The Face Shop Trendy Nails Duo Marvel 2017 Collection, Spidy & Thunder Storm (Spider-Man & Thor)

The Face Shop — Thunder Storm (Trendy Nails Duo, Marvel Collection) Review

Collection: The Face Shop 2017 Summer, Marvel

Over the summer, The Face Shop released a collection of makeup and nail polish in collaboration with Marvel! The characters included in the nail polish were Black Widow, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor. Captain America’s logo was used for some of the makeup items (they were super cool-looking—kind of wish I’d picked up one of the palettes!). You can see the collection here.

I hadn’t tried The Face Shop’s nail polishes before, or any of their makeup at all, so I didn’t feel like going whole hog and ordering all four Trendy Nails Duos. I picked up two: Spidy (Spider-Man) and Thunder Storm (Thor). No idea why they didn’t just go with the original character names. And Spidey’s misspelled, to boot!

Anyway. The packaging is nice, and makes for collectible items:

The Face Shop Trendy Nails Duo Marvel Collection, Spider-Man and Thor

The Face Shop Trendy Nails Duo Marvel Collection, Spider-Man and Thor

Each Duo comes with two small bottles of polish.

The Face Shop Trendy Nails Duo Marvel Collection, Thunder Storm (Thor)

Thunder Storm (02) comes with a magenta and green flake topper (1) and a soft metallic gold (2).

Purple and green seems better suited to the Hulk, but for whatever reason they went with Thor, instead. I’d have gone with a silver and red flake for the Norse
god—seems more obvious, no?

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The Face Shop x Marvel Comics collection, Summer 2017

New Release: The Face Shop — Marvel Collection (Summer 2017)

Collection: The Face Shop 2017 Summer, Marvel

The Face Shop has released a new collaboration with Marvel Comics!

(Sadly, in related news, Stan Lee’s wife Joan just passed away at the age of 93. The Lees had been married for 69 years.)

The collection is flashy and fun, with a couple of skincare products targeted at guys, as well. The prices are in USD and taken from Cosmetic Love (referral link), where the collection is currently 10% off, and worldwide shipping is free.

  • Trendy Nails Duo in 4 sets: 01 (Iron Man), 02 (Thor), 03 (Spider-Man), 04 (Black Widow)
  • Anti Darkening Cushion in 4 shades: V201, N201, V203, N203 ($21.06)
  • Matte Touch Lipstick in 5 shades: PK04, PK05, RD05, RD06, OR02 ($13.13)
  • Mono Pop Eyes in 2 (9x) eyeshadow palettes: Blue & Red ($21.06)
  • Single Shadow Jelly in 4 shades: WH01, CR01, RD01, BR01 ($6.89)
  • Ink Gel Pencil Liner in 4 shades: Black, Brown, Red, Blue ($9.29)
  • 2 in 1 Curling Mascara in 4 shades: Black, Brown, Red, Blue ($14.99)
  • The Fresh for Men Hydrating Fluid ($20.06)
  • The Fresh for Men Leports Sun SPF50+ PA+++ ($14.15)
  • The Fresh for Men Sun BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++ ($14.15)

The packaging is crazy good for this collection! I’ve already splurged on two of the nail polish duos—Thor and Spider-Man—and I was quite tempted by the palettes and lipsticks, too.

Lots of pics follow (via The Face Shop)!

Happy Shopping!

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New Release: SinfulColors — Desert Divas (Spring 2017)

Collection: SinfulColors 2017 Spring, Desert Divas

SinfulColors’ has released yet another Spring 2017 collection, Desert Divas.

It consists of 9 new, limited edition Stoned Crystal Shimmers. These polishes contain flakes, giving nails the look of stone.

  • Thera-Pewter (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering slate grey)
  • Tealing Power (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering teal)
  • Super Cooper (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering sage green)
  • Namaste the Night (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering deep plum)
  • Just Deserts (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering neutral)
  • Gotta Terra Cotta (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering russet)
  • Desert Reign (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering soft rose)
  • Clay Me (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering copper)
  • Better Sedona-ed (Stoned Crystal Shimmer: shimmering pastel blue)

Thera-Pewter, Tealing Power, Super Cooper

Namaste the Night, Just Deserts, Gotta Terra Cotta

Desert Reign, Clay Me, Better Sedona-ed

Happy shopping!