Haulage! Bath & Body Works (April 2016)

I’m gonna come clean: I’ve literally never bought anything from Bath & Body Works until last weekend.

I feel like the strong scents of their hand creams, which seem to pop up in every handbag, turned me off for the longest while. I would, however, peek into the store now and then just to look at all the pretty candles and bottles!

Anyway, I had some time to kill at the mall and took my two year-old peanut for a spin at Bath & Body Works, which is very stroller-friendly. It was a bit weird how much he seemed to like the store—I don’t know if it was the music, the ambience, the cacophany of bright colors, the amalgam of so many fruit and floral scents, or possibly the presence of other children in strollers!)—but he was quite taken by the experience.

I was personally a bit overwhelmed, as usual, by the sheer volume of choice, but I took my time and ended up making my first ever purchase at Bath & Body Works. Fellow Canadian beauty blogger Stash Matters will be pleased to hear that a large part of my decision-making processes in this store is down to her! I won some delicious B&BW products from her not long ago, and she also turned me onto the B&BW Wallflowers plug-in room scents.

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