Yves Rocher Botanical Colour Nail Polish in Frosted Pink Champagne, swatch

Yves Rocher — Frosted & Pearly Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé givré & perlé (Botanical Colour Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Collection: Yves Rocher 2015 Winter, Holiday

Yves Rocher released a collection of holiday shades in their new Botanical Colour Nail Polish line, which I’ve been loving! The collection also includes a loose flake glitter in rose gold.

I recently ordered the lot of them (apart from the flake glitter, which I’m just not into) when they went on sale. Today, I’m reviewing two of the nude shades, Frosted Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé givré (03) and Pearly Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé perlé (04).

Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 Botanical Color Nail Polish haulage
Yves Rocher Holiday 2015 Botanical Color Nail Polish haulage

Frosted Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé givré (03) is a light pink-beige with a mix of silvered-sugar shimmer and irregularly shaped glitter, and it dries to a textured sand finish. It’s probably meant to be reminiscent of glittery holiday ornaments, but it reminds me more of a sandy beach with sparkling particles of mother-of-pearl. I am no lover of textured polishes (I’d wear this one with a smooth top coat), but I really love the look of this one!

Pearly Pink Champagne / Champagne rosé perlé (04) is an ultra-smooth, pale peachy-pink with a strong pearly frost finish. This finish is not for everyone, but I dig it, particularly in this satin pink/peach shade.

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New Release: Chanel — Rouge Noir Absolument Collection (Winter 2015)

Chanel Winter 2015 collection Rouge Noir Absolument
Images: chanel.com

Collection: Chanel 2015 Winter, Rouge Noir Absolument

Chanel’s new collection for winter 2015 is Rouge Noir Absolument, which includes the classic Rouge Noir, as well as two new lacquers:

  • Rouge Noir (18) Le Vernis
  • Rose Fusion (757) Le Vernis
  • Rouge Noir Le Top Coat Lamé, a “tri-phase” top coat

Here’s the link to the full collection, which also includes some stunning lip and eye shades. I think I’m liking the new eye colors best! Rose Fusion looks way too frosty for my taste, and I’m not overly into glitter top coats. And Rouge Noir is already in my collection.

Throwback Thursday! NYX — Sunshine (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Brand: NYX

I decided to use a NYX polish for this week’s Throwback Thursday in honor of last week’s Pluto flyby. Yeah, I stretched it a bit, but frankly, I didn’t have any nail polish named after Pluto (the Greek god of the underworld, the dwarf planet, or the Disney dog!). So I figured the next best thing was to go with a brand named for the Greek goddess of darkness and night, since that is also the name of one of Pluto’s moons.

I’m not entirely sure how old this polish is, but I know I bought it at least seven or eight years ago. NYX no longer makes nail polish in this particular bottle. (Actually, I just checked and they don’t even sell individual bottles of nail polish anymore! Just sets of nail polish that work out to around $1 a bottle. Weird.)

Well, I wish they’d bring their nail polish back, because it was pretty nice for the low price!

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Essie Nail Polish in Tea & Crumpets

Essie — Tea & Crumpets (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

Brand: Essie

Let’s be honest: Tea & Crumpets looks a little dated. It’s beige and it’s frosty. It’s semi-sheer. It’s everything I am not a huge fan of in nail polish.

And yet, it is one of my all-time favorites. I suspect that nostalgia plays more than a small role in this oddity. The very first nail polish I ever fell in love with was a greyed-out mauve frost by Max Factor (no-longer-available/merged-with-CoverGirl in Canada) called Cine Beige. It was so different from every other nail polish in the drugstore at the time (’96) and I adored it. I mean, there was nothing wrong with L’Oréal Drumbeat Red or Revlon Raisin Rage. Cine Beige just spoke to me more! I went through about three bottles of that stuff in one summer. (And several other Max Factor polishes, too—I thought they were fabulous.) That said, StreetWear by Revlon was not easy to come by where I was, so it wasn’t really on my radar.

I can’t get Cine Beige anymore, but Tea & Crumpets reminds me of it. It’s because of the finish and the overall 90s vibe, not the actual color. Tea & Crumpets is a warm, pinked beige with a touch of gold, and its frost is very fine.

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Zoya — Annie (Professional Lacquer) Swatch & Review

Collection: Zoya 2008 Summer, Chit-Chat

Earlier this year, during a Zoya promotion, I ordered three Zoyas: Annie, Imogen and Payton. Today I am reviewing Annie, because it’s pretty hard for me to resist orange nail polish!

Zoya Professional Lacquer in Annie

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Essie — Marabou & Pink Lemonade (Nail Polish) Swatch & Review

This post is for the pink lovers out there, and I know you are many.

Marabou, a pale, mod-ish, opaque pink creme, is exactly the sort of thing that looks hideous on me. Nice if these colours suit you, though. It looks just like a strawberry milkshake, and it took a bit of self-control for me to avoid licking the polish. I did three coats, and would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those pesky streaks. Rating: 2.5/5.

Pink Lemonade is a soft, neutral pink with loads of shimmer. It is sheer to semi-sheer and has a frosty finish. Lovely with one coat, but it overwhelms my skintone with two. For a frost, this isn’t too streaky at all. Rating: 3.5/5.

NOTD: Essie — Real Simple & some tame OPIs

I’m back from a 2-week hiatus, so here is my NOTD and a few more conservative nail options for those who like things more subdued.

A fellow nailie noted that the name of this polish is rather ironic, considering it took me about a million coats to get it to look presentable! Really it was 4, but that’s still an awful lot, and not simple at all.

Real Simple, which I think was probably created for the magazine of the same name that was launched several years back, is a sheer pale pink with a touch of cream. It looks a bit off on my yellow/warm skintone, so I’d only recommend this to those with neutral-to-cooler skin. Warmies with lighter or deeper colouring than mine could probably give it a shot, too. I’m not sure why you’d want to, though, as it streaks like a *&@^#. Rating: 2/5.

Here’s OPI Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink, an oldie but a goodie. This one’s firmly in the “granny” camp for me (no offense to grannies!) but it is quite pretty. The silver shimmer is subtle and very fine, and enhances this pink’s slightly mauve tone. I believe this shade is still in the OPI core Classics selection. Rating: 3/5.

OPI Whole Lotta Seoul has a great name but isn’t really my style. It’s a slightly frosty, warm rose-pink which was recently discontinued but still should not be terribly hard to find. Rating: 3/5.