Linea Pelle — Satchel (Orange with Gunmetal Hardware) Review

Photobucket is down after a week or so of intermittent craptitude—therefore, in lieu of the Essie Retro Revival polishes I was getting ready to post, I’m doing a quick review of one of my favorite handbags!

Linea Pelle, the Los Angeles-based leather bag and accessories company, has been one of my favorite bag designers for several years. Their name literally means leather line in Italian. It’s a bit funny, because the first time I came across Linea Pelle bags, namely, their popular Dylan line, I didn’t like them much. They just seemed too laid back and casual to me, with their soft shapes and unfinished leather edges. But, when I spotted a well-worn Linea Pelle in the wild, I was bowled over! They’re gorgeous in real life! (This is basically the opposite of what happened to me with YSL’s original Muse and Sac de Jour bags: I drooled over photos of them, but when I saw and handled them in real life, I was quite disappointed.)

Their only drawback, in my opinion, is their poor-ish service to Canada: I recently tried to have an order shipped to a US-address, but they wouldn’t let me pay with a Canadian billing address even though they would, obviously, for a Canadian shipping address. Plus, then I tried to ship to myself in Canada, and they wouldn’t allow Canadians to use their current discount code. WHAT?! And, the one time I’ve ordered from their site to Canada, I think they shipped UPS, which is literally the worst service you can use for Canadians, since the brokerage fees are crazy. So, I don’t order from their official site anymore.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave many options in Canada for buying Linea Pelle bags! Hudson’s Bay used to carry them for a brief time, perhaps a year, but they aren’t to be seen anymore—replaced by Botkier and Liebeskind, it appears, neither of which is really my cup of tea. So, you can understand my excitement when I spotted some Linea Pelles at Winners back in 2011! Here was my chance!Read More »