Shopping List: IKEA (February 2016)

I rarely post about non-beauty things, but here’s an odd one, and in a way, it is slightly nail polish-related!

I’ve been compiling an IKEA online order list, since it’s just way too much trouble and not cost-effective to rent a Zipcar, head out to IKEA for an afternoon with the peanut in tow, just to pick up some small items of furniture. But, on the other hand, IKEA’s delivery fee isn’t to be sniffed at, so I have to ensure that what I’m getting is worth the additonal charge. Plus, of course, there is the hassle of booking a delivery window when my building’s moving elevator is available.

It’s funny: we moved into our current building a few years ago, and while we did buy several items of IKEA furniture that we’re quite pleased with, we had also decided to upgrade a lot of our university student furnishings, too. (Can I just say I love our canopy bed and sofa?) But now, with our beloved peanut arriving prematurely at his terrible twos, we’re already kind of wishing we’d just gone with another IKEA couch. Farewell, Bryant Sofa…we hardly knew ye.

Crate & Barrel Pavilion Canopy Bed
Crate & Barrel Pavilion Canopy Bed. I have no idea why everything I choose gets discontinued not long after I buy it. They don’t even have any canopy beds in their online catalog at the moment! Image:

One of the things that the peanut has seen fit to destroy, starting from the ripe old age of 10 months, is our much loved coffee table. We bought it from Crate & Barrel back when we were living at our previous apartment, and it was literally the first piece of furniture that we didn’t buy from IKEA, Canadian Tire, or Sleep Country Canada. It was just one of those moments where we’d found the perfect coffee table, and it cost the same amount as our older IKEA sofa bed!Read More »