Mamonde Blossoming High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid (21) via Tester Korea

Mamonde — Blossoming High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid Review

Over the next week or so, I will be reviewing several Korean beauty products sent to me by one of my favorite Korean beauty online shops, Tester Korea. I have reviewed my experience with them in the past; they have a different selection of brands from a few others that I use, and their prices are very competitive. My favorite thing about them is you can request brands and products and they’ll try to get them in stock!

Today’s review is for Mamonde Blossoming High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid SPF34/PA++. I’ve been a fan of a couple of Mamonde’s skincare items, and I’m glad to be trying something from their makeup line for the first time.

Blossoming High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid is a liquid foundation/BB cream that comes in a cushion compact, the form factor that started in South Korea and has become all the rage in the West over the last few years, as well.

Mamonde Blossoming High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid in 21

Personally, I think cushion compacts are good for travel and touch-ups, but otherwise I never use them. I don’t think you get very much bang for your buck: for example, this one contains 0.45 oz / 13 g, compared with standard liquid foundation bottles which typically contain more than twice that amount, around 1 oz / 30 mL. Secondly, I hesitate to use the included sponge too much, since you keep touching it to your face, back to the cushion, and so on. Not hygienic! At home, when I use a liquid foundation, I use clean hands or a clean makeup sponge, and never double-dip-dirty. The only reason I ever use a cushion compact is to have it on the go, since they’re so easy to just slip into a handbag—I just need to remember to wash the applicator sponge, and its tray in the compact, when I get home. Well, that, and they do come in very cute compacts, sometimes!

Mamonde Blossoming High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid in 21

From Mamonde:

  • Makeup is flawless thanks to finer cover powder made with Fine Pixel Cover™ technology and the reflecting effect of the Volume Up Light Powder™
  • Glow and shine with the Hydro Coating LiquidCover™! Puff made of soft material makes makeup stay to the skin to look smooth and flawless!
  • Liquid foundation in an airtight package to retain its color!
    More convenient than foundation and more exquisite than cushion!
  • Hydro Coating Liquid™ developed from Preserved Flower Technology gives a glow and shine to the makeup, and the combination of film forming material and moisturizing ingredients form a barrier over the skin to give a shiny, hydrated-looking finish to the makeup.

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