Crate 61 All Natural Soap in Vanilla Orange

Crate 61 — Vanilla Orange All Natural Soap Review

I’m always a sucker for orange creamsicle-type scents (Hugo Naturals does a great one) so when I saw this bar soap from Canadian brand Crate 61 Organics, it fell right into my shopping basket!

From Crate 61:

Vanilla-orange soap has a distinct tropical aroma that is achieved by fusing a perfect balance of two ultra sweet essential oils: vanilla essential oil, and sweet orange essential oil. This soap creates an equally bubbly and fluffy lather that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while also sending your mind to a tropical destination with its luscious aroma!

The table below describes the properties of this soap on a scale of 0-5 (least to most).
All of our soaps are nourishing but some are more so than others. Usually extra nourishment comes with a sacrifice in some lather and/or exfoliation.

Nourishing: 3
Lathering: 5
Exfoliating: 2
Strength of Aroma: 5

Saponified: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Vanilla essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, Orange Peels.

The scent is reasonably strong with this soap, and it has a more “natural” scent to it than, for example, Hugo Naturals’ Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent, which has a more ice cream / candied flavor to it.

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