Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus

Mamonde — Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus Review

Mamonde is a Korean cosmetic brand that specializes in products “inspired by flowers.” The brand’s overall feel reminds me of Yves Rocher and other similar “botanical” lines.

I’d previously only tried one product from Mamonde, the sadly discontinued Rose Honey Sleeping Mask, so when I was searching for less expensive ceramide products, I was happy to give one from Mamonde a try.

Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener Hibiscus

The Product

This Skin Softener is part of Mamonde’s Ceramide line, which also includes an Emulsion, a Light Cream, and an Intense Cream.

A skin softener in Korean skincare is basically a hydrating toner, a light, skin-balancing lotion that is meant to be applied after right cleansing. It’s not a toner in the Western sense. I’ve rarely ever used a Western-style toner, since my skin is dry and I’m not interested in the astringent properties that many toners seem to have. And, shouldn’t my cleansing step already ensure my face is clean? (Maybe I could have used one to balance the pH of my skin after cleansing, though.)

A hydrating toner, however? That sounds just like my cup of tea.

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