Creative Nail Design, which is how old-school me always thinks of the brand) has released a fall collection, Craft Culture:

Discover the beauty of artisanal design. Distressed effects with a modern, handmade touch. Authentic. Timeless. Unique.

The collection consists of 8 new shades, which are available in VINYLUX Weekly Polish. 6 of the shades are also available in the SHELLAC line (denoted with * below).

  • Oxblood *
  • Leather Satchel *
  • Denim Patch *
  • Brick Knit *
  • Fern Flannel
  • Patina Buckle *
  • Hand Fired *
  • Brass Button

CND usually do some gorgeous deep shades; I actually have several of the VINYLUX polishes untried in my stash (not to mention loads of their older polishes, too!). Note to self: swatch those babies!

Happy shopping!


CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish retails for about US$10 / CA$12 and contains 0.5 fl oz / 15 mL. The formula is free of toluene, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

CND remain Creative Nail Design, Inc. Like OPI, CND was born out of the dental industry. Dentist Stuart Nordstrom developed SolarNail Liquid over 30 years ago, and CND has since grown into an international nail products brand. Barcelona, Spain-based Colomer Group, founded in 1934, owns CND; New York, NY, USA-based Revlon acquired Colomer Group in 2013. CND is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA.

Haulage! November, Part II & Christmas

This post has been a long time coming!

I’m sure many of us have been insanely busy over the last month or two, and for me, I’ve finally reached a point where I can heave a sigh of relief and, hopefully, get back on track, blog-wise. I hope you haven’t been terribly bored by my recent non-nail polish related posts on perfume, more perfume, washing your hair in reverse, and handbags! While I enjoy collecting perfume and handbags, I’m no full-fledged perfumista or fashionista.

So, back in late November, I posted Part I of my birthday beauty haulage. In this post, I’ll combine Part II with my Christmas haulage.

I splurged on beauty products for my birthday; less so for Christmas. I tend to receive money for Christmas (our families like do that, including DH and myself simply exchanging Christmas budgets so we don’t have to go through the rigamarole of picking out unwanted gifts for each other), and while I spent a bit of it on beauty products—on sale post-holidays, of course!—I spent a lot of it on two non-beauty products, which I’ll post about at the end.

Unwanted Christmas gifts
Unwanted gifts! Image:

Without further ado, here’s Part II + Christmas:

November (Part II) & December Haulage


Haulage: AMOUR June Is Here / MORGAN TAYLOR Mint Chocolate Chip / IBD Dolomite / BARIELLE Jess’ Champagne Toast
Amour Nail Lacquer in June Is Here, and Barielle Shades Nail Color in Jess’ Champagne Toast (yeah, I don’t get the name, either! Purple champagne?). Always like trying new brands! I actually have one other Barielle (Jordana’s Skinny Jeans) that I picked up from Winners some time ago, but it’s untried, so this brand remains new to me.

Read More »

CND — Raspberry Sparkle (Effects) Swatch & Review

Collection: Essie Spring 2013, Madison Ave-Hue

These were being cleared out at my local Winners, and a couple of helpful MUAers said they were worth picking up at $3 a pop! I am not usually one for layering polishes, but I’m definitely sold on these.

A few years back, CND (formerly Creative Nail Design) discontinued all their old nail polish (boo!) and introduced their new Colors and Effects polishes. The Colors, I believe, are all opaques, and the Effects are different top coats to layer over the Colors. I picked up Raspberry Sparkle and Jade Sparkle, which are sheer, microglittery opalescents that flash pink (Raspberry) or green (Jade).

Last week I tried out Essie Avenue Maintain, loved it, and then proceeded to stick an Effect over the top. I hemmed and hawed a little over whether to use Raspberry or Jade, but in the end, Raspberry won out, and I convinced myself not to do one hand with each Effect. One coat of Raspberry Sparkle turned Avenue Maintain into a vivid blue with pretty pink flashing microglitter! You could definitely use an extra coat or two to amp up the flash, but I liked the “subtlety” of just one. Here it is:

CND Effects in Raspberry Sparkle over Essie Nail Polish in Avenue Maintain, swatch

Happy 2008!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season 🙂

I’m swamped with all kinds of stuff and have a chippy red nail polish on, so here’s a couple pics of my favourite Creatives, instead. Hee hee! Unfortunately, these two are from a discontinued Gotham collection that CND released a few years ago. The only survivors from that collection are Adrenaline and Spike, which are still available and very worth checking out.

Raven is a very unique slate teal-blue-grey shimmer. It’s super well-pigmented and a brilliant polish to get your hands on, if you can find it. Rating: 4/5.

Caffeine is a cool, deep brown frost with a mauvey-purple tone to it. Not a good colour on me, but it’s kind of a nifty shade. Rating: 3/5.

CND — Rich Ruby (Nail Enamel) Swatch & Review

Rich Ruby is the token red shimmer from Creative Nail Design’s 2007 holiday collection, and what a fabulous, eye-popping red it is! It’s a medium true red with very fine red shimmer and subtle swirls of silver which give it a very slightly cool tone. On the nail, it’s amazingly opaque with just one coat, although I did two, anyway. The satin finish really glows. I cannot recommend this enough as a classic red nail polish, and of course, it is also perfect for holiday parties! Rating: 5/5.

And a shot of the bottle:

Bottle Pics: A few new colours from Nicole & CND

I won’t have time to do any swatching for the time being, but here are bottle photos of a few new polishes I picked up. They’re lovely jewel-tones and great options for those upcoming holiday parties.

Nicole by OPI – Merry Merlot!

CND – Rich Ruby (this is the most gorgeous satin-y red)

CND – Deep Velvet